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    BRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETY BOARDPast PresidentPresidentFirst Vice PresidentTreasurerAssistant TreasurerSecretaryWarden County of Brant


    Mr. John BonfieldMr. George BeaverMr. Ralph CookMrs. Angela FilesDr. Hank HedgesMr. John JohnsonMrs. Gloria NeamtuMr. Ken StrachanMs. Anne Westaway

    -Mr. Ed Pancoe-Mrs. Ruth Let ler-Mr. Robert Deboer-Mr. Dan Ciona-Mr. Jim Selmes-Mr. Brian Wood-Mr. Robert Chambers


    Councillor County of Brant -Mr. Steve Comisky(Chairman)

    Counci 11 orCounci 11 or


    Mr. Louis CampbellMr. Tom VerthMr. Robert Chambers

    Mrs. Margaret ChandlerMs. Ruth StedmanMr. Edwin Eason

    CURATOR: Ms. Susan Twist, BRANT COUNTY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES57 Charlotte St., Brantford, Ont. N3T 2W6

    PRESIDENT' S REFLECTIONWe are all lookingI orward to the springand summer seasons -renewal and rebirth.Thus far, 1994 hasbeen filled withactivities. Dr. H.Hedges showed slidesand spoke about mothsand butterf lies foundin our area. InFebruary, Mr. DerekPite imf ormed us aboutthe newly I ormedCanadian MilitaryHeritage Museum inBrantford. During theMarch Break, themuseum was turned intoa primeval I orestwhere local childrenlearned about the

    world of dinosaurs.The group also went tothe Royal OntarioMuseum for a day.

    A display ofCanadian wovencoverl ets andhorseblankets from theHarrison M. Scheakcollection was openedon February 20th. Thisexciting display ispresently set up inthe "Great Hall" andwill be on displayuntil May 15th. Pleasetry to come in and seethis colourful displayof early Canadiana.

    Irish HeritageNight was a resoundingsuccess ! There was

    delicious stew andgreat entertainment.The luck of the Irishwas with us.

    As you can see, theBrant HistoricalSociety of I ers anexciting variety ofprograms, information,and entertainment. Dojoin us and become apart of our history.

    T he B r an tHistorical Societywishes to thank theCorporate, Patron andIndividual members I ortheir support inassisting to preservelocal history.

    Ruth Let ler

  • BRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETYand MUSEU14 ACTIVITIES 1994(May, June, July, August)MAY 1994

    May lst - May 15thBRANT COUNTY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES57 Charlotte St., Brantford"Winter Warmth"Textiles I ron the Harrison M. Scheakcol 1 ection .Small admission charge.

    Wednesday May 18th, 8:00 pinBRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETY57 Charlotte St., BrantfordLaunching of the Brant HistoricalSociety's newest bookThe Grand River Navioation Company,written by Mr. Bruce E. HillThe book gives a detailed account ofthe development of the Grand Rivercanal system from Dunnville toBrantford during the 1850's.Free admission.

    Wednesday May 18th, 8:00 pin57 Charlotte St., BrantfordBRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETYMr. Bruce E. Hill will lecture onhis book The Grand River NavigationCompany .Free admission.

    Saturday May 28th, 8:00 am -4:00 pinBRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETY57 Charlotte St., BrantfordGIANT YARD SALE

    JUNE 1994

    Wednesday June 15th, 8:00 pinBRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETY57 Charlotte St., BrantfordBRANT HlsroRlcEL soclETyMONTHLY LECTUREMr. David Neill will speak on thehistory of the W. Ross MacdonaldSchool. Free admission.

    Sat. June 25th -Sat. Sept. 17thBRANT COUNTY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES57 Charlotte St., BrantfordExhibition "Canadian Comic Strips"featuring cartoonists Jimmy Prise,Walter Ball, Doug Wright, JamesSimpkins, and Lynn Johnston.Small admission charge.

    JULY 1994

    July lst - September 17thBRANT COUNTY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES '57 Charlotte St., BrantfordExhibition "Canadian Comic Strips"featuring cartoonists Jimmy Prise,Halter Ball, Doug Wright, JamesSimpkins, and Lynn Johnston.Small admission charge.

    monday July llth - Frida¥ July 15thMonday July l8th - Friday July 22ndBRANT COUNTY MUSEUII & ARCHIVES57 Charlotte St., BrantfordChildren's Museum Clubfull and half day prograrmes"Time Travellers"Pre-registration required.Fees vary.

    AUGUST 1994

    August lst - September 17thBRANT COUNTY 14USEUM & ARCHIVES57 Charlotte St., BrantfordExhibition "Canadian Comic Strips"I eaturing cartoonists Jimmy Prise,Walter Ball, Doug Wright, JamesSimpkins, and Lynn Johnston.Small admission charge.

    Mon. August 8th -Fri. August 12thMom. August 15th -Fri. August l9thBRANT cOuNTy AVsEui4 & rmcHlvEs57 Charlotte St., BrantfordChildren's Museum Clubfull and half day prograrmes"Canadian Comic Strips"Pre-registration is required.Fees vary.

    MUSEull SUMMER HOURS :Tuesday - Friday 9 am to 5 pinSaturday & Sunday - I to 4 pin

    ADMISSION FEES:Adults: $2.00Seniors/Students: Sl.50Children: $1.25Children Under Six Years: Free


    FR014 SMALL BEGINNINGS -The I ouriding of the BranL Historical Society a Museum

    by Ruth Let ler

    The Brant CountyMuseum was i ormed in1890. It began as asmall collectionhoused on the secondI loor in the oldlibrary in the HeydBlock on ColborneStreet. Mr. GeorgeBroomf ield, a localresident and amateurarchaeologist, becameinterested in theI ocal museum anddonated severalhundred pieces ofnative artif acts thathe had collected alongthe Banks of the GrandRiver ,

    In the earlyl900 's, the museummoved with the libraryto the lower I loor ofthe Carnegie Buildingand remained thereuntil 1952 when boththe library and themuseum needed morespace. Throughoutthese years, Mr.Broomf ield continuedto be involved withthe museum.
















    T h e B r a n tHistorical Society wasorganized on May 11,1908. A public meetingwas held at theConservatory of Musicon Nelson Street whichis presently the siteof the Hill & RobinsonFuneral Home. Themeeting was called byMiss Augusta GrantGilkison.I, The firstpresident' was JudgeHardy with vicepresidents Miss A.Gilkison: and Mr.Alfred J. Wilkes, K.C.

    The purpose ofthe society was toencourage researchinto Brant Countyhistory and to promotea spirit I orpreservation of localhistory and artifacts.This is still truetoday .

    The annua Imeeting was alwaysheld on March 13th asit was on this day in1830 that the town of

    Brantford was laid outin town lots bysurveyor LewisBurwel I.

    The anniversary4j±j[ is November 24thas Joseph Brant diedon this day in 1807.

    In 1951, theBrant HistoricalSociety purchased itspresent site at 57Charlotte Street I ronMrs. Iona Hutton. TheSociety and Museummerged under one roof .

    In 1964, tworooms were added onthe northeast side ofthe building and,again in 1967, thelarge meeting room wasadded .

    Even though theBrant HistoricalSociety is based inBrantford, it servesboth the city ofBrantf ord and theCounty of Brant. Thecollection at theMuseum encompasses thewhole area.

    ~ ----------------------------------------.-.----------------------...- _ _ ------ I-________ ___'

    BRANT HISTORICAL SOCIETYAPRIL MEETINGWednesday April 20, 8:00 pinArthur Binkley'.The Bixel Fal]riily Inside Looking Out"

    HLn Ld

    Special General Meetir± April 20, 8:00 plnlo consider a new Mission Statement I or the

    Branl County Huseurl and ZlrchivesL__ ---------------------..- __-___ ___ .--------------------------------------------------------------------------- _-__--

    Meetings at BRANT COUNTY MUSEUM & ARCHIVES, 57 Charlotte St. , Brantford,

  • The Rise of the Armenlarl ColTununityirl Brant County(Interview with Historical Society Melrnbers, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hagopian)

    To the north-east ofAsia Minor is an areaof land between theBlack and Caspian Seasand Mesopotamia(Iraq) , known ashistoric Armenia, acountry of plateausand mountains. Thesnow-capped Mt.Arrarat centered inthe heart of Armenianear Lake Van is saidto be the f inalresting place ofNoah's Ark after theGreat Flood. Legendstates that the I amedGarden of Eden islocated on thepicturesque Armenianplateau around Mt.Ararat. Did thecivilization ofmankind begin here?

    During the I ourthcentury, the Armenianswere among the I irstpeople to adoptChristianity as astate religion. TheArmeni an Gregorianform of EasternChristianity with thereligious rituals ofthe burning ofincense, the lightingof numerous candles,the chanting choralesin the mother tongueand the honouring ofthe sacraments ofbaptism, holycommunion, marriagevows, and death riteswere brought toAmerica and carriedout by these scatteredpeople in otherchurches until theycould purchase theirown edifices.

    One of theblackest pages inmodern history was the

    series of massacresand cruel atrocitiescarried out byinvaders, the Turks,the Kurds, (Persians).and the Russians onthe Armenian peopleI ron the year 1903until after the FirstWorld War.

    In 1896' it ises ti rna te d byhistorians that about200,000 Armenians weremassacred by the Turksand, in 1916, another800,000 were massacredby Turks; 200,000 fledto Russia I orprotection. Armeniawas partitionedbetween Turkey andPersia, and laterRussia. With eachmassacre and partitionit was necessary I orArmenians to f lee i rontheir bel ovedhome I and .

    On May 1918, anIndependent ArmeniaRepublic was declaredand recognized byGreat Britain, UnitedStates , Canada andmany other powers but,due to combined Turko-Soviet intervention,it survived only alittle over two years.From 1915 to 1922 morethan I.5 millionArmenians pe'rished asa result of theTurkish government'spolicy of genocide.

    Many Canadianhistorians state thatthe I irst Armeniansprobably arrived inCanada during the1880 's and theirnumbers increasedduring the nextdecade. They entered

    via the American portsof Philadelphia andNew York and Canadianports of Halifax,Quebec and Montreal.They pref erred traderather than I arminghence, they settled inthe towns and citiesof Central Canada ,especially Montreal,Toronto, Hamilton, St.Catharines, andBrantf ord rather thanthe Prairies. Aboutninety per cent of theArmenian population ofBrantford, Hamiltonand St. Catharinesemigrated I ron thedistrict of Keghi,county of Erzerum,situated in historicwestern Armenia.

    In Brantford, theArmenians worked atPratt and Letchworth,Malleable Iron Works,manufacturers ofmalleable castings fortrain wheels andimplement parts; thenumerous RailwayLines; the BuckF o u n d r i e s ,manuf acturers of HappyThought stoves; theCockshutt and VerityPlow Company and theMassey-Harris Company;and the WaterousEngine Works. Incommerce, they savedmoney to purchasecoffee houses, barbershops, boarding housesand grocery stores.

    Like many of theArmenian settl ementsin America, there weretwo political groupsamong them : theHnchags and theTashnags. The Hnchagsor The Armenian Social

    (INTERVIEW continues)

    Democrats , did noti avour an independentArmenia, and did nothonour the red, blue,and orange f lag offree Armenia. They hada community hall wherethey held programs toteach Russian arts,crafts, language andreligion to theirpeople. A library wasorganized so the oldergeneration could readbooks in their ownI anguage .

    The Tashnags orth e A rmen lanRevolutionaryFederation (A.R.F. )also. had a communityhall where programs inArmenian arts, crafts,culture and languageswere taught.

    The majority ofthe Armenians belongto the ArmenianNational ApostolicChurch; a I ew adheredto the ArmenianCatholic or Protestantchurches. In the earlyl900's Grace Anglicancongregation invitedthe Armenians toworship in theirbuilding. An Armenianpriest of Toronto,Ontario, periodicallyconducted services inthe mother tongue onSunday af ternoon.Af ter examining thechurch books , MissEleanor Chapin locatedArmenian baptismsrecorded as early as1910 at Grace AnglicanChurch, Brantford.

    Among theArmenian immigrantswho came to Canadawere loo orphan boysin the 1920's, who were

    :¥°mn::r±efn bfe I ±teh:Association of Canada.The orphans lived on afarm near Georgetown,Ontario. A year afterthe United Church ofCanada took over theorphanage in 1928, thefarm was closed downand "the GeorgetownBoys" were placedamong the Ontariofarmers , either asfoster children or ascontracted I armI abourers .

    When attemptswere made to Anglicizethe names of theGeorgetown boys ln1923, one boy said toanother, " yousee that boy sittingon the end of thisrow? He I.ost hisfather and mother, hishome and country -everything that isdear to a boy's heart.All he has left of hispast is his name.Please, sir youwouldn't take thataway from him, willyou?"

    We wish to thank Sidand Lucy Hagopian f ortheir devoted loyaltyto the Brant CountyMuseum & Archives andthe Brant HistoricalSot:iety. Their storieshalve been caiptured ontape f or thepreservaition of loc:alArmeniain histor.y.

    In conclusion,Sid stressed the f actthat Armenian parentsenc:ouraged theirchildren to seek agood education. Somesuc:cessful Armenian

    professionals of thissmall ethnic groupare: Bill Balian,teaicher ,. Dr. JohnBasmajian , medicalscientist, author ofI.O.U.,. MadelaineBazoian, teaicher; Dr.Matthew Bazoian,Haimi 1 t on Psycho 1 ogi s t ,.John Bazoian,accountant,. BerberiansSteak House, Toronto,.Barbara Hiosipain,teacher; Dr. ArchieManoian, Dentist ofSt. Caitharines,. RonaildMashoian, principal ,.Audrey Mooradian,nurse; Harry Seraibian,ac:countant,. LuciSerabian,,. Dr.Serganian of Montreal ,.Arnse Valien, teacher.

    Angela Files


    (Queries An4±of Local HisloLEZ)

    According to oraltradition , someof the scows usedby the GrandRiver NavigationCompany were sunkin Mohawk Lake.D o t h e i rskeletons Stillexist?

  • PUBLICATIONS LIST a GIFT SHOP ITEMSof The Branl Historical Society,

    Branl CoLinLy Huseurn & Archives57 Charlotte S|., Branlford, Ontario N3T 2W6


    I. Brant County: Place Names And List of Professionals andTrades From Lovell's Directory and Gazetteer (20 pages)Collator Angela Files, Computer Recorder Clifford Jones

    $ 5.95

    2. Assessment Rolls of Grand River Tract (Haldimand Township) $ 5.95Gore District, (now Brantford Township) 1816, 1818-24 (27 pages)Collator Angela Files, Computer Recorder Clifford Jones

    3. Census (Nominal) Grand River Tract (Haldimand Township)Gore District, (now Brantford Township) 1824, 1827, 1829Collator Angela Files


    Jean Waldie Vol. IJean Waldie Vol. 2

    Both VolumesSt. George Continuation

    SchoolRural Schools of South

    Dumf ries TownshipGlimpse of the PastView of an Indian ReserveHow Brantf ord CookedBrantf ord Pottery

    (Robert Deboer)Arts and Entertainment

    (Robert Deboer)From Automobiles to

    Washing Machines(iRobert Deboer)


    Great Little Inns ofSouthern ontario

    Brant County AtlasReal Old Woodstove

    CookbookRules of Etiquette of

    1800 ' sHealth Hints 1887-1924Great Grandma's Health

    Suggestions I ron thelate l800's

    S14 . 95S15 . 95$22 . 50$ 7.00

    $ 8.00

    $ 3.50S15 . 00$ 3.50$ 9.95

    $ 9.95

    $ 9.95

    $ 9.95

    $20 . 00$ 2.95

    $ 2.95

    $ 2.95$ 2.95

    Canadian Album Series -Nature Stories for ChildrenWi l df 1 owersInsectsLarge MammalsBirds

    $ 3.95$ 3.95$ 3.95$ 3.95


    Pelee Island Wine &Vineyards Inc.J.S. Hamilton


    Market Square (5's)(Stedman postcard)

    Mohawk Chapel (5's)(Stedman postcard)


    Mohawk ChapelW. Ross MacDonald SchoolBrantford Market Square,Bell HomesteadBrant County Court House,Grace Anglican Church

    (6 in pkg.)


    Mohawk Chapel(Stedman Postcard-1910)

    mpsCounty of Brant -

    TremalneCity of Brantf ord 1875Historical Map of Brant

    CountyDiscovers o£ Canada Map

    $ 5.95

    $20 . 00

    $ 2.95

    S I.95

    $ 5.00


    $ 2.50

    $ 5.00$ 5.00

    $ 5.00

    The Brant Historical Society is pleased to announce the launching of=The Grand River Navigation Company

    by author Hr. Bruce ELerson Hill, on Wednesday, MAY 18,1994,8:00 P.M. at the Brant County Museum & Archives, 57 Charlotte St., Brantford

    The Grand River NavigationCompany developed a waterway fromDunnville to Brantford passingthrough Cayuga, Caledonia and anumber of smaller places. A lineof steamers made regular runsfrom Brantford to Buffalo. Duringthe 1850's there were lilarrivals and departures ofsteamers i ron Brantf ord and 824of scows. Much grain was exportedand also large quantities of pineand oak timber and of saw logs.Plaster of Paris was also shippedalong the water I ron the minesalong the Grand River.

    The interesting history ofThe Grand River Navigation daysis captured in our new bookentit I ed "The Grand RiverNavigation Company", by teacherand educator Mr. Bruce EmersonHill, of Brantford, Ontario, andpublished by The Brant HistoricalSociety. This attractive blue-covered book is a detailedaccount of the canal fever alongthe Middle and Lower Grand Riverduring the early l800's. Irish

    immigrants helped to dig andbuild the series of dams andlocks. The text of the bookencompasses an extensivedocumented account of theInception of the Grand RiverNavigation Company in 1832; theutilization of Six Nations' Fundsfor the construction of the locksand dams and the purchasing ofIndian land for the building oftowpaths; the commencement ofnavigation along the Grand River;the building of the BrantfordCanal; and the impact of thenavigation along the Grand River.

    To enhance the history ofthe heritage Grand River, the tenchapters of the one hundred andf if ty paged book provide thereaders with numerous charts,documents, maps,. pictures andtables. Image Quest of Brantford,Ontario, designed the book.

    Please, plan to attend thebook launching on MAY l8th andhear Mr. Bruce Emerson Hill speakabout ithe rich history of TheGrand River Navigation Company.


    * Add $3.00 to cover the cost of postage, ALL orders are to be prepaid.

    Mail To: NAME :



    Please make cheque payable to Brant Historical SocietL Send to: Brant Countz Museum & ArchivesL 57 Charlotte St.+B_BAIr_I.O_a_D_Lont. N3T 2W6


    Amoco Fabrics a Fibers Ltd.Boddr, Rrerson

    Hillard, Rouse a RosebrughSonoco Ltd.


    Mr. & Mrs. John Stratford

    Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kilmer

    Miss Mary Stedman

    Miss Margaret Stedman

    Miss Ruth Stedman

    Mr. & Mrs. Morley Lefler

    Dr. & Mrs. Grant Honeyman

    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Deboer

    Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Eason

    Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Park

    Mrs. Ivy Brown

    our sincere thanks to our Corporate sponsors and Benefactors.


    Individual (S15. 00) S

    Family ($20.00) S

    Patron ($25.00) S

    Benefactor ($100.00) S

    Corporation ($250.00) S

    Additional Donation SAmount Enclosed S

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    i Pie?se mare che!ue pay.:ble to:..Tpe..B:ant H.i:t&±:PgL±:i.P:|ant county rmseun & Archives, 57 Charlotte St. , BRANIORI), ont. N3T 2W6