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Cattle Sale in Creston, IA

Transcript of Brandt Farms

  • 1Dear Cattlemen,

    It has once again been a pleasure to work with the Brandt, Skarda, Russell and Holmes families while preparing for this years Power in the Pasture Angus Sale. These families show a great commitment to the Angus breed through leadership roles at the state and national levels, show ring success and high quality seedstock.

    This sale offering represents something for everyone from high quality bred cows and heifers, to heifer calves and even crossbred and Hereford show calf prospects. Please join us Sunday, September 25th at the SWCC Ag Site to evaluate the sale offering. Please feel free to contact any of the consigning families or our office with any questions that you might have.


    Al Conover Bart Weldon

    AL & JEANNE CONOVER641-227-3537 w Fax: 641-227-3792Email:

    Sale Managed By:

    Dear Friends and Fellow Cattlemen,

    It is our pleasure once again to welcom

    e you to Power in the Pasture, Vol. II


    In our second year of hosting this sale

    you will notice a few changes and a fe


    new faces. We would like to introduce

    and welcome the Holmes, Russell and

    Sorensen Families who will be joinin

    g us and the Skarda Families in what


    sure to be an impressive set of cattle

    for every avenue of the industry. With

    the new faces, come new opportunitie

    s and ventures in our offering. We hav


    expanded beyond the Angus breed to

    now offer a select set of club calves


    Simmental and Hereford cattle in this

    years sale. We also want to note that

    this year, all show prospects will be bro

    ke to tie and lead; just another way we

    hope to encourage todays youth to get

    involved with agriculture.

    This years offering includes some of

    the top performing spring calves, ma-

    ture cows and bred heifers around. Fr

    om top to bottom we are proud to give

    you the op-

    portunity to become a part of what w

    e have spent the last 26 years buildin

    g, Useful,

    real-world cattle with sound phenotype

    and maternal traits.

    In closing, we could not have made

    this sale possible without much help f

    rom many

    family members and friends. Thanks m

    ust also be given to all of our customer

    s for your

    continued support of our program. As a

    lways, please do not hesitate to contact

    any of us

    with questions or concerns about the s

    ale on September 25, 2011.

    Sincerely,The Brandt FamilyKirk, Lynn, Austin an

    d Weston

    Al Conover Bart Weldon

    It is with great pride that we welcome you to Brandt Angus Farm Production Sale. Ever since its inception we have provided Veterinary Services to Brandt Angus Farm. The herd is very well-maintained from a herd health status, and the family has always done whatever is needed to provide a quality product to Angus Breeders from all over the United States. The vaccination schedule that has been done on the herd is as follows. At spring turn out all calves were vaccinated for 7-way Blackleg, BVD (MLV Types I and II), IBR, PI3, BRSV and Pinkeye. Two weeks prior to weaning all calves were vaccinated for 7-way Blackleg, Haemophilus somnus, BVD (MLV Types I and II), IBR, PI3, BRSV, Manheimia hemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and poured for internal and external parasites with Cydectin. At weaning all calves were boostered for BVD (MLV Types I and II), IBR, PI3, BRSV, Manheimia hemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. All females have been vaccinated for Brucellosis. The bred females were vaccinated for BVD (Killed Types I and II), IBR, PI3, BRSV, Vibrio and Lepto at the time of pregnancy testing. Because the cows were ultrasound-ed late in the summer they were not given a vaccination to prevent scours in the calves. We do recommend you visit with your Veterinarian about what would work best in your herd. The cows are treated yearly with Cydectin for internal and external parasites. The sale females were ultrasounded for pregnancy on 7-21, 7-22 and 7-23-2011. While no technology is 100%, we tried to obtain an exact measurement of each fetus to obtain as accurate of a measurement of the stage of gestation as possible. The stage of gestation was determined by measuring on the following: crown-rump length, trunk width, head width or eye width. A picture of each pregnancy will be available for viewing the day of the sale. Health papers for intra-state and interstate shipment will be available on the day of the sale. In addition, we can assist buyers with international shipments as well. If you have any questions about the health program in place please feel free to ask one of our Veterinary staff who will be present at the sale. Thank-youScott Shuey MS, DVMSouthern Hills Veterinary Services Inc.

    Skarda Farms Herd Health

    On 4-8-11 I vaccinated and freeze branded 13 head of yearling heifers for Duane Skarda. Heifers were vaccinated with Virashield 6 VL HB and Black Leg 7-way Vision 7 Haemophilus. - Carl Schuler, DVM, Creston Veterinary Clinic

    Welcome from the Skardas!The year has gone quickly except when the snow was flying or the mud was deep, but we all survived! We are excited about our two new herdsires, Big Timber and Rival and cant wait to see their calves. Creston Veterinary Clinic advises us in our herd health program. Dr. Tim Nelson helped us synchronize our heifers this year with great results. Come join us for a burger at noon.The Skardas

  • Power in the Pasture Reference Sires

    Sp The Answer 813

    Connealy Reflection




    Born: 02/20/2008 16163740 Tattoo: 813 Bull GDARTraveler71#[AMF-CAF-XF] SitzTraveler8180#[AMF-CAF-XF] SitzEvereldaEntense1137S A V Final Answer 0035 # [AMF-CAF-XF] BonViewBando598#[CAC-AMF]13592905 SAVEmulous8145[CAF] SAVSkyEmulous2124 BonViewNewDesign878#[AMF-CAF-XF] SikDesign7259 SiksAdvantage17259#S A Eline Design 648 # B/RNewFrontier095#+[AMF-CAF-XF]15529995 SAR095Eline1269 TAEline865


    CARCASS CW +19.17 MARB +.47.23 REA +.27.24 FAT +.018.24

    PRoDuCTion EPDs MATERnAl EPDs $ VAluESCED BW WW YW CEM Milk $En $W $F $G $B+12 -0.7 +49 +85 +11 +23 -.22 +31.28 +24.62 +27.25 +52.31




    Born: 03/17/2003 14528330 Tattoo: 3623 Bull VDARNewTrend315#[AMF-CAF-XF] B/RNewDesign036#[AMF-CAF-XF] B/RBlackcapEmpress76Bon View new Design 878 # [AMF-CAF-XF] BonViewBando598#[CAC-AMF]13062750 BonViewGammer85[CAC] BonViewGammer233 EmulationNBar5522# NBarEmulationEXT#[AMF-CAF-XF] NBarPrimrose2424Happy Grill of Conanga 6260 ConnealyDateline#13447172 HappyDateofConanga HappyLassofConanga#


    CARCASS CW +57.37 MARB +.39.48 REA +.38.45 FAT +.031.42

    PRoDuCTion EPDs MATERnAl EPDs $ VAluESCED BW WW YW CEM Milk $En $W $F $G $B+10 +0.7 +58 +104 +12 +31 -12.84 +32.30 +40.25 +15.56 +53.45


    Sp The Answer 813 [CAF-M1F]

    Connealy Reflection [AMF-CAF-M1F-NHF]

    Sydgen Rock 7064


    Selected through the 2007 SydGen Production Sale byBrandt Farms,where heratioed100atbirthand110atweaningwithaprojected1,503lbsyearlingweightanda4.63lbsperdayaveragedailygainpostweaning.

    He stems from the powerfulRachel cow family at Sydenstrickers.His grandamwasa$12,000featureof the2000ProductionSaleselectedbyRiverbendRanchofIdaho.Sheproducedthe$20,000featuresSAFLTD9041andSAFRachel9055selectedbyWayneWilde,MN.

    RockhasbeentheresidentherdsireatBrandtFarmsforthepastthreesummersproducing an excellent set of young cattle. He has turned the heads of manybreeders.Heisjustoneofthosebullswhocanmakeyouslamonthebrakesdrivingdowntheroadandcirclebackforacloserlook.

    Born: 01/12/2007 15664469 Tattoo: 7064 Bull ParamontAmbush2172#[AMF-CAF-XF] RocknDAmbush1531#[AMF-CAF-XF] MSBlackcapBandofRD1301SydGen Rocky Road 2060 + SVFHiRoad#+[AMF-CAF-XF]14088421 SAFBlackbird6028 SAFBlackbird3042+ GARSleepEasy1009#+[AMF-CAF-XF] MillcreekDiversity#[AMF-CAF-XF] MillcreekTravelLassSydGen Rachel 1300 #+ SAFNeutron#+[AMF-CAF-XF]13976490 SAFRachel5140 GDARRachel1236

    BV SydGen Rock 7064 [AMF-NHF] A

    CARCASS CW +40.20 MARB +.45.25 REA +.22.28 FAT -.039.23

    PRoDuCTion EPDs MATERnAl EPDs $ VAluESCED BW WW YW CEM Milk $En $W $F $G $B+4 +1.9 +52 +99 +5 +25 -5.63 +27.25 +37.48 +28.09 +65.01

  • Ranksinthetop3%forCW,top10%forWW,YWand$Fandtop15%forYHinthebreed.


    Born: 02/01/2010 16778575 Tattoo: 1029 Bull BonViewNewDesign878#[AMF-CAF-XF] MABroadside1334-822[AMF] MAMissEmulous822TC Tank 7101 TCFreedom104#[AMF-CAF-XF]15834539 TCBarbara3088# TCBarbara356 SitzAlliance6595#[AMF-M1F-NHF] WARAlliance91266006#[AMF-CAF-XF] WARBando60065984053[CAF]M A Esta 55-252 [CAF] H&HTraveler044-75815171854 RAEstaR243 RAEstaR933


    CARCASS CW +40.10 MARB +.11.15 REA +.18.17 FAT +.056.13

    PRoDuCTion EPDs MA