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    ONE STOP SHOP FOR BRIQUETTING The two world leaders in briquetting, RUF & C.F. Nielsen, join forces

    LIGNA Preview, 05.02.2019 Press release: ONE STOP SHOP FOR BRIQUETTING Contact persons in terms of publications: Nico Nuscheler, [email protected], +49 8268 9090 18 Maria Thomsen, [email protected], +45 98337400


    At LIGNA 2019, RUF Briquetting Systems and C.F. Nielsen will jointly present their briquetting solutions as one company for the first time. Following the merger of the two world market leaders, customers will be able to see the versatile range of applications at the LIGNA trade fair. The team will be on hand to demonstrate their product range and discuss the many benefits offered by the comprehensive briquetting solutions. Visit them at LIGNA 2019, Hannover, (Hall 25 Booth J49) from 27th – 31st May 2019.

    The merger of the companies As the world market leader in hydraulic briquetting presses, RUF has successfully installed their systems in to more than 100 countries. A significant factor is that the family-owned business has an extensive range of briquetting solutions to cater for most organic and inorganic raw materials. The acquisition of C. F. Nielsen by RUF in 2018 is a significant step for both companies. It will ensure their combined continued growth, extensions to the product range, expansion into new markets and give greater benefits to customers and prospects.

    With the merger RUF is expanding its product range with various important technologies in this industry – the mechanical briquetting and the briquetting with Extruder, also known as Shimada technology. Roland Ruf, Director at RUF, explained about the complementary benefits “We are both family businesses with a very similar philosophy, culture and method of operating. We both attach great importance to being innovative through our

    Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG | Tel. +49 8268 9090 20 [email protected] C.F. Nielsen A/S | Tel. +45 98337400

    [email protected]

    The whole world of briquetting covered by RUF & C.F. Nielsen

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    satisfied employees and presenting ourselves as reliable partners on the market. With this in mind, we will collectively drive new advances for our customers and make use of synergy effects.”

    Mogens Slot Knudsen, Director at C.F. Nielsen, went on to explain the significant potential for growth through the interna- tional RUF sales network: “C.F. Nielsen has developed a range of new products and applications in the recent years, and with this the international market support provided by RUF will help to achieve significant growth by getting access to this markets.”

    The world of briquetting, under one roof – Benefits to the customer The merger enables the companies to provide the com- plete spectrum of briquetting technologies, hydraulic and mechanical, plus the newly acquired extrusion briquetting technology. In close cooperation of both companies and their international sales network, the client’s requirements can now be met regardless of de- pending raw material, necessary throughput volume, the production facilities and conditions etc.

    In order to provide the best possible briquetting solution, RUF and C.F. Nielsen are now able to offer the widest selection of briquetting systems available on the market. The experienced briquetting experts in both companies can give advice in order to check feasibilities, select products or to design a customized briquetting solution. Their combined experience of more than 100 years and 5,500 briquetting machines sold worldwide underlines their significant experience in this sector.

    The innovation capability of RUF and C.F. Nielsen will be increased through their joint knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver innovation, concepts and technologies. Either, to sell briquettes on the consumer market or to use them for industrial heating, the companies can supply suitable solutions for consumer- or industrial briquetting. The consumer market offers various marketing opportunities. The rec- tangular “RUF Briquettes” are, as well as the C.F. Nielsen’s machines producing round briquettes, the leading products on the consumer market.

    With throughput capacities of 30 to 3.500 kg/h, RUF & C.F. Nielsen are able to offer the right machinery for a complete range of applications, including wood, agricultural and other biomass raw material. Facilities in both companies enable a test pressing based on sample material to check feasibilities or the briquette quality.

    From left to right: Roland Ruf and Wolfgang Ruf, co-owners and managing directors of RUF Briquetting Systems, signed the acquisition agreement along with Mogens S. Knudsen und Hen- ning M. Larsen, the previous owners of C.F. Nielsen (taking effect on july 1th 2018). All of them are happy about the fact that two companies, which share the same philosophy and values, are under one roof now.

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    Hydraulic Briquetting Technology The Briquetting Technologies

    The hydraulic briquetting technology embodies the foundation of RUF’s product portfolio.

    Mr. Hans Ruf, founder of the company, invented the “mould changing system”, based on hydraulic press technology. With this, briquettes are produced in a rec- tangular shape. This innovative edge in technology gave the company a decisive advantage and ensured in the following time their leading position in the briquetting sector. Through close cooperation with their customers, RUF went on to develop broad knowledge in the construc- tion and production of individual, customized briquet- ting solutions. RUF specialized in the design and manufac- ture of briquetting systems for wood, bio- mass, metal and numerous other materials.

    RUFs wood or biomass presses achieve an output of 30 to 1.050 kg/h. Along with wood in the form of sawdust, wood shavings and woodchips (up to 30 x 30 mm), other materials such as cotton, paper, miscanthus, tobacco and numerous other materials can also be briquetted. The basic wood press series, RUF LIGNUM, with an optimized standard design, enables throughput rates up to 1.050 kg/h depending on the material. All RUF LIGNUM models guarantee energy efficiency thanks to their innovative RUF hydraulic system.

    Briquette sizes: LIGNUM series: 150x60, 240x70 mm RUF 100 - RUF 1100+: 150x60, 150x70, 150x75, 240x70, 240x80 mm

    Capacity: LIGNUM series: 410-1.050 kg/h RUF 100 - RUF 1100+: 130-1.050 kg/h

    Other briquetting press models for different applications are also available. The RUF Briklet press for wood and biomass, presented on the LIGNA 2017, produces small size briquettes (”Briklets”) with a diameter of 30mm and reaches a throughput rate up to 300 kg/h. This makes the conveying of briquettes into heating plants with an automatic feed possible. For small throughput rates, the SZ1 + provides an entry level model for compres- sing wood and suitable for very small capacities 30 – 60 kg/hour.

    Benefits from the Hydraulic Briquetting Technology RUF is known as the world market leader in manufacturing hydraulic briquetting presses, which produce high quality wood briquettes in rectangular shape. These briquettes provide customers with a great marketing opportunity as they stand for premium quality and excellent burning characteristics. The hydraulic briquetter is a compact system, which is especially beneficial if space is a consideration. RUF briquetting machines can be quickly and easily incorporated directly into the existing production lines. The wood and biomass series make a fully automated 24-hour operation possible, while processing the residual material at a definitive and constant- ly high level of quality and density. Thus, the RUF briquettes comply with the EN 14961-3, which specifies the quality of briquettes. Moreover, the same briquette machine can be used for different qualities of raw materials. Capacities start at 30 kg/h up to 1.050 kg/h.

    RUF LIGNUM R4, Capacity for wood: approx. 590 kg/h | ~ 690 Briquettes per hour

    RUF Briklet, Capacity for wood: approx. 300 kg/h | ~ approx. 16.000 Briklets per hour

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    The Briquetting Technologies Mechanical Briquetting Technology The mechanical presses are the cornerstone of C.F. Nielsen’s product range.

    A mechanical press is designed as an eccentric press. A continuously rotating eccentric shaft connected to a plun- ger, presses the raw material through a conic die. In me- chanical presses the counter pressure required can only be adjusted by installing a die with a different conicity or different length. C.F. Nielsen offers a wide range of dies for different applications.

    The range of mechanical briquetting presses includes 9 models from 200 kg per hour up to 3.500 kg per hour.

    The BP6510 is the most sold press and has an advanced design and is the top line in briquetting. The double fee- ding system guarantees high capacity, regardless of the density of the raw material. The press is equipped with an advanced control system that supports remote access via the Internet.

    Briquette size: Ø90, 100, 75x75 mm Capacity: 1100-2300kg/h

    Extruder Briquetting Technology: The new BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press can produce biomass briquettes with higher compaction, but it also has a high-energy consumption for the process com- pared to mechanical presses. After feeding, the material is conveyed to the briquette forming head by a revolving screw shaft driven by an electrical motor. The screw shaft is the main part of biomass briquette press. The distance becomes incre