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The world’s leading trade event for process, drinking and waste water Organised by EXHIBITOR BROCHURE Supported by AMSTERDAM • NL 2011 EXHIBITION 1 - 4 NOVEMBER

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The world’s leading trade eventfor process, drinking and waste water

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“Aquatech Amsterdam 2008 again was the perfect platform to meet our existing clients and also to welcome new relations. Aquatech was and will remaina valuable exhibition for us”

Hach Lange, Marie-Jose Beuting,Communication Manager

Aquatech’s worldwide reputationGiven 50 years of experience, organiser Amsterdam RAI skillfully managed to establish Aquatech’s current solid reputation in the global water market. Since the first Aquatech took place in Amsterdam in 1964, the brand has spread its tributaries worldwide. Aquatech exhibitions have been held in North America, South America and South East Asia. Highly successful are the Aquatech Global Events in China, the USA and India.

Aquatech Amsterdam is the mother of all Aquatechs. It offers the best possible:■ overview of the very latest international innovations, products, services, technologies and solutions■ environment for making new contacts and renewing acquaintances

The event is not only the exhibition of products, but also a place to exchange experiences, to learn from other water

professionals and their best practises, or to get inspired by the world’s top water experts.

These exceptional opportunities are offered at the various podia, including:■ IWA conferences with leading experts■ AquaStages with practical solutions■ Exclusive excursions to leading-edge Dutch water treatment plants and projects■ Integrated Aqua Solutions with of world’s most stunning water projects

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition on process, drinkingand waste water.Join the market leaders and innovators!

Five reasons to be at Aquatech Amsterdam 2011■ innovative - to see the latest water technologies and best practises■ authoritative - to meet distinguished experts■ international - to generate new leads in 50 different countries■ market leaders - to discover new businesses■ exchanging experiences - to join conferences, seminars, lectures

Everybody involved in process, drinking and waste water, will be in Amsterdam in November 2011, celebrating the 23rd edition of Aquatech Amsterdam. The thriving success of the international trade exhibition will again generate further growth, attracting more visitors and exhibitors alike. The event is the only truly water-focussed trade exhibition for the global water industry.

Aquatech is the world’s leading trade event for process, drinking and waste water. New at Aquatech Amsterdam will be the presentation of Integrated Aqua Solutions, a showcase of stunning water projects that are under construction or recently been completed.

Aquatech Amsterdam 2011 –your place to be


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Early bird deadline : 1 February 2011

Exhibition programme■ water treatment■ point of use■ transport and storage■ process control and automation■ innovation platform

Simultaneously taking place are Aquaterra, the world forum on delta & coastal development, and Integrated Aqua Solutions. All events will be part of this Holland International Water Week.

Global water market about to doubleThe water market is increasingly dynamic. Growing awareness of the importance of clean water and the necessity for integrated water resource management, stimulate the research and development

of new water technologies and the improvement of the existing technologies.

Aging water infrastructures need replacement, population growth demands expansion, higher standards for water quality trigger sophisticated treatment, and climate change will challenge the water sector to make water supplies more robust. The water sector has many challenges ahead.

The overall global water market topped the USD 350 billion in 2007 and is on its way to double in 2025. The annual growth is estimated at 5 -10 %. During the financial crises many hard hit countries speeded up the realisation of their planned water projects, for sake of employment.So on the short term the water market is expected to maintain its spectacular growth figures. In the long run this growth will continue, because water is vital for economic prosperity.

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Integrated Aqua SolutionsNew: The world’smost stunning water projectsOrganised at the same time as Aquatech Amsterdam. This event showcases the world’s most stunning water engineering projects that are under construction or have recently been completed. Companies and organisations are invited to show these projects at a special stand on the exhibition floor, as well as with a presentation at the AquaStage.

“Aquatech Amsterdam is the ideal platform for us to meet the water industry professionals of Europe.”

3M Nederland B.V., A.C.M. Kroon,Senior Marketing Coordinator

Transition economies like China, India and Brazil experience this every day.

Aquatech Amsterdam reflects these latest developments in the water market, not only in regard to fast developing technologies like membrane filtration, energy saving desalination, UV-disinfection and water reuse, but also in regard to regions where investments in new water facilities are above average.

Focus on attracting high quality visitorsThe visitors for Aquatech come from all over the globe. In 2008 the trade exhibition attracted visitors from 48 countries, making it truly international. Months ahead of the event Amsterdam RAI will unroll a unprecedented global multimedia marketing campaign especially targeted at countries with great market potential. This includes the large markets that develop slowly, such as France, Germany,

the UK and the Netherlands. But it covers also the smaller markets that develop fast, for example in countries around the Mediterranean Sea and in Eastern Europe.Moreover, the global campaign will address water experts and utility managers in the industry. Specially on industrial segments that depend heavily on water, such as paper and pulp, food processing, beverage, chemical/petro chemical, pharmaceutical and textile.

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More than just an exhibition …..International conferences With distinguished speakers giving sharp insights on sustainable water management and water treatment. The conferences are supported by the International Water Association.

AquaJobsAre you looking for capable engineers? Or a new career for yourself perhaps? The AquaJobs segment at Aquatech

Amsterdam will feature worldwide careers, jobs and employment opportunities in the water technology industry.

AquaStagesLocated on the exhibition floor, Aquatech Amsterdam will feature the renowned AquaStages for seminars, workshops and lectures. The stages serve as interactive meeting points where exhibitors present new solutions, demonstrations and technical sessions on various topics.

ExcursionsHighly relevant technical tours are offered enabling participants to visit marvels of Dutch water engineering.

Expected delegationsMany international delegations will come to Aquatech Amsterdam, including buyers from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.

Your next stepBook your stand before the1st of February 2011 and receive an early bird discount. You can find all exhibitor information

International Aquatech Innovation Award 2011The presence of thousands of professional visitors will encourage the exhibitors to show their most innovative products and service. To further encourage the atmosphere of innovation, the exhibition will again host the renowned International Aquatech Innovation Award (IAIA).The award underlines the importance of innovation for the industry.

All exhibitors take part with their products or service and nominated companies will have the opportunity to present their novelties, attracting extra attention to them. A jury of experts selects the winners in separate segments – transport and storage, water treatment, point of use, process control technology and process automation. From the winners of these segments, one overall winner is selected.It will be the seventh hand out of the Aquatech Innovation Award.

Is yourinnovationa winner?

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Amsterdam RAI – experienced organisers, great venue!RAI Exhibitions is part of Amsterdam RAI and specialises in the organisation of national and international consumer and trade fairs. RAI Exhibitions stages approximately 25 fairs a year in the following categories: professional cleaning; water technology; traffic technology; maritime; automotive; lifestyle; art; food; and government services.

Amsterdam RAI is the largest exhibition and convention centre in the Netherlands. The venue offers 12 multi-function exhibition halls (87,000 m2) and 22 congress rooms. Amsterdam RAI strives to create sustainable value at the highest level in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly surroundings for all the building’s employees, users and stakeholders. The venue has been awarded the golden Green Key certificate, which among other things means the venue is powered by green electricity.

Silver status from Earth CheckAfter benchmarking the RAI on its sustainable policy, waste, water and energy saving methods, and HRM policy, Earth Check assessors awarded the convention centre Silver status. In comparison to other convention centres, the RAI scored above ‘Best Practice’ on its water consumption and waste policy.  

Excellent accessibilityOnly 15 minutes away from Schiphol International Airport and featuring its own train station, Amsterdam RAI benefits from excellent accessibility. The RAI is surrounded by good hotels, restaurants and bars, while the city centre with its attractive canals, pavement cafés, tourist attractions and entertainment facilities is just ten minutes away by public transport. Our aim is to offer both visitors and exhibitors an inspiring experience!

Sponsored transportAmsterdam RAI, the Dutch national railway company (NS) and the Amsterdam public Transport company (GVB) have joined forces to offer visitors cheaper public transport to

Aquatech Amsterdam. Reduced tariffs are offered for journeys to and from every station in the Netherlands and for buses, metro and trams in Amsterdam. The initiative is a great extra service for Aquatech attendees and is good for the environment too!

Aquatech Global Events organiserFor enquiries please contact the Aquatech Project Team or, where applicable, the local representative in your country.

Paddy YoungDomain Manager - Aquatech Global Events

Nick MouthaanSales Manager

Magalie Hooft GraaflandProduct Manager Aquatech Amsterdam & WQA Aquatech USA

Julia HoferichterProduct Manager Aquatech China &Aquatech India

Galina GorbachOperations Assistant

Marieke LeenhoutsCommunications & PR Manager

Janine SinnigeCommunications & PR Assistant

China - CHC Expo Mr. Simon DingT +86 216 270 67 17E [email protected]

Eurasia & Middle East - NTSR Fairs & Exhibition Co.Mrs. Buket Ilýcalý SoytürkT +90 216 425 63 00 (127)E [email protected]

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United Kingdom - Avanti Sales & MarketingMr. Nigel HurcombT +44 173 724 28 03E [email protected]

USA - WQAMrs. Jeannine CollinsT +1 630 505 0166E [email protected]

For all other countries:Amsterdam RAIAquatech Global EventsMr. Nick MouthaanP.O. Box 777771070 MS AmsterdamThe NetherlandsT +31 (0)20 549 22 99F +31 (0)20 549 18 89E [email protected] [email protected]

From left to right: Julia Hoferichter, Magalie Hooft Graafland, Paddy Young, Galina Gorbach, Marieke Leenhouts, Nick Mouthaan and Janine Sinnige

Local representatives &organising offices