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brochure i-bick

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  • A U T O M A T I C M A C H I N E S

    Techmek S.r.l. via Spineda, 16 - 31040 Volpago del Montello (TV) ITALY Tel. +39.0423.24439 Fax +39.0423.615032 -

    Administrative Center - Via Anassilide, 148 31044 Montebelluna (TV) ITALY


    A U T O M A T I C M A C H I N E S


    Technical SpecificaTionS

    - productive capacity:

    up to 5,000 pots/hour on each head

    - pot store:

    up to 12 piles

    - piles height:

    up to 700 mm

    - holding gripper:

    6 elements on the whole pot circumference

    - depiling gripper:

    6 elements on the whole pot circumference

    - depiling system:

    contemporaneous division and rotation

    - max pot size:

    up to 700 x 500 mm

    - power / - installed power

    400V 50Hz, 3phase + neutral / 0.2 kW

    - pneumatic system:

    6 BAR

    - size shift mode:

    gripper replacement

    - operating sequence:

    pile stopping (upper gripper)

    pot gripping (lower gripper)

    opening of the pot position register

    extraction while rotating (lower gripper)

    pot release

    air blow to facilitate the pot placing

    closing of the pot position register

    - control:

    PLC-CNC with operating panel

    Universal pot destacker

    THe UNIVeRSAL DeSTACKeR is parti-

    cularly suitable to destack biodegrada-

    ble pots with or without upper edge.

    It is designed to work even under high

    room humidity conditions and on piles de-

    formed through stockpiling or humidity.

    It can be used with a tray placing machine

    for the automatic placement of the pots

    onto the trays or alone onto pot fillers.

  • i-bick 1t e 2t pm-bickautomatic cell-like trays filler with 1 or 2 heads

    This filler grants you the highest flexibility and can destack

    from 5,000 pots per hour (1 head) up to 10,000 pots per hour

    (2 heads).

    electronic CNC suitable for depiling and placing pots onto the

    relative trays.

    It is completed by a pots placing plane inside the trays, switch-

    board, and operating panel to control/operate the machine.

    multi-bick automatic multi-heads cell-like trays filler:

    This tray filler is designed for those who work with large vo-


    It can destack and place up to 11,000 pots/hour for trays with

    3 pots rows and over 15,000 pots/hour for trays with 4 or more

    pots rows.

    It is designed to be placed in line with cell-like trays fillers in

    order to create completely automated lines.

    Both i-bick and multi-bick can be connected to a case de-stacker i-tray


    All models of the bick line are provided with a

    computer that makes the destacker compatible

    with most filling systems usually used.

    The installed software allows the synchronic

    operating of the machines used, the time mana-

    gement of the depiling cycles, the activation of

    extra air blows and the depiling force.

    Single-column pot destacker for single pot fillers

    This model has been designed to meet the needs of those

    cultivators who already have a single pot filler in their farms.

    It is, actually, suitable to destack biodegradable pots inside

    the pot holders of the single pot fillers with rotary table or


    It is easy to mount on every filler of any brand or model,

    thanks to an autonomous built-in electronic system.

    Flanges for different fillers on the market are available on