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  • We have been doing this since 1956

    the names have changed, but the results have not.

    Source: 2016, U.S. Department of

    Education 10 year study of all US

    Colleges and Universities.

    of Towson

  • Academic Support Services

    Of Towson

    Introduction to the team:

    Peter Brooks Felicea Thomas Jacqueline Lofton

  • May I see your College Degree?

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    Earn a college degree in Criminal

    Justice which will allow you to have a

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    Protect, people, property, and

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    Brightwood College does not guarantee employment or careeradvancement. For information about graduations rates, mediandebt of students who completed our programs or otherimportant information visit

  • Towson Campus Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 7

    School Spells Success!Led by the hard work and desire of the students and those who want to make a better future for themselves, the President of the College announces that the school is successful. By just about every conceivable measure, our school is successful, said President Staropoli. The key, of course, is in getting students to attend classes. When measuring the factors that support his assessment, we include: accreditation scores, attendance, job placement, graduation rates, retention, grades and the recruitment of quality faculty. People have got to do what they say in order for us to continue our success, said Staropoli.

    Shawn Taylor, A

    Director on a


    Students, faculty and staff are getting it done.

    Taylor became a hero to the College when she stepped in for President Staropoli and conducted the Graduation on behalf of the Administration. In that role, she articulated the pride, honor and dignity that represent graduation from Brightwood College of Towson.

    Dr. Yousefi comes to

    College from

    ChryslerThe College is proud toWelcome Dr. Alex Yousefi to the IT Department. Dr. Yousefi joins the prestigious faculty which include Dean Schwarzkopf, James Huber, Anthony Richards, and Scott Carter. Weve got a good team indicated Dean Sheron Travers the students have to take advantage of their time and knowledge and get the most out of

    Positive impact on peoples Lives.

    Some people just makea place better the minutethey show up. That has been the experience for Shawn Taylor here at Brightwood College. Its really no secret she says in her signature southern accent, I just depend on the fact that at the end of the day people are going to make the right decisions says Taylor.

    their educational experience, said the Dean. Dr. Yousefi, who worked as a Head of IT for the Chrysler Corporation has already assisted the Admissions department in understanding the complex world of IT.

  • Towson Campus Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 4

    College Scores a 96 out of 100!After a 4 day internal audit in which twelve different aspects of the college were analyzed by evaluators, Brightwood College of Towson was given a score of 96 out of 100. The audit, which included the academic program, administration and student outcomes included both hard data and personal interviews. They also looked at everything from the library and homework to surveys about graduates by their employers and admissions/financial aid. Brightwood College of Towson earned straight As across the board. Typical expected results of students who come to class,

    do their work and have an attitude focused on success.

    Lofton selected to

    run Allied Health

    Program.Brightwood College of Towson is extremely pleased to announce the promotion of Jacqueline Lofton from Externship Coordinator to Program Director, Allied Health. Jackies experience, connections, ability to work with the students and superior organization skills made her the best candidate out there, said Dean Sheron Travers.

    Auditors conclude, College is Excellent.

    In everything we have asked her to do, she has done an excellent job we are fortunate to have had her on our staff. She was in the right place at the right time.

    CJ Program vs. CNT/CST

    in Gun Simulator Contest

    The students of the Criminal Justice Program have challenged the Computer students in a contest to see who is the best at the virtual reality gun simulator. We have done this before and we always win, said CNT major Amanda Marks. But CJ major John Halkias said there is no way we are going to let a bunch of propeller heads beat us at handguns.

  • Towson Campus Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 3

    Dean Travers holds it together.Dean Sheron Travers of Brightwood College in Towson is a master at triage. Triage is when confronted with multiple options, a person is able to prioritize and organize and solve problems in order from most important to least. This means that she is an excellent person for students to turn to when they are in trouble. I can work with students who tell me what is going on says Dean Travers and problems can be solved if there is just enough time. Students are encouraged to stay in touch with their faculty and Dean while attending Brightwood College of Towson.

    Dean Travers pictured with Instructor David Harvin and Admission Director Shawn Taylor at Graduation.

    Career Services is

    worth your time.Its all about getting a job isnt it? asks Career Services Coordinator Stacey Polk, I mean you put in all those hours, all that money, the sacrifice and stress, you want a job that leads to a career at the end dont you?Yes, because a Job means just over broke interjects Campus President Jeremiah Staropoli you want a career, and the only you are going to get that and live a better life is through education. I started out working on highways with tar in the sun all day, he continues and years later I saw my old boss and he was still struggling and the only difference between us is that I got my Ph.D., I got an education. If you want to put your education to work for you then visit Stacey Polk in Career Services today.

    No one more qualified in a crisis.

    I tell you what, said Campus Administrator Peter Brooks, there isnt anyone I would rather be around in a crisis more than Dean Sheron Travers. He continued I have seen her in many impossible situations and she always steps up her game and improves everyone around her so students can make it through.

    Stacey Polk (left) poses with one of the many Brightwood graduates who walked right into a job.

    This could be you.

  • Towson Campus Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 15

    Students Flocking to Johns Hopkins!

    The College is going to host a Christmas party featuring Santa Claus and lots of activities for kids on Saturday, December 3rd 2016. We wanted an opportunity to have another open house and celebrate with our students and families said Campus President Jeremiah Staropoli. The last event, the Fall Festival organized by Mrs. Downs was a huge success as over 100 people enjoyed food, fun and fellowship. Based on that event this one promises to be just as awesome.

    Major Employer sees Value in Brightwood Graduates.

    Marshall Ott

    He is checking his list and checking it twice.


    Party Dec. 3rd.

    The College lost an excellent Career Services Director when Stacy Polk went on maternity leave. During the interim, Career Services will be handled by Mr. Marshall Ott who is on loan to our campus from Brightwood Beltsville. Stacy is doing an outstanding job and I intend to keep the momentum she built going until she returns in January said Ott.

    Baltimores second largest employer, the Johns Hopkins University Medical System is increasing the rate by which they hire Brightwood College graduates. Usually it just takes one bad placement for an employer to reject all future applicants from that institution, said Campus President Jeremiah Staropoli, but with Johns Hopkins the opposite is true, our students are doing very good work after they graduate and so employers like Hopkins are pleased with the quality of our graduates.

  • Making more money is always good.

    Towson Campus Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 14

    Get a H.S. Diploma at Brightwood!

    Penn Foster is one of the largest accredited High Schools in the nation, last year they graduated 25,000 students nationwide, said Campus President Jeremiah Staropoli. The fact that you can come here 2 or 3 days a week and get your diploma in as little as 2 months is going to have a big impact on the lives of many young people who want to get ahead in life and earn more money he continued.

    College is hard. There is not only learning something new, but balancing school, family and work is not easy. With that in mind the administration at Brightwood College of Towson boiled down the three keys to success for students. 1. Show up2. Do the work3. Work together (cooperate)

    We feel if students can just do these three things they will be successful in school and in life.

    Convenient, fast, easy & cheap.

    Students Respond

    This could be you.

    3 Keys to success.

    Its a known fact that students with the H.S. Diploma earn $1,600 more per month than those with GED. With that in mind, Brightwood College is proud to partner with the Penn-Faster High School of Pennsylvania to offer the High School Diploma to those who complet