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BFOS raises funds for Ohel Sarah, an organisation supporting 400 children and adults with special needs in Israel. Services offered include education, training/employment and residential care.

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  • Ohel SarahAnnual Report and Accounts

    CELEBRATING OUR ACHIEVEMENTSOhel Sarahs handmade products on display at an exhibit


  • 01 Ohel Sarah

    BELIEVING IN MY SUCCESSThe friendship hour


    Annual Report 2011-12

    Skills that help gain independence

    Ruthi, Ora and Nava have been with Ohel Sarah since 1986. They are now in their 20s and have come full circle and are employed as Assistant Teachers in a local nursery. The care and nurturing at Ohel Sarah has paid its dividends. Living in one of our Residential Units, they lead an independent and useful life, with a monthly salary and social interaction.

    The students/teachers have mastered the importance of grooming, presentation, responsibility and empathising with their pupils, to help them attain their maximum potential.


  • 03 Ohel Sarah

    ADVANCING TOWARDS A LIFE OF INDEPENDENCEKeeping the same schedule and routine

  • Annual Report 2011-12

    Skills that help gain independence

    Up to the age of 21, students live at home, therefore our programme of Harmonious Home Life is introduced from an early age at all Ohel Sarahs classes. Holding a cup, eating a sandwich, closing a button/zip, wiping their nose and basic hygiene are pivotal to their daily growth. As our students advance, we introduce home skills that encourages our students to be part of family life and become responsible for their chores. This builds their condence and fosters praise and harmony amongst siblings.

    Eden struggles with ADHD in addition to a mild cognitive disability. Ohel Sarahs professional team identied that his restlessness can be addressed in the Art Room, where under Baruchs tutelage he prides in his creative talents, that are then marketed.



  • 05 Ohel Sarah

    CHERISHING YOUTH IS THE HEART OF NATURETurning hyperactivity into productivity

  • Annual Report 2011-12Annual Report 2011-12

    Skills that help gain independenceSAM AT EASE WITH HIS WORK SAUL IN GOOD CARE

    Ohel Sarah deals with mild, moderate and severe disabilities. Some of our students are enrolled in our rehabilitation programme, where the staff have identied approaches in managing their outbursts and controlling their rage. Gardening, farming and individual programmes all support outlets for reducing anger, violence and frustration. Sam feeds and tends to the chicken and goats. Rammy enjoys

    the therapeutic greenhouse, where being outside surrounded by blooming plants and colorful owers has helped him overcome his depression and return to his happy, old self. Through Sauls one to one therapy he learns to catch and throw. As our students interact and communicate through different therapies, their anger and frustrations steadily diminish.


  • 07 Ohel Sarah07 Ohel Sarah

    A MESSAGE FROM OUR DIRECTOR MALKA WEINBERG:The quest for independence is a basic emotion shared by all human beings. Every person possesses the desire to achieve goals independently. One of the aspects of free choice is the ability to reach accomplishments in an independent fashion.

    For a person suffering from disabilities, especially cognitive disabilities, being independent is not a simple task. Reaching a maximum level of independence is an integral part of Ohel Sarahs program, developed by our professional staff, enabling our students to acquire necessary life skills and social abilities.

    Independent choice of actions is not only a vital pre-requisite for increased quality of life, but also allows the students to choose how to carry out those actions without constantly having to rely on their environment. This is a part of boosting the sense of dignity and self-worth which every person is entitled to experience.

    True independence does not only mean carrying out tasks without external help, such as eating by oneself, getting dressed and tending to ones personal needs, but also has a deeper, more profound meaning beyond the simple one. It manifests itself when a student has the ability to make choices for himself as to which color shirt he wants to wear and what he wants to have for lunch.

    This year, like all previous years, many efforts and resources have been invested in advancing independence. Our staff of highly competent professionals creates personalized learning programs for every student in order to help them grow and reach their individual targets successfully. This allows them to reach the ultimate aim: attaining the highest possible level of independence.

    Ohel Sarah stands united with you, our friends and supporters, to help our students overcome these obstacles and become contributing members of our Community. We invite you to visit Ohel Sarah and see rst hand the signicance of your involvement.

    Best wishes and thank you

    Mrs Malka Weinberg

    P.S. A full set of Audited Accounts can be obtained from our ofces in England and Israel.

    Mrs Malka Weinberg

    P.S. A full set of Audited Accounts can be obtained from our ofces in England and Israel.


    Year Ended December 31,

    2011 2010


    Operating income:

    Donations and deposits 4,208,786 532,977

    Donations and transfers in foreign currency 685,550 2,284,762

    Grants and support:

    Ministry of Labor and Welfare 11,411,065 10,153,242

    Ministry of Education 12,028,671 11,621,729

    Municipal and other organizations 1,842,621 1,997,207

    Participation in costs 276,377 298,337

    Sale of goods 167,983 147,537

    30,621,053 27,035,791

    Operating expenses (note 8):

    Employee salaries and benets 17,334,925 16,672,179

    Training, subsidies, activities and miscellaneous 2,196,093 2,012,935

    Materials 135,609 219,479

    Food and catering 1,571,915 1,434,089

    Rent and maintenance - institutions and hostels 2,368,115 2,261,403

    Transportation care recipients 436,195 400,910

    24,042,852 23,000,995

    Net operating income 6,578,201 4,034,796

    Management and general expenses:

    Employee salaries and benets 1,451,919 1,283,893

    Printing, copying and ofce 158,760 119,423

    Local and foreign travel, miscellaneous 72,953 53,917

    Postage and telephone 162,279 189,140

    Advertising, gifts and professional development 295,980 307,348

    Accounting, audit and consultants 296,319 293,626

    Automobile maintenance 74,067 67,506

    Depreciation 535,426 490,642

    Account write-offs (1,188) -

    3,046,515 2,805,495

    3,531,686 1,229,301

    Other gains (losses) - severance pay funds (27,757) 56,917

    3,503,929 1,286,218

    Net nancing income (expense) 2,086 (218,981)

    Net income 3,506,015 1,067,237

    The notes to the nancial statements are an integral part hereof.

    December 31,

    2011 2010


    Current Assets:

    Cash and cash equivalents (note 3) 7,053,684 3,590,544

    Miscellaneous receivables (note 5) 1,851,828 1,659,147

    8,905,512 5,249,691

    Fixed Assets - net book value (note 4) 3,367,931 3,569,210

    Total Assets 12,273,443 8,818,901

    Current Liabilities:

    Bank overdraft - 26,310

    Post dated cheques 727,650 793,023

    Employees 1,157,488 1,008,119

    Miscellaneous payables (note 7) 929,967 1,298,489

    2,815,105 3,125,941

    Net Severance Pay Liabilities (note 6) 5,494,335 5,234,972

    Net Unrestricted Assets:

    Net assets used in operations 596,072 (3,111,222)

    Net assets invested in xed assets 3,367,931 3,569,210

    3,964,003 457,988

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets 12,273,443 8,818,901

    The notes to the nancial statements are an integral part hereof.


    Committee MemberReuven Deutsch


    Committee MemberAvraham Pollack

    Signature: Signature:

    Committee Member


    09 Ohel Sarah

  • Ohel Sarah at its Best!GOLDEN AGE GROUP




    4 5 6

    2 3

    1 Disabled People age much younger and their symptoms can sometimes be extreme. The Golden Age programme offers physical exercise, regular medical support, individualised work experience and excursions to local places of interest.

    2 Construction of the Beit Batsheva Center is now under way. This complex will support 150 students with training and employment opportunities. It is expected to be completed in 2014. Dedication opportunities are available on request.

    3 Purim is one of the highlights at Ohel Sarah with programmes of festivity celebrated at all our centres.

    4 Our students do not shy away at the challenge of choosing, shopping and befriending the local shop owners. With the skills taught, their condence grows daily.

    5 Therapies are individual at Ohel Sarah with each child being assigned tasks according to his ability. With pride they are able to accomplish and feel a sense of achievement.

    6 Rafael Chaim is a very special student, suffering from a very rare degenerative disease. He is only 9 years old but his body is in its 70s. Ohel Sarah supports Rafael Chaim continuously amongst some other very severe cases.

    Annual Report 2011-12 10

  • British Friends of Ohel SarahEuropean Ofce

    President: David Goldberg QC Chief Executive: Esther Sterngold

    15 Osbaldeston Road London N16 7DJ

    T: +44 (0)20 8 211 1029 F: +44 (0)20 8 800 2323E:

    Charity No: 1004992

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