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innovative infrastructure project { ideal PPP model } bus rapid transit system, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

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2. Internationally Acclaimed Best Mass Transit System - Janmarg-BRTS Ahmedabad BRTS AHMEDABAD 3. BEFORE AKHABANAGAR AFTER AKHABANAGAR BEFORE ANJALI JUNC AFTER ANJALI JUNC 4. SUCCESSFACTORS: Leadership -Political will and support Ownership AhmedabadMunicipal Corporation (AMC) Partnerships with Institutions, Media, People Pragmatic Approach: BRT A Programmeand not a Project Comprehensive Planning Contextual Sustainable Design Safety, Reliability, Comfort and Speed Branding Strategies 5. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) Urban Management Centre/ ICMA- South Asia Successful Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Development. Wikipedia IP_Gautam_GOG_IPG_Program Sadbhav Google images References