British V8 Newsletter (aka MG V8 Newsletter) - Watkins Glen in the rain. The Cornett Trophy was...

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Transcript of British V8 Newsletter (aka MG V8 Newsletter) - Watkins Glen in the rain. The Cornett Trophy was...

  • MGA headlamp and vintage leather bonnet strap (owner: Jonathan Lamson)

    The British V8 Newsletter - Current Issue - Table of Contents

    British V8 Newsletter October - December 2007 (Volume 15, Issue 3) 306 pages, 706 photos

    Main Editorial Section (including this table of contents) 65 pages, 156 photos

    In the Driver's Seat by Curtis Jacobson

    Canadian Corner by Martyn Harvey

    Machine Shop 101: An Introduction to the Basic Processes by Greg Myer

    Take a Guided Tour of the "Awesome Engines" Machine Shop by Greg Myer

    Classic Conversions' New MGB 4-link Rear Suspension by Curtis Jacobson

    Install Sebring Style (Fiberglass) MGB Fender Flares by Simon Austin

    MGB Roadmaster - the Story of "Project BADASS" by Jim Blackwood

    Visit the MG Owners Club Facilities in Cambridge England by Rob Ficalora

    Rob Ficalora's MGB V8 Project - Progress Report by Rob Ficalora

    Like a Phoenix - the Story of Steven Ward's MGB V8 Project by Steven Ward

    Enter the Second Annual British V8 Photo Contest by Curtis Jacobson

    Please Support Our Sponsors! by Curtis Jacobson

    Special Reference Section: The History of MG's "MGB GT V8" Model, part 1 78 pages, 138 photos

    Press Release: MGB GT V8 - Preface (British Leyland)

    Press Release: MGB GT V8 - Description (British Leyland)

    Press Release: MGB GT V8 - Development (British Leyland)

    Press Release: MGB GT V8 - Background (British Leyland)

    Press Release: MGB GT V8 - Technical Specifications (British Leyland)

    Magazine Ad: "This Will Ruin Your Day" (British Leyland)

    The Thames Valley Police MGB GT V8s by David Willcox

    MG B GT V8 (Police Review magazine)

    Auto Test: MGB GT V8 (Autocar weekly magazine)

    Road Test: MGB GT V8 (Motor weekly magazine)

    New Targets for the Old Firm (Motor weekly magazine)

    M.G.-B GT V8 Road Test (Motor Sport magazine)

    MGB V8 Goes Like A Shot From A Gun (Midweek Observer)

    Whatever Happened to the MGB V8? (Old Motor magazine)

    Photo Reference: Nigel Ricardo's 1975 MGB GT V8

    Photo Reference: Kevin Richards' 1974 MGB GT V8

    Photo Reference: Dave Wellings' 1974 MGB GT V8

    Special Reference Section: Rover's Aluminum V8 Engine, and Cars They Put It In 41 pages, 84 photos

    History of Rover's Aluminum V8 (Autocar weekly magazine)

    Press Release: The Leyland Eight GE (Leyland Motor Corp. N.A.)

    Press Release: Rover 3500S Sedan (and lightweight V8) (Leyland Motor Corp. N.A.)

    Press Release: Rover 3500S - Specs and Pricing (Leyland Motor Corp. N.A.)

    Rover P6 Design Innovations by Bill Wardlow

    Photo Reference: Lance LaCerte's 1970 Rover 3500S

  • "How It Was Done" Articles: 122 pages, 328 photos

    #165 LeRoy Barton (Lakewood CO, 72 MG MGB, Ford SHO V6 EFI, Mazda M5OD 5-speed)

    #166 Earl Brotherton (Asheville NC, 77 MG MGB, Chevy 4.3 V6, T56 6-speed)

    #167 John Butruce (San Jose CA, 72 Triumph TR6, Ford 302, C4 auto)

    #168 Chris Falla (Poole Dorset UK, 68 MG MGB, Ford 2.0 I4 turbo, T5 5-speed)

    #169 Jay Fowler (Amery WI, 73 Jenson-Healey, Buick 215, T5 5-speed)

    #170 David Graham (Sherrills Ford NC, 72 Triumph Stag, Ford 5.0 EFI, T5 5-speed)

    #171 Art Hart (Ottsville PA, 63 Triumph TR4, Ford 302, T5 5-speed)

    #172 Gregg Haskell (Montrose CO, 77 MG MGB, Buick 215, T5 5-speed)

    #173 Lorenz Hassenstein (Ridgefield CT, 68 MG MGB/GT, Rover 5.0, T5 5-speed)

    #174 Jerry Johnson (Port Townsend WA, 55 Healey 100-4, Chevy 350, T10 4-speed)

    #175 Glenn Merrell (Lafayette CO, 73 Triumph Stag, Rover 3.5 EFI, LT77 5-speed)

    #176 Richard Moor (Angola IN, 69 Fiberfab Avenger, Buick 3.8 V6 turbo, VW 4-speed)

    #177 Ed Olson (St.Paul MN, 69 Triumph TR6, Pontiac 487, T400 auto)

    #178 David Park (Centerburg OH, 60 Alpine, Ford 410, T10 4-speed)

    #179 Jack Pease (Champaign IL, 80 MGB 302, Tremec 5-speed)

    #180 Fred Schade Jr. (Buffalo NY, 55 Healey 100-4, Chevy 305, T10 4-speed)

    #181 George Snively (Sacramento CA, 65 MG MGB, Ford 289, Toploader 4-speed)

    #182 Rick Vandenberg (Arvada CO, 72 Triumph TR6, Chevy 350, 700R4 auto)

    #183 Steve Ward (Dallas TX, 80 MG MGB, Chevy LT1 5.7L V8 EFI, 4L60-E auto)

    #184 Don Watson (Wheeling WV, 74 Triumph TR6, Ford 5.0, Ford AOD auto)

    #185 David Winne (Liverpool NY, 79 MG MGB, Rover 3.5, GM 700R4 auto)

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  • the editor's car

    In The Driver's Seat (Volume XV Issue 3, December 2007)

    by: Curtis Jacobson

    Welcome Readers!

    If this is your first introduction to The British V8 Newsletter, you're in for a treat! You've found the one and only magazine that's all about serious performance modifications for classic British sports cars. We also feature the British sports cars that originally came with V8 engines. Our mission is to provide a very diverse range of quality content: entertaining, educational, technical, and inspirational articles and photographs. Something for nearly every car enthusiast!

    Our niche of the British car hobby isn't the largest, but it's the most vibrant and the fastest growing. The popularity of radical performance modifications is both out-pacing and complementing traditional restoration work. The term "restomod" captures the point: many of today's enthusiasts want to combine classic styling with modern performance, and they demand modern reliability. We're seeing bigger-budget projects and we're seeing lots more of them. If you're skeptical of these trends, consider this website itself. We reliably serve over 2000 visitors every day! That's up about 300 percent from last year. On October 22, we quietly launched a new online message board. By the time you read this, it'll have passed the 1000-messages-posted milestone.

    So What's New In This Issue?

    Special Historical Section on the "Factory" MGB GT V8

    Last summer I was looking over back-issues and something really struck me: somehow we'd managed to go fifteen years without ever including an article on the "factory" MGB GT V8 model. How did that happen? What can we do to correct it? Sometimes things fall into place like magic. The very next day, I was talking on the telephone with my friend Kelvin Dodd of Moss Motors, and someone walked into his office. "Oh, here's someone you need to meet."

    Talk about an informal introduction, eh? Kelvin handed the phone to Ken Smith. At the time, I didn't realize who I was talking to, but I've since learned that Ken Smith is a veteran MG journalist, a passionate MG enthusiast, a dedicated historian, and a very generous man. If you've read any MG-specific magazine, you've probably seen his work. He's contributed to "Safety Fast", "MG Enthusiast", and "Abingdon Classics". He was the founding editor of "MGB Driver", he's the Editor of "Classic MG", and he's the Executive Editor of Moss's "British Motoring". He also authored the outstanding book: "Aspects of Abingdon".

    Ken has been enamored with MGB GT V8's for years. Over that time, he's collected a treasure trove of articles, photos, remembrances, and correspondence about these special cars - all for a book project that never quite came together. In this issue of The Newsletter we're publishing "Part One" of Ken's collection! We'll have another big installment in our Spring issue, and perhaps one next Autumn. I haven't gotten anywhere near the bottom of the box yet!

    This special section also includes three "Photo Reference" articles on factory cars. I'm very grateful to their respective owners for sharing detailed photos and information. (Readers, we're on the look-out for more - send us leads!)

    Special Section on the Rover V8 (and cars Rover put it in)

    As I researched the MGB GT V8, I became interested in knowing more about the Rover connection. This section is the result so far. I'm particularly indebted to Bill Wardlow of The Motorway Ltd. (a full service shop in Fort Collins CO), who gave me a detailed

  • personal tour of a Rover P6 ("3500S"). I know you'll appreciate his insights too. David Gable contributed the original Rover press materials for this section.

    To fully understand the genesis of the MGB GT V8 - in England and at BLMC - one also needs to know about the role of Ken Costello. It's not in this issue, but don't worry! We're planning a section specifically on Ken and his "Costello V8" cars for our Spring edition. (Readers: please send me anything you can share on these subjects!)

    How-It-Was-Done Articles

    It just wouldn't be a "British V8 Newsletter" without our extremely popul