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Document 1 Voluntary Chapter 11Buckingham Oil Interests Bankruptcycase# 1:15-bk-13441

Transcript of Buckingham 1

  • [Jnited States Bankntptcy CourtDistlict of lassachusetts Voluntaly Petition

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    Narttc lf [)ebtrir(s):Buckingham Ol lnterests, lnc.

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  • Iil ()ll(irl l'oril I trr( ,11 | )ellilrt rl;

    Buckingham Oil lnterests, lnc.

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    Sigrrahtlc ol r l't'ciglt lltpt cst'tttirlr'r'I clcclrc rtlcr pcrrtl[r ,rl rcliurt, tltr( llto irt[trrtrrlitltt rrtrr t



    Sepiember 1,2015

    The undersigned dilector of Buckingham Oil Interests, Inc,, a Texas corporation (the"Corporation"), being the solc momber of the Board of Directors of the Corporation (the "Board")hereby consents, pursuant to Section 6.201 of the Texas Business Organization Code, to the adoption ofthe following lesolutions aud to the taking of the actions refrred to in such lesolttions;


  • RESOLVED That any and all actions heretof,ore or heleafter lawtully talcen iu the narne or on behalf ofthe Corporation in good faith by such Authorized Offtcer ancl any person authorized bysuch Authorized Officer in fudherance of the purposes olthe foregoing lesolutions or incornection with the transactions contemplated thelein are hereby ratified, confinrled, andadopted as the acts and deeds of the Corpot'ation.

    r\Dpointment of Advisors

    WHEREAS The Board has deermined that the Corpolation is in neecl of outside legal counsel inconnection u,ith the Corporation's Chapter I I case, ancl the Board has determined that thela'"v frnr of lvlorrissey, Wilson & Zafiropoulos, LLP has significant experience atidexpertise ancl has demonstrated skil[, expelience and knowledge to the Boald.

    RESOLVED: That, subject to the approval of the couft having jurisdiction of the Cot'poration's Chaptet11 case (the "Court"), the Corpolation, as debtor in possession or otherwise, etnploy asits oouusel the law firm of Morrissey, Wilson &. Zaropoulos, LLP and that theCorporation compenste suoh

  • TN WITNESS WFIEREOF, thEas of the date first written above.

    igned have executed this W Consent of Sole Director

    Buckingham, sole director

    ff\t0t9s0,t )

    Case 15-13441 Doc 1 Filed 09/01/15 Entered 09/01/15 12:28:27 Desc Main Document Page 6 of 38


    (Eastcrn Division)

    In re:



    Chapter I I

    Case No. l5-


    [, Janet Buckingharn, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the informationreferenced in the L'olurtlary Petilion and the tr'erification oJ'Creelitor Matrix (collectively the"Docttments"), filed electronically, is true and correct. I understancl that this Declaration is to befiled with the Clerk of Court electronically concurrently rvith the electronic filing of theDocument. I understand that failure to fle this Declaration may cause the Document to be struckand any request contained or relying thereon to be denied, without further notice.

    I further understand tltat pursuant to the Massachusetts Electronc Filing Local Rule(MEFLR)-7(a) all paper documetrts containing original signatures executed under the penaltiesoflperjury and filed electronically with the Courl are the prope(y of the bankruptcy estate andshall be maintained by the authorized CMCF Regiafter the closing of'this case,

    User for a period of fve (5) years


    President, Director andSole Shareholder

    Dated: September l, 2015690.r8J

    Case 15-13441 Doc 1 Filed 09/01/15 Entered 09/01/15 12:28:27 Desc Main Document Page 7 of 38

  • United States Bankruptcy CorrtDistnct of Massachusetts

    Iu rc: Buckinsharn Oil ln

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