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  • Stunning prints declare inspirational values A B

    C D



    A – D Framed Motivational Prints Liven up your office or home walls with these stunning prints featuring an illustrated inspirational message. Print is housed in a beautiful, high-gloss, black lacquer frame with a masonite backing and scratch-resistant styrene face. Manufacturer’s 90-day warranty. ID No. W × H Qty. Unit Price

    A “Success-Two Picture” Framed Motivational Prints—“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Beautiful panoramic scene is split into two prints; hang alone or together.

    1 AVT-78166 30" × 24" 2 PK 169.95 B “Teamwork-Great Wall of China” Framed Motivational Prints—“Many hands,

    many minds, one goal.” 2 AVT-78025 30" × 24" 1 EA 85.95

    C “Teamwork-Jets” Framed Motivational Prints—“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

    3 AVT-78028 30" × 24" 1 EA 85.95 D “Vision-Lighthouse” Framed Motivational Prints—“Vision is not seeing things

    as they are, but as they will be.” 4 AVT-78018 30" × 24" 1 EA 85.95

    E – F Framed Motivational Posters Motivational posters feature simple, poignant messages. Frames include plexiglass for safety and a sawtooth for straight hanging. High resolution photos show amazing details. Manufacturer’s one-year warranty. ID No. W × H Qty. Unit Price

    E “Growth” Framed Motivational Posters—Learn From Nature. Patience and Perseverance Brings Its Own Rewards.

    5 AUA-SCOFGA243• 24" × 30" 1 EA 94.00 F “Initiative” Framed Motivational Posters—We can sail inside the harbor, but

    that is not what ships are built for. 6 AUA-SCOFGA123 35" × 13" 1 EA 94.00

    14 -G

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    EW L

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    Contains At Least 10% Total Recycled Content

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