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Transcript of Bringing Back 90s Grunge

  • Bringing Back90s GrungeCreated by Leslie Lessin

  • What is 90s grunge and how do youdress the style?

  • TheClothing

  • Go for adisheveled look

    - Grunge is all about being messy and conveying an "I don't carelook."

    - If your clothing matches very well or looks too put togetherthen you're doing it wrong.

  • Shop at a thrift store

    - Expensive, high-end clothing is the complete opposite of thegrunge style, which is all about cheap clothing in a carelessmanner. Great and cheap stores to check out are Goodwill,

    Salvation Army, and Crossroads.- When searching for clothing keep an eye out for items that

    are a bit big on you.- Stay away from brightly colored clothing. Stick to muted and

    dark colors.

  • Stock up on flannels

    - Flannels are one of the statement pieces of a grunge outfitand wardrobe.

    - For both guys and girls a great idea is to wear a flannel shirtover a t-shirt.

  • Ripped jeans

    - Even better than buyingripped jeans, you can make

    your own. Homemade rippedjeans look different from

    ripped jeans that you buy froma store.

    - As with flannel, ripped jeansare another staple in a grunge

    wardrobe. - Your ripped jeans should befaded, a little loose and acid-


  • Music t-shirts

    - Another staple of a grunge wardrobe is a band t-shirt frombands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Mudhoney.

    - Wear one of these t-shirts underneath a flannel.

  • Layers

    - Grunge is all about notcaring what you look like

    and just being comfortable.Wear a band t-shirt

    underneath a flannel undera jacket. Remember thatnone of these necessarily

    need to match to be grunge.

  • Shoes &Accessories

  • Boots and sneakers

    - Most boots and sneakers in the grunge style have laces.- Look for boots like Doc Martens.

  • High-tops

    - Other types of grungeshoes are beat up high-tops

    like Converse.

  • Ripped stockings

    - These are a must have in agrunge girl's wardrobe

    - While they wont keep youwarm because of the ripsthey are essential when

    wearing a dress.

  • Beanie

    - These aren't an essentialpiece but they are definitelysomething worth getting ifyou really want to get the

    full look.- As with all other pieces in

    a grunge wardrobe, only buydark colored beanies.

  • Jewelry

    - Less is more.- If you're going to wearany jewelry then get a

    leather bracelet or simplestud earrings that don't

    stand out too much.- Get a chocker- preferably

    a black one. It can evenhave a little charm on it if

    you'd like.

  • The grunge look isnt for everyone but it is definitelystarting to become extremely popular and mainstream.What was once something that was extremely looked

    down upon in the fashion world is now a staple look formany people. Make sure though that when you are

    dressing in the grunge style that you do it right!