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Bridging the Gap was a firdt in a series of summits to bring awareness to the growing skills gap that is being encountered. Through panel discussion and a question and answer portion, like minds came togther in seeking solutions to address our evolving education model and what is being done to strengthen our businesses, as well as the workforce for our future.

Transcript of Bridging the Gap

  • 1. October 24, 2013 North Metro Campus Building D, Room 400 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

2. NETWORKING AND COFFEE Participants and attendees networked over coffee at the beginning of the Bridging the Gap Summit 3. AND IT CONTINUESThe inclement weather drill didnt stop everyone from networking and sharing their excitement about the dialogue that is about to take place 4. BEFORE THE DIALOGUE Before we began with the panel discussion, Richard Goble, Director of Business and Industry for the Economic Development Department at Chattahoochee Tech, gave us insight into where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. 5. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE!!! LETS TALK ABOUT ITPANELISTS: Rex Bishop Chattahoochee Technical College Vice President Economic Development Zane Pucylowski Phoenix Engineering President and Principal Engineer Elizabeth Scott Department of Labor Regional Coordinator, Region 3N Shane Evans Chattahoochee Technical College Associate Dean of Technical Studies and Engineering TechGeorgians in this area are facing a problem when it comes to jobs. Companies cannot find qualified workers. While the problem is not unique to Georgia or this region, it is a serious concern to industries that are already here and those thinking about opening new facilities. To address some of these issues, we invite you to have dialogue with us as we address our evolving education model and what is being done to strengthen our businesses, as well as the workforce for our future. 6. REX BISHOP Chattahoochee Technical College Economic Development Its all about collaboration, and one of the ways Rex Bishop suggested that we can continue to bridge the gap is by ensuring that we compliment the academics of the college, as well as providing custom training to the businesses and industries we serve. 7. ELIZABETH SCOTT The Department of Labor In addition to the mission of the Department of Labor being to work with public and private partners in building a workforce system that contributes to Georgia's economic prosperity, Elizabeth Scott shared her thoughts on providing opportunities for employers and job seekers/students to assist in fulfilling this mission. 8. ZANE PUCYLOWSKI Phoenix Engineering Some of the community and collaborative efforts that Zane Pucylowski sees effective and should be implemented to assist in creating opportunities for all include 1) internal and external continuing education, 2) internships, 3) apprenticeships and 4) creating opportunities with our children. 9. SHANE EVANS Chattahoochee Technical College Academic Affairs As the Associate Dean of Technical Studies and Engineering Tech, Shane Evans shared with us some of the growing trends in industry and how our courses lining up with them to better serve our students. 10. RAUSHANAH BUTLER Chattahoochee Technical College Economic Development As a former High School Business Education Instructor and Adjunct Instructor, Technical Programs Coordinator at Chattahoochee Technical College - Raushanah N. Butler also shared insight from the perspective of high school students being caught up in the shuffle of higher education and how one of the solutions is to implement action starting at that level. 11. DAVID STEWART Georgia Power Community Development Project ManagerWith passion, David Stewart called us to action to engage in continuous dialogue and seek solutions to bridge the gap on every level. 12. RECAP Collaboration Consistency Community CreativityWe must establish collaborations between all involved, be consistent with our intentions, always involve the community and seek creative solutions by not just thinking outside of the boxeliminating it! 13. ARE WE JUST INVOLVED OR ARE WE COMMITTED???The difference between involved and committed can best be explained using a bacon and egg breakfast as an example: The chicken is involved but the pig is committed. 14. BRIDGING THE GAP Custom Solutions for Success The response was so favorable that we have been asked to have another one. We look forwarding to bringing you our second Summit in this series - Bridging the Gap: Creating Solutions for Success in the Spring of 2014