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Bridging the gap. Improving the Global Context Requirement. By Lisa Chong, Gaby Japley , Sarah Kussin , & Chase Mauro. International Awareness Global Context Improving Global Context Plan for the future. International Awareness. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bridging the gapImproving the Global Context RequirementBy Lisa Chong, Gaby Japley, Sarah Kussin, & Chase Mauro

International Awareness

Global Context

Improving Global Context

Plan for the futureInternational Awareness

The recognition of differences in cultures and expectations that are especially evident in business.Does the Global Context do this?

SarahGAPsGAP classes will contain specific international awareness classes, with a business aspectAlso gives students options to select classesDifferent packages focuses on different regions

GAP #1 China

INTL 240/250/260 or BA 361

CHN 152: Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture

PS 342: Politics of China

GAP #2 Russia

INTL 240/250/260 or BA 361

RUSS 240: Russian Culture

REES 410: Post Cold War Eastern Europe

GAP #3 Communications

INTL 240/250/260 or BA 361

PS 205: Introduction to International Relations

BA 365: Cross Cultural Negotiation

Built into programWhite box pictureTechnical PlanWe hope to make GAPs a permanent requirement for all LCB students by Fall 2020.Starting Fall 2015, GAPs will be introduced2015-2016 Any student who has not started the GC requirement should be encouraged to use GAPs and etc.Q & AConclusion