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  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


    Timeless Wisdom

    Teachings on the Satipatthna Vipassan Meditation Practice

    by Sayadaw U. Pandita

    This book has been published for free distribution.Sabbadnam dhammadnam jinti.

    The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts.

    CopyrightSaddhamma Foundation

    16! Sun"rest Court

    #alnut Creek C$ %&!'(S$

    $ll "ommer"ial rights reser)ed. $ny reprodu"tion* in +hole or part* in any form* for sale* profit ormaterial gain is prohibited. ,o+e)er* permission to print for free distribution as a gift of Dhammamay be sought from the abo)e address.

    +++.)ipassana."om his -ipassan Fello+ship digital editionis authorised by Saddhamma Foundation.For Free Distribution nly.

    /)1.0 une 20113

    For information about pra"ti"ing meditation at the 4anditarama Forest Center in 5yanmar pleaserefer to +++.saddhamma.org

    For information about the Tathagata 5editation "enter in San ose* California* please refer to+++.tathagata.org

    1 7 Timeless #isdom by Sayada+ ( 4andita 7 -ipassan Fello+ship 8dition

  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher



    $"kno+ledgments 9Fore+ord 9:rief ba"kground ; )ada"ariya Sayada+ (. 4andita 9Chapters1. The Four

  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher



    This gift of dhamma dana is the "olle"ti)e effort of many. This book is taken from a series ofdhamma talks that Sayda+gyi ga)e in 200% at T5C /Tathagata 5editation Center3 in San ose*California. #e are grateful to T5C for making Sayada+gyiGs talks a)ailable online. #e areindebted to Da+ Caru for her "lear translation of -enerable Sayada+gyiGs insightful +isdom.The +ork of the t+o editors* 5r. Henneth 5orris and 5s. :arbara anus of the SaddhammaFoundation* (S$I their suggestions* "orre"tions* inspiration and "riti"ism in re)ie+ing a draft ofthis book has been in)aluable. #ithout their ongoing support and dedi"ation* this publi"ation+ould not ha)e been possible.

    Finally* +e +ish to a"kno+ledge the efforts of our anonymous trans"riber* +ho steadfastlytrans"ribed and "ompleted the first round of editing* ensuring that the talks +ere re"ordeda""urately +hile preser)ing the flo+ of Sayada+gyiGs tea"hing.

    uly 2010


    #e ha)e been "lose students of -enerable Sayada+ ( 4andita sin"e 1%0. Throughout this time hehas been an eJ"eptional spiritual guide and father to us /kalyana7mitta3. #ith metta and"ompassion* Sayada+gyi has al+ays pro)ided in)aluable guidan"e that has ranged from intuiti)eto un"ompromising. n other +ords* for those +ho listen* Sayada+gyiGs method of tea"hing offersa rare +ake up "all.

    This book "ontains the essen"e of o)er !0 years of his "larifi"ation of Satipatthna -ipassanmeditation pra"ti"e. The message "on)eyed in this set of le"tures is that one must be meti"ulous/+ith "orre"t pra"ti"e3 if one +ants to eJperien"e the in"redible :uddha Dhamma for oneself.

    :arbara anus and Henneth 5orris ; uly 2010* #alnut Creek* California

    Brief background Panditarama Saadaw ! Pandita Bhi"amsa

    4anditarama Sayada+ ( 4andita /Sayada+gyi3* born in 1%21* is one of the foremost li)ing mastersof Satipatthna -ipassan meditation. ,e is trained in the :urmese Thera)ada :uddhist tradition.$ su""essor to the late -enerable 5ahsi Sayada+* +ho is "onsidered one of the most prominenttea"hers of Satipatthna 5editation in the 20th "entury* Sayada+gyi has taught yogis and trainedtea"hers for o)er !0 years. Sayada+gyi "ontinues to personally o)ersee the training of tea"hers inorder to Kualify them to instru"t yogis in "orre"t meditation methods. During his lifetime* the-enerable 5ahasi Sayada+ +orked tirelessly to make the :uddhaGs tea"hing a)ailable to monks*nuns as +ell as lay people.

    9 7 Timeless #isdom by Sayada+ ( 4andita 7 -ipassan Fello+ship 8dition

  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


    Sayada+gyi is presently the $bbott of the 4anditarama 5editation Centre in Langon* 5yanmar.Soon after the passing a+ay of -enerable 5ahsi Sayada+ in 1%2* he be"ame the guiding tea"her/)ada"ariya3 of the 5ahsi 5editation Centre. n 1%%1* Sayada+gyi established the4anditarama 5editation Centre after lea)ing that position.

    Sayada+gyi be"ame +ell7kno+n in the #est in 1%& +hen he "ondu"ted his first retreat for+esterners in the (S$. Sayada+gyi "ontinues to lead and "ondu"t retreats in )arious parts of the+orld and to guide the many 4anditarama bran"h "enters in 5yanmar*

  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


    Chapter #

    The Four $oble Truths


  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


    realm* the material realm and the non7material realm. na3* stage by stage* to+ards path and fruitionkno+ledge /magga >na3 to dis"ern the four noble truths.

    $ yogi must understand that oneGs body is dukkha. This dukkha must be a""urately dis"erned+ith mindfulness. $ yogi must be"ome a+are of the +hole body and all mind obje"ts.

    $ll obje"ts that arise in the siJ sense doors the eye* ear* nose* tongue* body and mind* the "onta"tand the feelings arising through these sense doors* must be noted at the moment that they arise.MSeeingN takes pla"e be"ause there is a physi"al obje"t. f a physi"al obje"t is absent* seeing +illnot take pla"e. #ithout a healthy eye* MseeingN "annot take pla"e. n the pro"ess of MseeingN*there is the )isible obje"t and the eye sensiti)ity. 8ye sensiti)ity is the materiality that re"ei)esthe )isible obje"t. The )isible obje"t /rEpa3 is the striker elementI the eye is the re"eptor element.#hen the obje"t strikes the re"eptor /the eye3* Mseeing7"ons"iousnessN /the ignition element3takes pla"e.

    The Mseeing7"ons"iousnessN is mentality /nma3 and the "onta"t bet+een the )isible obje"tand the "ons"iousness is "onta"t /phassa3 +hi"h is also mentality. $ll three elements* the striker*re"eptor and the ignition in)ol)e dukkha sa""a. n the pro"ess of PseeingP* the materiality /rEpa3and mentality /nma3 are dukkha as are the mental aspe"ts of "ons"iousness* "onta"t and feeling.There is also a resultant feeling /pleasant* unpleasant or neutral3. n this feeling there is the truthof dukkha /dukkha sa""a3. So +hen MseeingN takes pla"e* one should just be mindful of the pro"essand note it as Mseeing* seeingN +ithout analyOing it.

    #hen +e see someone* +e first be"ome a+are of their fa"e. The fa"e is )ery important tore"ogniOe the person. So* at first* +e look at the o)erall fa"e. $t times the mind +ill fo"us on theforehead* the eyes or the "hin. f +e "ontinue to look on* +e "an obser)e ea"h of the features*indi)idually.

    Similarly* +hen mindfulness be"omes strong* the noting mind "omes to kno+ the )isible obje"t*the eye sensiti)ity* the Mseeing7"ons"iousnessN* "onta"t or the feeling "learly and separately. nthe pro"ess of PhearingP* a yogi "an dis"ern the sound /the striker element3 and the earsensiti)ity /the re"eptor3 and the resulting Mhearing7"ons"iousnessN* +hi"h takes pla"e* +hen asound impinges upon the ear7drum. $ pleasant sound +ill gi)e rise to a pleasant feeling. $disturbing sound may gi)e rise to an unpleasant feeling. $lternati)ely* there +ill be a neutralfeeling* depending on the state of mind re"ei)ing it. n MhearingN also* there is nma and rEpa.#hen MhearingN o""urs* a yogi should note it as Mhearing* hearingN and dis"ern the intera"tion ofmind and matter /the ear3 in the pro"ess.

    #hen the eJperien"e of MsmellingN is noted* the material aspe"ts /rEpa3 arising in nose sensiti)ity

    ' 7 Timeless #isdom by Sayada+ ( 4andita 7 -ipassan Fello+ship 8dition

  • 8/13/2019 buddhist teacher


    and the smell must be obser)ed. #hen a fragran"e strikes the nose* there +ill be Msmelling;"ons"iousnessN* "onta"t and feeling* being the mental aspe"ts of the pro"ess. MSmelling7"ons"iousnessN* "onta"t and feeling are nma aspe"ts and the nose and the smell are rEpa. #henyou eJperien"e a smell* you should note it as Msmelling* smellingN.

    The same noting should be done +ith the pro"ess of tasting. #hen the food "omes into "onta"t

    +ith the tongue* there is Mtasting7"ons"iousnessN* tasting "onta"t and feelings /the mentalaspe"ts3. #hen you eat* you must also note the "he+ing* biting and the s+allo+ing in)ol)ed inthe pro"ess.

    $t )arious times* the body +ill eJperien"e* hardness* softness* heat* lightness* tension* mo)ement/et"3. The earth element* the fire element* the +ater element and the air element are all tangible.#hen one eJperien"es hardness* it must be noted. #hen there is temperature* it must be notedas a heat or "oolness. These eJperien"es of the four elements are a)ailable in all bodily postures.$ diligent yogi +ill note ea"h pro"ess as Mseeing* seeingN* Mhearing* hearingN* Mtou"hing*tou"hingN and so forth to dis"ern mind and matter /nma and rEpa3 in)ol)ed in these pro"esses.:y noting the intera"tion of mind and matter that arises in the siJ sense doors* a yogi "omes to

    kno+ that all mental and physi"al pro"esses are dukkha.

    Three kinds of dukkha

    Dukkha sa""a +ill be ob)ious to a yogi +ho diligently be"omes a+are of all obje"ts arri)ing at thesiJ sense doors /the eye* ear* nose* body and so forth3. The "ons"iousness* "onta"t and feelings areaspe"ts of nma /mentality3.

    #hen an obje"t strikes at the siJ sense doors* there +ill be Mseeing "ons"iousnessN* Mhearing

    "ons"iousnessN and so on. #hen the obje"t and the "ons"iousness "ome into "onta"t at the siJsense doors* "onta"t /phassa3 arises* +hi"h in turn gi)es rise to a pleasant* unpleasant or a neutralfeeling* depending on the obje"t and the Kuality of the mind re"ei)ing it.

    n any pro"ess of hearing* smelling or tou"hing* there is mentality and materiality /nma andrEpa3 a )isual obje"t* the sense7base* seeing7"ons"iousness and smelling7"ons"iousness