Build automated solutions without writing code!

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Build automated solutions without writing code! Use Automate 9 and make your life easier at your company. Great tool for Production support as well as development. True drag and drop setup functionality.

Transcript of Build automated solutions without writing code!

  • 1. Build Automated Solutions Without Writing Code! Presented byBoomer Technology Group & Network Automation(This webinar will showcase Automate 9 software ease of use. Learn how to congure simple to complex automation tasks for any windows environment. Tasks range from Batch Processing, VMware Tasks, Web & Screen Scraping, System Monitoring, Report Generation and Distribution, Application Integration, Change Management and Integration of other script types such as JavaScripts, VBScript, Cscript, AppleScript, etc.)

2. Automate 9 Overview AutoMate software presents a GUI-based interface for automating IT processes. Automate 9 is a automation platform with a drag-and-drop development environment and other features that substantially reduce the total cost of the automation lifecycle. Users realize a quick ROI by process efciencies, costs savings, increase business and IT process reliability and speed while reducing the possibility of human error. AutoMate BPA Server software provides centralized management of process management across the entire enterprise. The base version is called AutoMate BPA Server Standard Edition, and an enhanced version supporting more than 10 machines is known as AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise Edition. 3. Benets of AutoMate 9 AutoMate 9 transforms and combines on-premise servers (virtual and physical), cloud resources and end-point devices into highly automated and integrated business processing engines, orchestrated and managed in dynamic, graphical workows. AutoMate 9 offers unparalleled automation scalability. Whether choosing a single client license or an enterprise-wide automation platform, users are able to extend their existing systems and software applications to do more, faster, with less IT overhead, and without writing custom code or scripts.3 4. 4 Core Functions InfrastructureAutomating processes on machines.IntegrationAutomated importing, exporting of data between applications (and more).InternetAutomating interactions with websites.InteractivityAutomating how humans interact with machines and software applications by mimicking human behavior. 4 5. Versions Automate can scale from a single-client license to Enterprise solutions licenses.Automate Professional Version Automate Premium Version BPA Server Standard Version BPA Server Enterprise Version5 6. System Requirements OSWindows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008ProcessorMinimum 1GHz Intel or AMD Processor, Recommended 2GHz or fasterMemoryMinimum 2GB, Recommended 4GB or MoreDisk SpaceMinimum 500MB, Recommended 1GB Free.NETRequires Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework (or higher) be installed and enabled. 6 7. 5-Steps to create 1. Create a Tasks. 2. Add Task logic and/or import scripts instructions. Drag and drop actions. 3. Run/Test/Debug/Troubleshoot Tasks. 4. Save Tasks. 5. Schedule Tasks. 8. Task Builder Screen 9. How do you purchase AutoMate ? 732-800-2058 Please feel free to download a 30-day free trial version. We also offer custom system automation services for clients.9 10. Appendix 11. Mac Automator Application to allow point-and-click (drag & drop) creation of workows for automating repetitive tasks into batches for quicker alteration. 1st Introduced in Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 Allows GUI for automating tasks without knowledge of programming or scripting languages. Tasks can be recorded as they are performed by users. Output of previous actions can become input to the next action.