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description offers free DIY online reputation management tools as well as custom services for anyone who wants to put their best foot forward online -- but what do BrandYourself users and customers have to say? We took some BrandYourself reviews from over the past year and put them all in one place so you can get a sense of what our tools & services are all about. Some of the reviews are from people who have tried out our DIY tools to manage the process of improving their own online presence themselves. Other reviews are form people who have worked with our Concierge Services department to have a reputation expert create and manage their online presence for them. If you're still not convinced by what you see, sign up to get started for free with our DIY tool at Are you already a BrandYourself user? Drop us a line at and let us know what you think.

Transcript of Reviews: Real Users, Real Reviews | @brandyourself

  • 1. BrandYourself Reviews @brandyourself |
  • 2. BrandYourself started because of Pete Pete needed an internship
  • 3. Pete BrandYourself started because of Pete Pete needed an internship
  • 4. hiring managers that googled pete kistler didnt find Pete kistler the star student Peter Kistler
  • 5. they found pete kistler the criminal
  • 6. same name, two very different people
  • 7. we created free tools & Custom services to help everyone put their best foot forward online Free Do-It-Yourself Tool Concierge Services
  • 8. heres what some of our customers & users have to say about brandyourself
  • 9. "I write for the Huffington Post. A week after using BrandYourself, two articles that I'm particularly proud of are now my No. 2 and No. 3 results." - Nate H., Writer
  • 10. using BrandYourself, My Personal Website jumped from nowhere to my #1 google result. nice. - james w., Speaker
  • 11. before brandyourself, my photography work didnt show up in Google. after brandyourself, i now own my top 3 results - Jason G., Photographer
  • 12. I have a very common name, which makes competition for google rankings fierce. with brandyourself, i now own my top 3 results. - Brad H., Investor
  • 13. BrandYourself Pulled My online reputation back together. It helped me bury the one stupid, irrelevant mistake that overshadowed all my other relevant results. - Christopher E.
  • 14. this has been the best vehicle of motivation in my professional life in the past 5 years. You guys are really helping me to find my online voice/presence once again. -Jason T., BrandYourself Customer
  • 15. YOU GAVE ME MY NAME BACK! After burying a false and offensive post about me on a random blog, I'm no longer afraid to tell people who I am." - Edita K., Author
  • 16. "I used BrandYourself to raise my patient's reviews higher in Google. Now more people are finding my website and joining my practice." - Dr. David G., Doctor
  • 17. "This is seriously the best thing to come along since SEO and makes it easy for the normal person to understand. Pricing is very affordable!" - Mark B. -
  • 18. "My acting work now pops up when agents/directors search my name. And I get alerts that let me know where inquiries come from!" - Alfretz C., Actor
  • 19. "For the first time in 5 years, theres nothing misleading about me on the 1st page of Google. You cannot imagine what a relief that is." - Sarah M.
  • 20. "Already, I pushed two inaccurate results down 15 pages of Google search results THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Dani B.
  • 21. Hip, hip, hooray!! Within seven minutes of using brandyourself, seven people saw me. this may be the greatest thing since sliced bread - Jim P.
  • 22. "BrandYourself was really easy to use. I got through everything in about 10 minutes." - Henry S.
  • 23. "A mistake I made 10 years ago no longer completely overshadows all my recent accomplishments. Thank You." - Andrew V., Professor
  • 24. I cannot thank you enough for the help that I received. I will personally recommend Brandyourself to anyone that is having this sort of problem. I was at the end of my rope, and your team really helped me in a way that was affordable. Now...if I could just get rid of those pesky images :) Thank you again for the service that you provide for people that have no other options. - Jennifer, BrandYourself Customer
  • 25. and what happened to pete?
  • 26. My whole life employers mistook me for a drug dealer my age from the same hometown. Now everybody who Googles me finds the real me. - Pete Kistler, BrandYourself Co-Founder
  • 27. Thanks! Get started for free today: Website: Email: Phone: 315-565-1799 need help branding yourself for the next step?