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ZTE BTS harware description

Transcript of BTS 8018 Hardware Presentation

Hardware Structure of ZXG10-B8018



1. General Introduction 2. Structure Introduction 3. New features 4. Configuration Instruction 5. End

1.General Introduction

What does B8018 mean?

ZX G 10 B 8018B :m a c r o b a s e s ta tio n M :m ic r o b a s e s ta tio n r a n g e o f m o d e ls h a r d w a r e p la tfo r m n u m b e r o f c a r r ie r s 8 :d u a l c a r r ie r s 0 : in d o o r , 1 : o u td o o r

Specification explanation

1.General Introduction

ZXG10 B8018 is new type of ZXG10-BTS, based on ZXG10-BTS (V2) employs many new technologies and achieves great improvement in software, hardware and system reliability. It not only has inherited all advantages of ZXG10-BTS (V2), but also has added many new functions and services to satisfy market requirements. In addition, it also reduces hardware and networking cost. It is one of the most perfect serial BS and solve the problem that cannot be solved by current ZXG10-BTS (V2).

1.General Introduction

The main functions of ZXG10 B8018 are shown below:

Employs DTRU technology, i.e. two carriers in each physical transceiver module; Supports parallel connection with ZXG10-BTS (V2) cabinet to realize capacity expansion; Supports DPCT, downlink delay diversity (DDT) transmission, IRC and so on; Supports 4 diversities reception; Supports 8 E1/T1 interface; Supports 75/E1 and 120/E1 transmission; Supports intelligent power on/off; Supports IP Abis-interface.

BTS HARDWARE PRINCIPLEAbis Interface Um Interface

Data Link

Modulated Signal


O M USystem Clock


Demodulated Signal Control signal System Clock

R F URR Signal



1.General Introduction

Rack Layout of B8018 Cabinet size 1600mm600mm550mm (HWD)

System Indices

Frequency Range Power Amplifier Output:

GSM900, EGSM900, 850, 1800, 1900MHz band For GMSK=60W For 8PSK= 40W

Static Receiving Sensitivity Voltage Allowed Change Range

-112dBm -48V DC -40 ~ -57

Maximum Power Consumption 3750 W Working Temperature Relative Humidity Grounding Resistance Capacity Largest Site Type -15 ~ 45 C 5% ~ 90%