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Transcript of Build. Protect. Grow. Shape your fnancial future with ... Life insurance protection and...

  • Build. Protect. Grow. Shape your fnancial future with Manulife UL

    Life insurance protection and tax-advantaged investing in a singLe, convenient soLution


  • of these famiLies

    26% are insured

    50% are not

    but may not insured

    have enough

    Life is constantly evolving. But throughout all of life’s stages, one thing remains the same – the need to plan ahead – to build wealth and protect the bright financial future you’re building for yourself and your loved ones.

    Life insurance is one of the most straightforward ways to protect what’s important, but before making

    a purchase decision, ask yourself:

    • Are your family’s fnances protected in case of an early death of a primary income earner?

    • Do you have outstanding debt? Who is responsible for that debt if you die?

    • Would you like to leave a tax-free inheritance to your loved ones or to a charity when you die?

    Whatever your life stage, consider adding manulife uL universal life insurance coverage to your

    fnancial plan. ask your advisor how it can help you protect your loved ones and enhance the

    fnancial legacy you leave behind.

    How well are you insured?

    nearLy 1 in 2 canadian househoLds have unmet Life insurance needs

    Many simply don’t have enough

    life insurance – or have no insurance

    protection at all.

    2 i canadian

    n 3 famiLies

    aren’t sure they could meet their

    immediate living expenses if the primary

    wage earner in their family died.

    45% of canadians say they don’t have enough

    life insurance

    Why not?

    Your advisor can help you

    determine what is right for you

    and your situation


    YEARS 2

    How much coverage is enough? Even for Canadians who do have life insurance,

    there’s about a 2-year gap between:

    6 the number of years they want their income replaced when they die vs.

    the number of years their existing insurance would actually cover

    3.9 LIMRA, Canadian Life Insurance Ownership Household Trends, Series 2 of 4, 2013. The 2013 Canadian Ownership Study was weighted to bring the sample as close as possible to Statistics Canada population figures to ensure the sample was representative of the Canadian household population.

  • Life insurance

    Universal life insurance

    offers long-term (permanent)

    insurance protection

    Ensures your loved ones receive

    a lump-sum, tax-free death

    beneft after you die

    investment accounts

    Grow your investments on a tax-deferred basis

    Create account value that you may be able to access1

    if a need arises Can help preserve the value

    of your estate for those you care about Build your wealth and the legacy

    your loved ones receive after you die – tax free

    A portion of your deposit covers the cost of insurance

    and any investment

    Less deposit fee management fees Insurance protection

    Your deposit Your deposit, typically monthly, and minus a Deposit into the deposit fee goes into

    your investment account(s) investment account(s) you choose

    Account value Your investment(s) earn

    a return (positive or negative) based on their performance

    Cost of insurance

    and fees

    Universal life insurance a singLe, duaL-purpose soLution for your financiaL pLan When it comes to fnancial planning, we know setting goals, including putting a life insurance plan in place is

    the right thing to do for our loved ones. But we often underestimate the need for insurance coverage, or struggle

    when it’s time to make the decision.

    There’s a way to simplify your fnancial planning through one, convenient insurance solution designed to meet both

    your life insurance and investing needs. It’s called universal life insurance – a blend of two key fnancial planning

    elements in a single, straightforward policy:

    Long-term insurance

    protection for your

    loved ones

    tax-advantaged investing

    to help enhance the fnancial

    legacy you leave behind pLus 1 2

    A simpler way to achieve two important goals The insurance protection and investment components of universal life work together to meet a variety of

    fnancial planning needs:

    1May be subject to taxation.

    It works hard, but simply The purpose of a universal life insurance policy is two-fold. It provides long-term insurance protection to

    protect the legacy you’re building for those you care about. It also gives you the opportunity to invest and

    build additional wealth over time, within the same policy.

    The life insurance protection and the investments held inside a universal life policy can be paid to your

    benefciary, tax free when you die, leaving a larger fnancial legacy than what might otherwise be possible.

    While that’s a lot to accomplish, don’t mistake hard work for complexity. The way universal life insurance

    works is quite simple.

    Illustration shows how universal life insurance works when payments in excess of the cost of insurance are made.

    making your poLicy Work for you Whether or not you want to take advantage of the investment component of your universal

    life insurance policy or simply want the insurance protection, you always have the option to

    beneft from this unique universal life investment feature – it’s your choice.

    It’s just another way a universal life insurance policy can provide fnancial opportunities

    based on your personal needs.

  • 125+ years of history


    $25 million+ 1 in 5 With Manulife, in charitable Canadians2

    donations (2014) you can feel

    conÿdent that

    your trust is

    well placed

    28,600+ $37.9 billion employees market

    worldwide2 C$635 capitalization1 billion in funds under


    The Manulife UL advantage simpLe, cost-effective, convenient. If you’re looking for a straightforward, long-term, cost-effective life insurance solution, Manulife UL may be

    the right choice for you.

    Choose from a variety of simple and affordable plan options to help meet your insurance and investing needs.

    manage your money the Way you Want

    Choose your investment accounts based on your investment style and the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.

    hands-on investor? hands-off investor?

    Choose, review and manage your own investments.

    You’ll have more than 50 best-in-class investment

    account options to choose from.

    Let Manulife manage your investments using a single

    investment account designed to help decrease the

    impact of market ups and downs.

    No matter which investment approach you choose, investments inside your Manulife UL policy can

    grow – tax deferred, helping to build wealth for you and your loved ones.

    choose the best fit for your needs From how you want to invest, to how you pay for your insurance, to how much or little you want to invest, Manulife UL

    offers a range of solutions to help meet your unique fnancial planning needs.

    Plus, you have the option to add extra protection for your family with Children’s Protection Rider coverage if you

    so choose.

    ready to get started With manuLife uL? Your advisor can help prepare a detailed evaluation of your insurance and investment needs and tell you more about

    the unique features and benefts of a Manulife UL insurance policy.

    Discover how you can shape your financial future with Manulife UL.

    Put your trust in Manulife

    Manulife is a leading Canada-based fnancial services company with principal

    operations in Canada, Asia, and the United States. Since welcoming our frst

    customers in 1887, we have built a signifcant global presence by providing our

    customers with strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking solutions for

    their most signifcant fnancial decisions.

    1As at January 31, 2014. 2As at March 31, 2014.

  • for more information, pLease contact your advisor or visit today

    Manulife UL is sold by Manulife (The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company). Manulife, the Block Design, the Four Cubes Design, and Strong Reliable Trustworthy Forward-thinking are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license.

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