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Subject : Visual Basic (BT0082 ) PART A Q.1 A jet database is one with extension _____ A) .jdb B) .mdb C) .mjb D) .jmd Q.2 Which among these is not an component of ADO data model A) ActiveX Recordset B) ActiveX Connection C) ActiveX Data Control D) None of the above Q.3 In VB Interface, ____ list all the files that make up a single VB program A) Properties Window B) Project Explorer C) Form Layout Window D) Toolbox Q.4 ___ is used to lock the record set during editing only A) DbOptimistic B) Dbpessimistic C) DbDynaset D) Dbreadonly Q.5 Menus can be created quickly by using the ____ A) Menu-editor utility B) RDO C) ADO D) all the above Q.6 The ____ property specific the type of database to open A) Read only B) Connect C) Recordset D) Refresh Q.7 Any time a user presses a key, moves the mouse or clicks the mouse button such an action is called an _____








A) Event B) Procedure C) Function D) Property The _____ function returns the numbers contained in a string A) Int B) Val C) Num D) Str Any time a user presses a key, moves the mouse , or clicks the mouse button, such an action is called an______ A) event B) tool C) control D) state The currency is a type of data whose storage size is__________ A) 2 bytes B) 8 bytes C) 1 bytes D) 4 bytes Which of the following characters indicate that words following it are comments? A) B) / C) // D) ! The properties that must be set to bind a data-bound control to a data control are_____ A) data source B) Data Field C) Both A) and B) D) Data Space The caption of a button represents a/an _____ A) Trigger B) Property C) Function D) Alert Use the ____ keyword to return to the location in the program that caused the error








A) Resume Label B) Resume Next C) Resume D) Resume Previous The _____ function returns a string without the trailing spaces A) Ltrim( ) B) Trim( ) C) Rtrim( ) D) Strim( ) The constant value for the window style named argument, VbNormalFocus is_____ A) 0 B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 The ____ method is used to add each field to its table and to add each table to the database A) AddField B) AddTableDef C) Append D) CreateField In the Data Report designer, ____ can be used for summary material, like conclusions or grand totals using the Function control A) Report Header B) Page Header C) Report Footer D) Page Footer ________ is the most widely used interface to relational data A) ODBC B) JDK C) OLE D) Jet database The Arguments of the MsgBox function is/are A) prompt, buttons B) title, help file C) context D) All the above Which of the following ActiveX object cab be placed on internet explorer? A) ActiveX DLL








B) ActiveX Document C) ActiveX Exe D) Both A) and C) While creating User Controls, when the user executes the complied operation, ____ A) Design time instance is destroyed B) Run-time instance is created C) Design time instance of the user control is created D) All the above ____ providers a universal database connectivity application programming interface that enables application to access data in a wide range of proprietary database A) Jet Database B) ODBC C) ISAM database D) All the above The integer data type has a storage size of________ A) 4 bytes B) 8 bytes C) 1 bytes D) 2 bytes ActiveX controls have file name extension ____ A) .ACX B) .AVT C) .OCX D) .OCT One can open the ____ in one of the three ways- Output, Append or Input A) Sequential file B) Random Access file C) Binary files D) All the above _______ Statement transfers control to a sub procedures, Function Procedure of Dynamic-link library (DLL) procedure A) CALL B) LINK C) CONNECT D) None of the above String(5,450) returns _____








A) 44444 B) 45000 C) 450 D) None of the above ___ is the file extension of Ms-access data base is A) .MDS B) .MDB C) .MDV D) .MDF ______ is used to separate the items in the menu A) / B) C) sep D) None of the above _____ allows the user to open a menu pressing the Alt key & typing a designated letter A) Short cut key B) Access key C) Secret key D) Word key Submenu is used when: A) menu bar is full B) a particular menu control is seldom used C) you want to emphasize one menu control relationship to another D) All the above When a parameter is passed by reference A) The Copy of the original variable is sent ti the function B) The address of the original variable is sent to the function C) The function can change the value of the variable but the original is not changed D) All the above are true What are the advantages of creating and accessing structured database A) Lets to write programs that use existing database B) Allows the application to share data with other programs C) Simplifies the programming D) All the above To add new record to a recordset, use the ____ method A) AddNew B) Append








C) AddRecord D) SetNew ____ error encountered when you Open, Read or Write simple files A) General file B) Physical media C) Program code D) Database errors To display the current record number use the _____ property of the Recordset object A) Resolve Position property B) Absolute Position property C) Display Position property D) Current Position property ____ allow the user to open a menu pressing the Alt key and typing a designed letter A) Short cut key B) Access key C) Auto key D) All the above Declaring the local variable using the ____ keyword preserves its value even when a procedure ends A) State B) Public C) Dim D) Private Dynamic arrays are arrays whose size is set at A) compile time B) runtime C) design time D) None of the above Pick the incorrect statement A) We have to explicitly declare or create variables in VB B) A general procedure tells the application how to perform a specific task C) Both A) & B) D) None of the above Select the true statement A) Atleast one MDI child from must be loaded and visible when you access the Active Form Property B) At runtime, child from are displayed within the internal area of the MDI form C) None of above

D) D Both A) and B) Q.43 If you want the Report Header to be the first page in the report, set its ForcePageBreak property to ____ A) rpPageBreakAfter B) rptPageBreakbefore C) rptPageBreakprevious D) None of the above. Q.44 MDI application are used to launch multiple documents from a main document as in the case of A) Microsoft Word B) Microsoft Excel C) Both A) and B) D) None of the above Q.45 The ____ method is used to perform the SQL action query A) EXECUTE B) DISPLAY C) SHOW D) IDENTIFY Q.46 ____ is the top level database object A) Workspace Object B) DB Engine Object C) Container Object D) Recordset Object Q.47 A DLL file is ____server A) out-of-process B) in-process C) in-between-process D) None Q.48 A Function procedures can: A) assign values B) return values C) set reference to object D) All the above Q.49 Which among these is the property of Err object A) Description, source B) Number, Helpline C) Helpcontext, last DLL Error D) All the above

Q.50 The ____ statement transfer control to Sub procedure, function procedure or dynamic link library procedure A) Sub B) Call C) Set D) Let Q.51 _______ is an example of an object A) window B) user interface C) form D) command button Q.52 The _____ is only supported on 32 bit operating system such as Windows 95 & Windows NT A) ADO B) ODBC API C) RDO D) DAO Q.53 Which among these is not an part of the Data Report A) Data Report object B) Application object C) Data Report control D) None of the above Q.54 ____ enables you to debug your VB program A) Immediate Window B) Project Window C) Form Layout Window D) All the above Q.55 The _____ are used to read & update data stored in Relational Database Management System that are external to VB & Microsoft jet Data engine A) ADO,DAO B) RDO,ADO C) RDO,RDC D) ADO,RDO Q.56 Visual Basic A) is a windows programming language that has been developed at Microsoft Corporation B) is one of the RAD tools as it enables the programmer to develop application very quickly and easily








C) is a powerful programming language to develop sophisticated program quickly D) All the above ______ function returns a long number to represent a length of a file in bytes A) Freefile (filename) B) Filelenght (filename C) Length (filename) D) Filelen (filename) OLE DB provides high performance access to any data source including ____ A) Relational database B) Non relational database C) Email and file systems, text and graphic D) All the above The DLL file A) is loaded and unloaded as needed by VB B) contains subprograms designed to be used as building blocks when creating a standalone program C) is in-process server D) All the above In the function Rnd [(number)], if number is>0, Rnd generates: A) same number every time, using number as the seed B) next random number in the sequence C) most recently generated number not supplied next number in the sequence D) None of the above Which among these Find methods is not supported in VB A) FindNext B) FindCurrent C) FindPrevious D) None of the above _______ provide access to every available visual basic command A) properties window B) pull-down menus C) toolbox D) project explorer Customs controls are controls available in a separate files with extensions ____ A) .CCX B) .OCX C) .VBX

D) .EXE Q.64 _____ error is encountered when you Open, Read or Write simple files A) Physical media B) General file C) Program code D) All the above Q.65 ____ are items that appear on a form, like command button, scroll bar, or check box A) Met