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  • Building a Culture of ExcellenceRob HerringerHead Mens Soccer Coach- Benedictine College (KS)NSCAA National Staff Coach

  • Personal BackgroundProud Bellevue East Chieftain- Bellevue, NE (c/o 1996)Benedictine College- Atchison, KS (B.A. 2000; M.E.A. 2004)Head Boys and Girls Coach/Language Arts Instructor- Leavenworth High School- Leavenworth, KS (2000-2005)Head Mens Coach- Benedictine College (2005-present)Former Kansas Youth Soccer DOC, State and Region II ODP Staff and youth club coachNational Staff Coach for the NSCAAUSSF A License, NSCAA Master Coach Diploma, USYSA National Youth License

  • Doin Time in LeavenworthCoaching journey began at 22.Head Coach for both boys and girls programs (fall and spring)9th and 10th grade Language Arts instructorHighly diverse student populationSoccer was basically a recreational activity- very little club soccer

  • Welcome to Kansas 6A Soccer

  • Learning on the flyGoal-setting and defining successStandards and expectationsMaking soccer a respected sport in the communityDevelopment of youth programsGetting the right supportImpact on students and their lives

  • Learning on the flyDevelopment of a coaching philosophyCoaching educationDeveloping a style of play that gave us a chance to win but also develop playersLearning through experience

  • The Lady Pioneers (8-8-1)14 players from the 05 team (pictured) went on to play college soccer; 3 played NCAA D1

  • Just when we got him trained

  • Benedictine College- Atchison, KS

  • Cat v. Eagle revisitedStruggling programDiscipline problemsNo organization or leadershipPlaying in one of the most difficult conferences in the nationAlumni getting anxiousScholarships, budget, etc.

  • Progressticking up the ladderRanked in the Top 25Made post-season for first time since 95Regional final in 07Gaining respect on and off campusDoing positive thingsMaking it cool to be a soccer playerCultural change

  • Mission Accomplished?

  • Building a Culture of Excellence

  • Goals for this presentationShare ideas that have worked in my coaching situations.Ask questions that will make you think about what you are doing with your own programs.Provide a framework for building your own culture of excellence.Give you items you can take back to your programs.

  • DisclaimerThis is not THE way, its A way.Your personality, beliefs, passion and work ethic will ultimately determine your success.Want to have a good team, then get good players.Want to have an EXCELLENT team, then get EXCELLENT players!Everything shared is yours to use.

  • The Process: Steps for building a culture of excellence

  • #1 THE FOUNDATIONThis bridge will only take you halfway thereTo those mysterious lands you long to see:Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairsAnd moonlit woods where unicorns run free.So come and walk awhile with me and shareThe twisting trails and wondrous worlds Ive known.But this bridge will only take you halfway there-The last few steps youll have to take alone. -Shel Silverstein

  • #1 THE FOUNDATIONCoaching philosophyDefining successWinsTrophiesGPABuilding character

  • #1 THE FOUNDATIONMission: The Benedictine College Mens Soccer Program will be a positive and complimentary representative of Benedictine College and the entire educational community.

    Vision: The Benedictine College Mens Soccer Program will create and maintain a well-known, first-class, professional environment where student-athletes are consistently challenged to seek excellence in all aspects of their lives.

  • #2 THE TOOLSHead CoachContinuing educationThe DaVinci CoachTechnique, tactics, fitness, psychology, management, marketingSupport staffAdministrators, colleagues, parents, local leaguesPlayers

  • #3 THE FRAMEWORKPILLARS OF EXCELLENCETeam Credo- ALWAYS SEEKING EXCELLENCE4 Words- FAMILY, PASSION, TRADITION, PURPOSEStandards and expectations- player handbookTeam charterDefining your programPlayer-drivenAccountability- The way we do things around here.

  • #4 THE INTERIOR DESIGNLeadershipTeam Captains/LeadersLeadership CouncilCommunicationIndividual meetingsUnit meetingsOffice hoursFilm sessionsPost-match evaluations

  • #4 THE INTERIOR DESIGNRelationshipsPassion and daily goalsMust have energy to do the job and set goals each day.Teach your players to take a professional approach.

  • #5 THE ROOFThe communityWhat are you doing to make your community better?How are you promoting the game of soccer?How is your program viewed in the community?The schoolSet the standard for all athletic programs in the building.Players should be positive role models.

  • #5 THE ROOFThe traditionShould be viewed as an exclusive club.Sacrifices made to be successful.Hard work but fun.The legacy How do you want to be remembered?Leave it better than how you found it.

  • Review: Steps for building a culture of excellenceFoundationToolsFrameworkInterior DesignRoof*STILL IMPROVING (daily)

  • Nebraska 61- Legendary ExampleIt would take years, however, to fully grasp Bob Devaneys impact. He restored vision and confidence to a fallen program. He established a culture that outlived him. Devaneys greatest legacy: He made Nebraska a national name while binding its people together. He enlarged the tent while pulling those inside closer. He made Husker football bigger and smaller.-Dirk Chatelain- Omaha World Herald, 7/22/12


  • Lessons from Denmark- EURO 92Du Skal Tro At Du Er NogetDanish for: Dont think that you are anyone.The higher up a monkey climbs the more you can see of its arse.1992 Danish National Team won the European Championships without actually qualifying for the tournament.Yugoslavia was removed for political reasons.

  • Mini-golf, Whoppers and WivesTeam had 10 days to prepare.Coach Mller Nielsens was prepared to be fired and was planning to wallpaper his home.Mini-Golf, Whoppers and Wives= CHAMPIONS

  • Thank you and enjoy your coaching!

  • Building a Culture of ExcellenceRob HerringerHead Mens Soccer Coach- Benedictine College (KS)NSCAA National Staff Coach