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Transcript of Breakfast AM Snack Lunch PM Snack Dinner Snack AM Snack Lunch PM Snack Dinner Snack Carbs...

  • Breakfast AMSnack Lunch PMSnack Dinner Snack





    CarbsServing/grams CarbsServing/grams


    Breads ServingSizePasta ServingSize

    Alltypes cup

    Bagel(large) bagel Couscous(cooked) cup

    Barley(cooked) cupCereals ServingSize

    Bread 1slice

    Bulgar,Kasha(cooked) cup Branflakes,100%Bran cup

    ChapatiorRoti 1x6" Cookedcereals(oatmeal) cup

    Croutons cup CerealFlaked,unsweetened cup

    Crackers(sodatype) 7 Shreddedwheatbiscuit 1

    DinnerRoll 1small Shreddedwheatbitesize cup

    Englishmuffin Cornflakes cupHamburgerorhotdogbun Cheerios cup

    Kaiserroll StarchyVegetables ServingSize

    Naan x6

    Pitabread(6diameter) small Corn(cannedwholekernel) cup

    PizzaCrust 1slice(1/12) Corn-on-the-cob 1small

    Plaindinnerroll 1small Potato(cooked) medium

    Quinoa(cooked) cup Potato(mashed) cup

    Rice 1/3cup Potato(Frenchfries) 10regular

    Ricecakes 2 TacoShells 2(5inch)

    Tapioca(cooked) 3tbsp

    Tortilla(wrap),flour 1x6"


    N N N FOODS1 =15 OF

  • NanjiProfessionalCorporation

    FruitsandJuices OtherChoicesFruit ServingSize Juice ServingSize Sweets&TreatsServingSize

    Apple 1mediumApricot,grape,guava,mango,prune,cranberryjuice cup

    Arrowroot,gingersnapcookies 3

    Applesauce,unsweetened cup

    Apple,pear,pineapple,papaya,pomegranate,orangejuice cup Brownie 2inchsquare

    Banana medium ClamatoJuice 2/3cup Cake,unfrosted 2inchsquareBlackberries,strawberries 2cups Milk&Alternates ServingSize

    GranolaBar(28g) 1bar

    Blueberries,raspberries 1cup Hardcandy,mints 2

    Cherries 15 Milk 1cup IceCreamORFrozenYogurt cup

    Dates 2 Milk,buttermilk 1cup Jell-O cupDriedFruit(mixed) cup Milk,cannedorevaporated cup Jellybeans 5Grapefruit medium Milk,chocolate cup Licorice 1smallGrapes 15 Milk,powdered 4tbsp Marshmallows 2largeKiwi 2medium Milk,soy(plain) 1cup Muffin smallMango,diced medium Milk,soy(flavored) cup Popsicle Melon(cantaloupe,honeydew,watermelon)

    1cup Yogurt,regular(sweetened)ie.Activia,Greek

    cupPretzels 7large

    Orange,tangelo,tangerine 1medium Yogurt,plain 1cup SweetPickles 3small

    Orange,mandarin 2medium Yogurt,artificiallysweetened cup Condiments ServingSizePear 1mediumSugarBeverages ServingSizePeach 1medium Jam,jellies 1tbsp

    Pineapple cup Icedtea,sweetened cupSugar,white,brown,icing 3tsp

    Plums 2medium CranberryCocktail cup Sweetrelish 2tbsp Regularpop cup Syrup,maple 3tsp

    MyFoods ServingSize MyFoods ServingSize MyFoods ServingSize