Brittney White Chipotle Social Media Strategy

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Transcript of Brittney White Chipotle Social Media Strategy

PowerPoint Presentation

Chipotle Social MediaBrittney WhiteSeptember 28, 2016

Table of ContentsExecutive SummarySocial Media Audit Social Media ObjectivesOnline Brand Persona and VoiceStrategies and ToolsTiming and Key DatesSocial Media Roles and ResponsibilitiesSocial Media PolicyCritical Response PlanMeasurement and Reporting Results

Executive SummaryOur main priorities for this year will be to increase our followers among all platforms and to increase postings by 3 more/week. The primary focus will to be more engaging with our customers online, post more interactive/creative content and to reach out to new customers by following them. Two major social media strategies will support theses focuses: 1. A social media calendar that incorporates platform, type of post, visuals, who is posting, captions, dates and times of scheduled post. 2. Encouraging outreach of communicate with customers and interactive posts that include competitions, promotions and free giveaways.


Social Media Audit Social NetworkURLFollower CountAverage Weekly ActivityAverage Engagement RateTwitter Followers20 posts per week3%Facebook,012,514 Likes4 posts per week1.50%Instagram Followers8 posts per week1%YouTube,833 Suscribers1 post per week0%

Although Facebook seems to have the highest number of people interacting, they do not post as much as they should. I looked at the span of one week to gather my data and noticed that Twitter is the most prominent outlet at the present time.

Social Media Assessment

Social Media Audit ContinuedSourceVolume% of Overall TrafficConversion RateTwitter15000 unique visits 20%2.50%Facebook50,000 unique visits11%3%InstagramNo DataNo DataYouTubeNo DataNo Data

Twitter is the leading platform for Chipotle followed by Facebook. Although Instagram does not have any data, they still draw a lot of attention to the brand and should continue posting. You Tube has a decent amount of followers but does not post enough or draw people to their profile as much. Website Traffic Sources Assessment

Social Media Audit ContinuedAge DistributionGender DistributionPrimary Social NetworkSecondary Social NetworkPrimary NeedSecondary Need18 to 2555% Male & 45% FemaleInstagramFacebookQuick and cheap, delicious Mexican foodChoosing the ingredients you want26 to 31InstagramFacebook32 to 45FacebookTwitter46 to 50FacebookTwitter50 and upFacebooknone

Males are slightly more likely to eat at Chipotle than women. Utilizing the sites that have the most following will encourage more people to take advantage of what Chipotle can offer them. Targeting both genders will increase the ability to reach more customers. Audience Demographics Assessment

Social Media Audit ContinuedCompetitor NameSocial Media ProfileStrengthsWeaknessesMoe's Mexican Grill appealing and colorfulJust food, no peopleTijuana Flats steady theme and lack of creativity.Qdoba and appealing Not posting enough and little interaction.

Competitors AssessmentBased on the information gathered, the two main profiles that seemed most appealing were Moe's and Qdoba. People like to be able and picture themselves in the images and with Tijuana Flats, that was no possible. Their account was very stagnant and not personalized enough. High quality pictures and unique ways to post content are things that customers are drawn towards. Areas of improvement for all competitions includes one on one communication with customers and posting more frequently.

Social Media GoalsOverall Business Goals: Increase awareness of brand among new people Increase followers on all social media platforms Become the top Mexican Restaurant Chain Increase website clicks by using social media

Social Media Objectives to Support Business GoalsIncrease usage of visual content among all platforms by 20% within 6 months a. Increase of funny/goofy/appealing pictures Increase followers among all platforms by 15K within 10 months Host a social media campaign/competition among its followers Increased interaction with followers on Twitter and Facebook using shoutouts and hash tags Expand YouTube presence by posting more interactive videos and incorporating different staff members and executives Build brand awareness by exposing the brand to new people through a 6 week long hash tag campaign #OneWayYourWay

KPIsQuantitative Number of followers on social media platforms Number of likes, shares, comments, name mentions Percent of traffic coming from social media

Qualitative What are the ages and genders of our publics Are customers coming to store alone or with groups of people/friends Are we reaching our customers in new and creative ways

Key MessagesFood With Integrity G-M-Over it Healthy, Fast, Cheap, Delicious Your Meal, Your Choice

Brand VoiceWE ARE:Helpful Engaging Outgoing Friendly Unique Cultivating the World ALWAYS BE:Alert Aware Clear Correct Pleasant Smiling Friendly Engaging

Strategies and ToolsPaid: Connect with another organization such as a local school to host an event where students get discounted products if they purchase food from Chipotle in a certain week. Feature each other on their own social networks.Boost creative/visual Facebook posts once a week Owned: Host a twitter chat using #OneWayYourWay or #YourMealYourChoice to get feedback from customers Create a monthly newsletter for all Chipotle employees to read and keep up with headquarters as well as what is happening in the company Earned: Host a social media campaign contest where customers post a photo with their meal and then tag Chipotle and then they will be entered into a raffle where the winner will win free mealsHad out fliers and coupons to local people in the area of the Chipotle location

Strategies and Tools Continued

Approved Buffer Hootsuite


Existing Subscriptions/Licenses: Canva Photoshop Vimeo Boomerang

Key Dates and TimingKey DatesNational Guacamole Day Cinco De Mayo Spring Break/SummerValentines Day Final/Midterm Week Labor Day Internal Events Free chip give away Free guacamole with Student ID shown Reporting Dates Free guacamole give away=during exam week Free soda event=1st or 2nd month of the semester to get sales growing and let freshman know our location Reporting will occur monthly for the next 6 months Lead Times 2 weeks to plan and implement both events= create images and social media calendar with posting to let the public know

Social Media PolicyAs an employee of Chipotle you must always be presenting the best part of yourself. You are representing this company with what you do and say which eventually relates back to the reputation of this organization. You must always keep these things in mind and make sure you are upholding them to the best of your ability. Chipotle's brand was built on honesty and respect and it will stay that way. Chipotle will not lower its standards, you must rise to meet them. Be polite to EVERYONEUse your mannersBe friendlyAlways smile Be happy at work Stay out of trouble at work and personal life Appropriate postings on all social media platforms Only talk about Chipotle in a positive manner Be helpful Think before you speak

Social Media Roles & ResponsibilitiesSocial Media Director: Mark Shambura Responsibilities: Has final approval of things; highest level of social media planning

Social Media Manager: Joe Stupp Responsibilities: Plans/oversees and manages campaigns; day to day planning

Social Media Coordinator: Rusty Partch Responsibilities: Publishes content; responds to mentions, comments, shares; interacts with customers online

Critical Response PlanPre-approved Messaging "On behalf of Chipotle, we deeply apologize for this incident. This is not what our policy strives for and we remain stern in our expectations(relate it to the situation)" Scenario One: Customer tweeted about their bad experience at a location because of a rude employeeAction StepsFind out out who the employee was and at what location the incident happened Apologize via Twitter on behalf of Chipotle Invite the customer to a direct message via Twitter and have them explain the situation to you and apologize again Contact Joe Stupp and let him and his team know about the occurrence Reassure them that this is not our policy and there will be consequences for the employee. Offer them a free meal next time they go to Chipotle Have the employee personally apologize to the customer


Critical Response Plan ContinuedScenario Two: Customer complained via social media about not feeling well after eating Chipotle and assumed it must be food poisoning Action Steps Screen shot tweet Send tweet to social media team Acknowledge and apologize to customer Reassure customer that we only use fresh ingredients, offer compensation Have an Exec member formally apologize to customer Pre-approved Messaging "On behalf of Chipotle, we deeply apologize for this incident. We always make sure to triple check our ingredients to ensure the most fresh food is being used."

Contact InformationOwnerNameTelephoneEmailMarketing DirectorRyan Murrin(319) [email protected] Media DirectorMark Shambura(319) [email protected] Media ManagerJoe Stupp(319) [email protected] Media CoordinatorRusty Partch(319) [email protected] AgencyFleishmanHillard(561) [email protected]

Measurement and Reporting ResultsQuantitative KPIs Reporting Period: 1 month S