Broken femur nail implant removal

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A 20 year old young boy who was at the age of 16 with closed reamed femur nailing following fracture shaft femur sustained in a RTA was taken for implant removal. After engaging the extractor bolts, removing interlocking bolts, only the broken proximal part of the nail came out. The broken distal part of the nail was removed using Solapur Broken Nail Extractor and the same is shown in steps in this presentation

Transcript of Broken femur nail implant removal

  • Photo Album of Broken femur nail [email protected].com
  • 16 year boy sustained femoral shaft fracture in a RTA Treated with Closed femur nailing with Trochanteric entry on 19-4-2010 Came for follow up only once on 2-6-2010 at which time he was walking freely and was able to all the activities He came only after four years on 3-8-2014 for implant removel
  • 16-4-2010 21-4-2010 X rays Brought by patient
  • Same earlier X rays from old records at the hospital
  • 4-8-2014
  • Taken for Implant Removal on 5-8-2014 Extraction bolt Attached Distal Locking removed Proximal Locking removed
  • Only Proximal Broken Part Came
  • Zoomed picture Showing Broken Nail site at static locking hole Site Missed earlier.
  • C arm picture showing broken nail in femoral canal
  • Over reaming of Proximal Canal Done To prevent nail getting stuck while removing Meanwhile through distal locking hole site Steinmann Pin Passed
  • Solapur Broke nail extractor passed
  • Solapur Broken Nail Extractor Threaded and fixed to broken nail by reverse threading
  • Stages of extraction by gently blows
  • Stages of extraction by gently blows
  • Stages of extraction by gently blows
  • Stages of extraction by gently blows
  • Close Up view of Extractor Fixed to Broke nail piece
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