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Transcript of Budget – 5000 Baht & 50 free watches Renee Pun 5505010134

  • Budget 5000 Baht & 50 free watchesRenee Pun5505010134

  • ContentsBackgroundTarget AudienceKey CommunicationsPR ObjectivesPR StrategyTarget PressPR IdeasPR Ideas DetailsPromotional Partners

  • Product- Pebble watchNotifications: To see your most important notifications, answering/ending calls, SMSsMusic Control: Control the music while driving, running or even from across the roomFitness: Check your pace without killing your pace, get the info you need without taking the phone outAlarms: Pebble can wake you up with a silent alarm (vibration) that only you will, so you do not disturb others around youBattery: Battery life lasts 5-7 days before needing a full charge again BackgroundExtra interesting info- It was released in 2013, and funded via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, they had started by asking for $100,000 as a goal, but instead had 68,929 backers and a total of $10,266,845 pledges.

  • Target Audience

  • Key CommunicationsBrand Name: PebbleProduct: Smart watchDurable, hip, fashionable smart watch that can help you answer/end phone calls, read SMS, track your exercise routine, waterproof, has a back light, alarm clock, and many apps ready for downloadSpeciality:Much more affordable than most smart watches on the market A much more better battery life than competitorsTakes a minimalist just-what-you-need approach to the smart watch

  • Key Communications Continued

  • PR ObjectivesTargeting the primary audience by using social media such as foursquare and YELP. Creating a buzz for the audience to get interested and curious to the product and get them to go and test them out several hip places around town.Getting the product seen thru hash tags on the social mediaProduct in free copy magazines and other fashion magazinesIncreasing trend seen around town

  • PR Strategy Enhancing peoples need to buy the smart watch, when using these popular appsGetting the audience interested by having sightings of other people using themBuilding a healthy image of the company by helping people keep track of their daily work outHave them at popular coffee shops that lots of people go to.

  • Target Press

    Technology PressMusic PressFashion PressHealth PressSocial Media Press

  • PR IdeasUsing instagram have a scavenger hunt, where people follow Pebble, and have to find where the watch is by a pictureUsing foursquare, check-in a coffee shop where pebble will be allowing people to borrow them Having them available for fitness people at gyms to track their runs and loading pictures on their own social media (instagram, Facebook) using hash tagsMaking a lucky draw at the Mercedes Benz shop to allow customers a chance to win a free watch that can connect with their vehicle to check their fuel usage, location, and even check that their doors are locked

  • PR Ideas Details

    PR IDEASRATIONALETARGET MEDIACOST Using instagram have a scavenger hunt, where people follow Pebble, and have to find where the watch is by a picture. A picture will be posted, of the watch in a certain location that people can recognize and go to find it around townUsing hash tags to share with others, so that the users friends could click the hash tag and see other activity that is going on with Pebble and find out where the next event isInstagram Users (150 million active monthly users)2 Watch everyday for 10 daysUse foursquare to check in locations at certain popular coffee shops that hip people hang out at to alert them where they can go and, borrow the watches and test them outTo allow them to test out the watch and let them have a feel for what it is capable of and to see how convenient it is.Foursquare(60% of the 15million users are men)1,000 display cost500 staff cost to show how to use the product

  • PR IDEASRATIONALETARGET MEDIACOST Make a small display and have a few watches at gyms available for customers to use while they are at the gym training so they can track their work outTo give people a chance to see how the watch can help you track how much you have worked out and calories burned, and to borrow the watch all you have to do is post with a hash tag on your social media about the watchHealth and lifestyle people that spread the word to others about the watch 1,000 Display Cost500 Staff cost to explain the product Lucky draw at Mercedes Benz giving away 5 watches and a display so people can see that the watch can connect with the car and see if the doors are locked or how much fuel you have left, even track where your car isInforming people about the technology and so that buyers would want to buy it when buying their Mercedes BenzMonthly Mercedes Benz magazine that is sent out to its customers.5 watches1,000 display cost

  • Promotional PartnersFoursquareInstagramWawee CoffeeLocation usage/Space to display the productTom n Tom Location usage/Space to display the productPowerhouse GymLocation usage/Space to display the productGrand Centara GymLocation usage/Space to display the productHome Fitness GymLocation usage/Space to display the product