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1. Cloning: Interesting Facts Quiz(1) Which country raised the possibility of human cloningwhen they created a cloned sheep?(2) What was the sheeps name?(3) True or false. Cloned beef and other products have been regularly consumed in the US without distinction on labeling.(4) True or False. Cloned animals age slower than normal animals.(5) True or False. Human cells have been mixed with rat stem cells.(6) What was the name of the movie that brings to attention the moral dilemma in using one human as a store for parts for another, where parents used the marrow of one child to treat disease in their other child?(7) In which country is human cloning not banned? 2. If I could only clone my fabulousfreelancing self! Building A Team 3. What are your fears? What is your number one fear about hiring? What have been your challenges? Have you made a wrong decision? What was the reason things did not work out? How quickly/what made you realize yourmistake? How did you rectify the situation? 4. Risks to making the wrong hiringdecision Chances of dying while skydiving:0.0009545454545 % Chance of injury while base jumping: 0.4 % Chance of dying while cave diving: 10.9557 % Chance of making the wrong hiring decision: Average turnover rate per annum: 6.5% to 21.3% (Canada) 5. Costs to hiring Employees add overhead Cost of vacancy Time taken by internal staff to conduct theprocess Media costs for advertising Using specialists for external assistance Preparation time for training materials Training time for trainer and the new teammember 6. Calculated costs for hiringExecutive Management: $43,000 15 weeksProfessional Technical: $17,000 9 weeksClerical: $13,300 7 weeksSupport: $3,300 4 weeks 7. Common Mistakes I need this person yesterday! Hiring based solely on past results. Hiring from a big, well-recognized company doesnot mean you found a top performer or someonewho will perform in your company. Hiring from the competition or same industrydoes not necessarily mean they are the bestperson for the job. I am only willing to take the perfect personwith every item on my 1000 piece must have list. Hiring for present needs. 8. $ Breakdown of Costs of Making the Wrong Hiring decisionCosts of termination:Often between $1000 and $1500Costs of replacement:Between $1100 to $9000Cost of vacancy:Depends on the position and length of timeCost of Learning Curve Productivity Loss:3 to 6 months on average 9. Non-monetary Costs Negative impact of the wrong personrepresenting your brand Negative impact on your ability to deliver toclients Loss of clients Loss of credibility with rest of team Decrease in overall morale Decrease in overall performance Potential threats due to an unknown 10. If I could only clone myselfActually, I cant imagine anything more tediousthan a perfect person, especially if it wassomeone who also demanded perfection fromme.Hugh Mackay 11. Cloning Cloning: In biology is the process of producingsimilar populations of genetically identicalindividuals that occurs in nature when organismsreproduce asexually. Cloning: In biotechnology is the process used tocreate copies of DNA fragments (molecularcloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms Cloning: Human cloning is the creation of a copyof another human being without involving sexualreproduction using sperm and eggs. 12. Cloning: Interesting Facts Quiz(1) Scottish scientists led by Dr. Ian Wilmut atthe Roslin Institute in 1996(2) The infamous sheeps name was Dolly(3) On December 28, 2006 the human consumption ofmeat and other products from cloned animals withoutspecial labeling was approved by the FDA in the US.(4) Cloned animals age faster than normal animals(5) Human cells have been mixed with rat stem cells forresearch purposes(6) My Sisters Keeper(7) In many countries human cloning is banned. In GreatBritain cloning can be performed but only for therapeuticreasons. 13. .True Colours Profile ActiveParentalAuthenticVersatile Opportunistic Traditional Harmonious Inventive Spontaneous Responsible CompassionateCompetent CompetitivePractical UniqueCurious ImpetuousSensibleEmpatheticConceptual ImpactfulDependableCommunicative Knowledgeable RealisticLoyal Devoted Theoretical Open-mindedConservativeWarmSeeking AdventuresomeOrganized PoeticIngenious Daring Concerned TenderDetermined ImpulsiveProceduralInspirational Complex FunCooperative DramaticComposed Exciting Orderly Vivacious Philosophical Courageous ConventionalAffectionatePrincipled Skillful CaringSympathetic RationalTotal TotalTotal TotalOrange: Gold:Blue: Green:Now total the columns. Your highest score indicates your primary, or brightest colour,the lowest score represents the colour that is least like you. 14. ORANGE:Witty, charming, spontaneous, impulsive, generous, impactful,optimistic, eager, bold, physical, immediate, fraternal. Style: Trouble shooter/negotiator Goal: Action Biggest stressor: Routine Practicality Characteristics: Enjoys the moment Free spirit Spontaneous Fun-loving Likes hands-on experience Good in crisis situations Most joyful When all else fails, read the Uninhibiteddirections Seeks change and variety Impulsive Least represented in college Needs freedom and space Realistic Let me do something Flexible/adaptable Focus on immediate 15. GOLD:Loyal, dependable, prepared, thorough, sensible, punctual, faithful, stable, organized, caring, concerned, concrete. Style: Stabilizer/traditionalist Goal: Belonging Biggest stressor: Ambiguity Characteristics: DecisiveLoyal to system StabilityDuty Shouldand should notSuper-dependable Social responsibilityResists change StructurePreserves traditions OrderlyPrecise AuthorityDont fix what isnt broken DependentProcedures 16. BLUE:Enthusiastic, sympathetic, personal, warm, communicative, compassionate,idealistic, spiritual, sincere, peaceful, flexible, imaginative. Style: Make thingshappen/catalyst Goal: Identity/finding lifemeaning Biggest stressor: Guilt Characteristics: MysteriousSeductive Very sensitive to conflictInterpersonal skills Search for selfSupportive of others AutonomySympathetic Needs encouragementRelationshipsand recognitionPossibilities for peopleIntegrityInteraction Vivid imaginationCo-operation 17. GREEN:Analytical, global, conceptual, cool, calm, collected,inventive, logical, perfectionistic, abstract, hypothetical, investigative Style: Visionary/what might be Goal: Competency Biggest stressor: Incompetency Characteristics:High achieversNon-conformist/architectofKnowledge changeObjective perceptionsLoves playing with wordsIndependentKnowledgeSelf-doubt PrinciplesIntellectually curious Enjoys complexityVisionaryLikes independence fromCompetition with self/othersauthorityArgumentativeSystems designers 18. What? The world doesnt want another me? Often it is best to hire someone who is youropposite or who has a different perspectiveand different skill set. This is especially true if you are hiringsomeone to work closely alongside you. Different does not = bad 19. Risks to cloning yourself Low success rate Dolly died prematurely If you hire another you, are you willing to/doyou have the capacity to pay them as much asyou? 20. Build a Balanced team Initiators and followers Big picture thinkers and executors of detail Creative-focused and logic/data-focused Heads-down processors and extravertedpeople-oriented people Strong leaders of people and strong in area ofspecialty 21. Freelancer Arent we free from politics now? Why do we clash? A marriage of people who welcome, acceptand understand differences Appreciate that someone else is doing thethings you do not enjoy 22. Breakdown of Balanced Team14 % 2% 23. Making our differences compliment rather thanclash Everyone has some of all the color tendencies. 24. Hire for the future; not just for current needs. Growth: Who is going to take you there? What are your company goals? How does your team take you there? What role does each individual play in ensuringsuccess? What are each team members goals?