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  • Cobham Tactical Comm~. lications and Surveillance Pro t Short Form Electronic Surveiliance E q u i m

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  • Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance Product Short Form Electronic Surverllance Equipment

    Wireless Audio Surveillance Systems The INCA Family forms the platform of the most flexible, expandable and advanced wireless audio monitoring system available on the market today. It consists of highly advanced receivers and micro-size transmitters that can be remotely controlled.

    With the INCA system, you get a fully modular system that assures you maximum flexibility. It is designed for applications, which range from single target operations to large scale multi-target operations and incorporates the required number of modular INCA receivers and transmitters in order to fulfil your operational needs.

    Ruggedised, 4 channels, small a1 IU ~~andy LOLLIC~I receiver with integrated recorder. Receives and records audio from all INCA transmltters. Dimensions 88x55~18 mm I 3.5x2.2x0.7 lnch

    mm-II Ruggedlsed. 4 channels, small a, IU I ~dndy tact~cal recelver that is easily concealed In a pocket. Recelves audio from all INCA transmltters. Dlmens~ons 88x55~18 mm I 3.5x2.2x0.7 Inch

    The INCA Repeater is a four channel repeater with four different output power levels rangingfrom 320 mW up to 5 W. It can repeat a signal from an INCA transmitter to a INCA recelver or lt can act as a high power stand-alone recetver or transmitter. Dimenslons 34x105~129 mm 1 1.34~4.13~5.08 inch.

    INCA Transmitters ,

    Miniature transmitter for concealed use. Dlmensionr 22x7.2x3.7 mm 10.9x0.3x0.1 inch

    I INCA TXFM-RC 4 channels miniature remote controlled transmitter. 5.6x30x10.6 mm I 0.22~1.18~0.42 lnch

    Standard transmitter for concealed use. Dlmenslons. 32~18~4.8 mm I 1.2x0.7x0.2 lnch

    4 channels remote controlled transmitter. Dlmens~ons: 32~18~5.6 mm 11.2~0 7x0 2 inch

    I INCA TXFM Bubble Gum Miniature COVeR "Drop and Walk" transmitter with rechargeable battery. Dimenslons: 35x20~8 mm 1 13x0.8x0.3 inch

    Covert "Drop and Walk transmitter wlth hlgh output power and rechargeable battery Dimensions 46x21~19 mm I 1 8x0 8x0 7 ~nch

  • INCA Board TXF-RC INCA TXF-RC PSTN INCA Body TXF-RC 4 channels, remote controlled body worn transmltter Dimensions: 82x52~13 mm 13 2x2 Ox0 5 Inch

    4 channels, remote controlled transmltter for quickdeployment wlth high capacity rechargeable battery. Dimenslons: 110~45~7.6 mm 14.3~1.8~0.3 Inch

    4 channels, remote controlled PSTN transmitter. Dimenaons 33.5~18~5 6 mm I1.3x0.7x0.2 inch

    INCATXFH High power transmltter for concealed use. Dimensions 53~23~7.5 mm I2.1x0.9x0.3 Inch

    INCA TXFH-L INCA Body TXFH High power board version transmitter for concealed use. Dimenslons: 49x20~6 mm I 1.9.1x0.8x0.2 inch

    Body worn high power transmltter with AAA batteries. Dimensions 75x53~12 mm I 2 9x2.0x0.5 inch

    INCA TXFH-RC 4 channels, remote controlled h~gh power transmitter. Dimensions 53~23~7.5 mm 12 1x0 9x0 3 inch

    .channels, r-. -.e controlled body worn hrgh 4 channels, remote controlled b* worn high power power transmitter with AAA batteries transmitter with AAA batteries and buikin stereo Dimensions: 75x53~12 mm 12.9~2 0x0.5 inch wild state recorder.

    Dimensone 95.5~515~12 mm I 3.8x2.1x0.5 ~nch

    Miniature Programming Device

    INCA TXFH Bubble Gum I INCA TXFH-RC Bubble Gum Compact hlgh power transmitter with rechargeable 4 channels remote controlled compact hlgh power battery transmitter wlth rechargeable battery. Dimensions 79~36~16.5 mm 1 3 11x1 42x0 65 inch D~mensions: 79~36~16.5 mm 1311x1.42x0 65 inch

    INCA COM TRIBAND Programming device for changingvarious transmltter settrngs in the I W C A TXFH family, the INCA TXF-RC farnlly and the MCATXFM. Also for changingthe remote control code In the IWCA GM Keyfob. Dlmensions 54x55~16 mm I 2.lx2.2xO.6 inch

  • Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance Product Short Form Electronic Surveillance Equipment

    Remote Control Systems

    X-IDER 4096 1 X-IDER 4096 Hi Power INCA GM Key Fob Long range wlreless remote control systems Short range remote c~n t r0 l forthe INCATXF-RC for multi-purpose remote control o f INCA and TXFH-RC transmrtterfam~ly Has a bu~lt-rn transm~tters off~cer safety panic alarm D~menslons 112x62~33 mm 144x2 4x1 3 Inch D~mens~ons 54x42~135 mm 12 1x1.6x0.5 Inch

    X-IDER 4096 RCM & INCA RCM Remote control module for contrdl~ng MMM, AC and DC relays andfor sw~tchlngpower on and off t o T X N orTXFtransm~tten by means of theX-IDER 4096 1 X-IDER 4096 High Power D~mensrons 38x14~8 mm I l Sx 0 5x0 3 lnch

    Audio Recorders Small size, h i g h performance digi tal s tereo recorders w i t h s torage capac i ty from 3 hou rs rn h ighest aud io qua l i ty to 48 hou rs i n l o w e s t audro quality. Available i n two I rne r T h e Standard Beowu l f a n d the Beowu l f CoE (Chain of Evidence). The Standard Beowu l f gives full freedom to download ing, ver i fy ing a n d burn~ng the recordings on CD, whereas t h e CoE uses a s t r ic t se t of rules forthe same


    The B~L,.,,, M~nrature ~ s a 1 GB sol~d state recorder with an Internal Llthlum battery. rechargeable through the USB port Also ava~lable w ~ t h external mlcrophones Dimens~ons 10x51 1x18 7 mm 10 4x2 Ox0 7 Inch

    Beowulf I1 The Beowulf I1 is a 16 GB solid state audlo recorder Comes wlth 3 different sized rechargeable batteries and IS surtable for custom~zed concealments

    Beowulf Standard I CO Standa ' The Beowulf StoLluard has in add~tion to the I The Beowulf Standard Lemo has the same Internal rechargeable Llth~um battery, an extra features as the Beowulf Standard and rn add~tlon. AAA cell for up t o 20 hours battery life tlme Also a programmable Input for external rnlcrophones avdllable wlth external m~crophones or lhne in level recordrng D~mens~ons 12x51 4x30 mm 10 5x2 0x1 2 rnch Drmenstons 12x541x411 mm 10 5x2 1x1 6 inch

    Beowulf I1 Board The Beowulf I1 Board IS a 16 GB solid state audlo recorder. Comes w ~ t h 3 different s~zed rechargeable batter~es and IS su~table for custom~zed concealments D~menslons 45 ~ 1 4 x 4 8 mm I 1 8x5 5x0.2 ~nch

    Beowulf Standard Lemo I CoE Standard Lemo

    Beowulf 11 Bubble Gum The Beowulf I1 Bubble Gum IS a compact, easy deployable "drop and walk" record~ng devlce w ~ t h an ~nternal, rechargeable battery Dlmenslons 50 4x17x8.4 mm I 1 99x0 67x0 33 inch

  • Video Recorders Freja is ideal for covert video and audio surveillance operations. The low power digital mini cameras secure high resolution video and audio recordings of the highest quality. Freja is capable of recordingvideo feeds from either one ortwo cameras (digital or analogue) or a combination of one digital and one analogue camera.

    Freja Small and lightweight digltal recorder with 2 X AAA Internal batteries and 32 GB memory. S~ngie button operauon for bas~c functtons Add~t~onal I advanced funct~onallty, such as triggers, are prov~ded by use of the Multi-Cable or the freiaEuUw3mhCwrera Advanced Multl-Cable. Avallable as HD colour, Low L~ght Colour

    Dtmensions: 54x54~15 mm I 2 1x2.1x0.6 inch and Low L~ght Black & White.

    IReja Mini Mln~ature venlon of extstlng Freja recorder Comes without the Internal battery compartment and needs external supply from e g a Freja Battery K* or a M~cro Malns Module Dimens~ons. 54x32~15 mm I 2 1~1.3~0 6 inch

    m m - Available as Low Ught Colour and Low Llght Black & Wh~te

    GejaMiamaa Available as HD colour, Low Light Colour and Low Light Black & Wh~te

    Avallable as Low L~ght Colour and Low Light Black & Whtte

    Freja ultra Low Light Camera Kit Consists of 1 Ultra Low Light Camera with the following interchangeable lenses in both Colour and Black & White:

  • Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance Product Short Form Electron~c Surveillance Equipment

    Video Transmission System


    The Omega II System a a video transmission sysem capable of tranwnlttinga digital audm and analogue video signal fmrn a target location to a listening post In a free FM or encryptedlscrambled transmission.

    The receiver can handle up to 100 transmitters and each transmitter is identified by its own serial number.

    Aseledablefeaturenthe bulk-~n IP Serverwhich allows the system to be connected to a W\I network orthe intemet From a remote location on the same networkor the ~nternet lt is then pombleto mewe a l i m m the seleded receiver and atthe sarnetlme to have full control of the system indudingthe transmitters.

    AUDIO CAM +1ZV Y '


    Omega High Power Transmitt~

  • Wireless Digital Stereo Audio Surveillance Systems The Thor Digital Surveillance System is a full-featured, easy to use, portable digital audio listening and recording system for use by law enforcement and intelligence. Digital audio signal encryption, built-in recorder, antenna diversity, autoscan function that scans for transmitters in range, various repeater options, remote control and small size transmitters are just some of the features that make the Thor system an outstanding solution in a multitude of surveillance operations.

    Thor Receiver

    Thor Mini Receiver Slmpl~f~ed, pocket-s~zed verslon of the exlstlng Thor RX 100% compat~ble wtth all Thor transmitters and the Intercom Recelver only D~mens~ons 65x112~22 mm I 2 56x441~0 87 Inch

    Rece~ver wtth bu~lt-~n recorder and remote control functions. Advanced optlons for flex~ble and sophlsttcated system conf~gurat~on Dimensions 98x174~28 mm 13 9x6 8x1.1 Inch

  • Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance Product Short Form Electronic Surveillance Equipmen