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Transcript of BROOKDALE · PDF file 18 Saturday Intro to DSLR Photography 18 Saturda y Walking Tour/Freehold...

  • Lifelong Learning JANUARY – JUNE 2015

    Community College BROOKDALE


    Spring Calendar Of Events 2

    Women’s Conference 4

    The Arts 5

    Armchair Tours 6

    Photography 7

    Come to Campus 8

    Computers 9

    Creativity Never Retires 10

    Financial & Legal 11

    Holistic Health 13

    Home & Garden 15

    Humanities 16

    In Style 17

    Irish Heritage 18

    It’s Personal 21

    Kids On Campus 22

    Languages 23

    Literature 24

    Recreation 25

    SAT Prep 26

    Special Interest 27

    Around Town 28

    Tour & Talk 29

    WWII Studies 36

    Small Business Development Center 36

    General Information 38

    How to Register 39

    Registration Form 40

    Center For Career Development 41

    Brookdale Community College

    Outreach, Business &

    Community Development

    765 Newman Springs Road

    Lincroft, NJ 07738



    WHERE IS MY CLASS? We are going green and will no longer mail registration receipts. You are enrolled upon

    registration. Find your classroom: or call

    732-224-2100 the week the class starts.

    On The Cover: Room at Beau Rivage (beautiful shore) Henri Matisse Oil on Canvas At Nice, France; 1918

  • Dear Brookdale Friends and Neighbors,

    Lifelong Learning at Brookdale serves an impressive Monmouth County population – one that is growing older…and wiser!

    Did you know that nearly 40% of our population is over age 50? Monmouth County is 4th of the 21 counties in New Jersey in this age category.

    More than 40% of our residents over 45 have earned a bachelor’s degree, or beyond. Research suggests that the more education a person has in their past, the more likely they are to pursue education in their future. So it’s no wonder Lifelong Learning serves an education-hungry population!

    Feed that appetite for learning and indulge yourself this New Year.

    • Learn something new

    • Go someplace new

    • Taste something new

    • Make something new

    Wishing you a smart New Year,

    Marie Lucier-Woodruff, Dean

    Business and Community Development

    NEWS! We have gone green and will no longer print and mail registration receipts. You are enrolled upon registration and can expect an email confirmation.

    Where’s my Classroom? 4 Ways to Find It! • Website: • Call our prerecorded message: 732-224-2100 • Call our office (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5 pm) at 732-224-2315 • Read the posting on our front door – inside lobby, ATeC building

  • JANUARY 14 Wednesday Barnes Foundation 20 Tuesday Bodran 20 Tuesday Tin Whistle 22 Thursday Irish Language Mini Series 24 Saturday Minecraft Modders 26 Monday Comfortable With Computers 28 Wednesday Detoxing for a Fresh Start 31 Saturday Amusement Park Physics

    FEBRUARY 2 Monday Windows 8 3 Tuesday Comfortable With Computers 7 Saturday Italian Conversation I 7 Saturday Italian Conversation II 7 Saturday Make Your First 3-D Video Game 7 Saturday Designing a Home Workout 8 Sunday Planning to Downsize? 8 Sunday Nashville, Tennessee Trip 10 Tuesday Estate Planning for Everyone 12 Thursday Art History/Mediterranean 16 Monday SAT Prep: Verbal and Math 17 Tuesday Introduction to Food and Faith 18 Wednesday Stress Free Spanish I 18 Wednesday Guitar for Adults 19 Thursday French Conversation I 19 Thursday Qigong for Good Health 20 Friday Booth/Lincoln 22 Sunday Celtic Music Live 23 Monday Studio Drawing Part II 25 Wednesday NY Historical Soc.: White House 25 Wednesday High Tea/Bed & Breakfast 26 Thursday Studio Painting Part I 27 Friday Aftermath: Hiroshima 28 Saturday Reiki I 28 Saturday Plan the Perfect Kitchen 28 Saturday SAT Prep Bootcamp

    MARCH 3 Tuesday English Conversation: Improve Your English 4 Wednesday Next Step Photography 4 Wednesday Museum of Biblical Art 4 Wednesday Irish Experience 4 Wednesday Financial Strategies-Retirement 6 Friday Mosaics I 6 Friday Philadelphia Flower Show 7 Saturday Sewing: Infinity Scarf 7 Saturday Selling on eBay & Craigslist 7 Saturday Beekeeping: An Introduction 7 Saturday Time Travel: Novels Imagination 7 Saturday Financial Strategies-Retirement 7 Saturday Stock Market Boot Camp 8 Sunday Celtic Woman Anniversary Tour 10 Tuesday WordPress I 11 Thursday Sing Along Ireland 12 Thursday Museum Tour: Prado 12 Thursday Beekeeping: An Introduction 12 Thursday Art History/Pacific & Americas 12 Thursday Comfortable With Computers 12 Thursday Traumatic Imprisonment: Aftermath 13 Friday Culinary Institute of America 13 Friday Podcasting 14 Saturday Intro to Machine Sewing 14 Saturday Preserving Family Photos 14 Saturday G2 – The Girl Gamer Club 14 Saturday Intro to DSLR Photography 14 Saturday Boot Camp – Next Steps Investing 15 Sunday Planning to Downsize? 15 Sunday Photography Bootcamp I 16 Monday Museum Tour: Louvre 16 Monday Meditation Series 17 Tuesday Come to Campus

    Spring 2015 Calendar of Events

  • 19 Thursday Irish Language Spring Series 21 Saturday Clear Clutter Workshop 21 Saturday Adv. Boot Camp-Investing 22 Sunday NY Historical Society: Jerusalem 23 Monday Museum Tour: Musee D’Orsay 24 Tuesday Intro: Machine Sewing 25 Wednesday Qigong for Good Healing 25 Wednesday Instant Blues & Rock Guitar 25 Wednesday Hand Wrought Silver Jewelry 26 Thursday Museum Tour: Picasso 26 Thursday EFT: A Powerful Tool 28 Saturday Reiki I 30 Monday Dining/Ethiopian At Ada’s 31 Tuesday Short Stories: Lost in Their Lives

    APRIL 6 Monday Minecraft Modders 6 Monday Maker Labs: First 3-D Creation 6 Monday Intro to Sculpting 7 Tuesday Surfcasting for Striped Bass 7 Tuesday Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon 9 Thursday Art History/Renaissance & Baroque 11 Saturday EFT: A Powerful Tool 12 Sunday Intro to Golf 12 Sunday Spring Tune-Up for Golfers 14 Tuesday Intro: Sewing and Tailoring 14 Tuesday Museum Tour: Uffizzi 14 Tuesday Intro to Interior Design 15 Wednesday Jewish Contributions to Civilization 15 Wednesday Memoir, Poetry & Medicine 15 Wednesday Social Security 16 Thursday Italy’s Hidden Treasures 16 Thursday Gardening: Pruning 16 Thursday Introduction to Astrology 17 Friday Gettysburg 17 Friday Hamilton Grange Nat. Memorial 18 Saturday SAT Bootcamp 18 Saturday Treasure Hunting! 18 Saturday Self-Publishing 101 18 Saturday Intro to DSLR Photography 18 Saturday Walking Tour/Freehold 19 Sunday Tennis Anyone? 20 Monday Women’s Conference 22 Wednesday Grounds for Sculpture 30 Thursday Container Gardening

    MAY 1 Friday Short Stories: Out of the Shadows 1 Friday Meet the Presidents 2 Saturday Bangle Bracelet Workshop 4 Monday Drawing Part I 5 Tuesday Next Step Interior Design 6 Wednesday Literature 101: The Bible 7 Thursday Wardrobe Planning 7 Thursday Art History/Modern World 9 Saturday Flatter/Figure With Color 12 Tuesday Floor Plan Design-Small Spaces 12 Tuesday Comfortable With Your Computer 14 Thursday Architecture Tour-Bell Labs 19 Tuesday Massachusetts: Arts & Culture Tour 24 Sunday Frida Kahlo’s Garden 26 Tuesday NYC Ballet At Lincoln Center

    JUNE 1 Monday Learn to Sail 2 Tuesday Windows 8 2 Tuesday Ladew Topiary Gardens 3 Wednesday Open Rehearsal-NY Philharmonic 6 Saturday Golf In a Day 10 Wednesday Hall of Fame for Great Americans 15 Monday Learn to Ride (Horses) 18 Thursday Philip Johnson’s Glass House 26 Friday Nakashima Studio Tour

  • 4

    W omen’s Conference Learn. Laugh. Lunch. Monday, April 20, 2015

    Hear memorable speakers and sample subjects of interest all in one day. Indulge your intellect, your appetite, and your sense of humor.

    Mother On Fire 2015 marks an astonishing milestone. Almost half of all American women are menopausal, and over half are 45 and older. Sandra Tsing Loh, hilarious, bestselling author of The Madwoman in the Volvo, addresses the profound personal, professional, and political transformations that women (and men!) can expect ahead.

    Peek Behind The Television News Desk New Jersey native Teresa Priolo has a blossoming career as a reporter and news anchor. Now appearing on Fox5 News and Good Day New York, Teresa’s professional path has led her from Idaho back to New Jersey. Learn about life as a beat reporter behind the news camera as well as the common threads of local news - no matter where we watch our news - from Idaho to Soho.

    Call 732-224-2315 for information and registration or e-mail Fee includes morning coffee and lunch. Mon, Apr 20, 9 am-2 pm • Fee and Code: $69, XWOMN 201 W

  • The Arts 5

    Fundamentals Of Drawing II Amy Faris, adjunct professor, Brookdale Community College and professional artist

    Studio course designed to build the skills for students with drawing experience. Introduction to advanced techniques including working with ink wash, drawing drapery, chiaroscuro and drawing on mid- tone paper. Opportunity to make extended drawing and complete works based on st