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Brand Manual to foster a brand and its attributes externally and internally

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Pratibha Branding GuidelinesImplementing the Pratibha Brand in communicationUpdated : October 2013

Pratibha Branding GuidelinesImplementing the Pratibha Brand in communicationUpdated : October 2013


More than a name or a logo.

More than a name or a logo on a box.

And more, ultimately, more than what the box contains.

The guidelines that govern communications for

PRATIBHA products and services are part of a much

larger effort to build awareness, understanding

and preference for the PRATIBHA brand and

PRATIBHA products and services in the markets in

which we compete. To build a brand that endures


A brand is a shorthand representationoften

communicated in a single word or symbolof

everything a company is, does and stands for.

That representation can be seen most clearly

in promotional messages and in the quality of

the customers experience in buying, using and

servicing a branded product.

A clear promise, for example, that is

important and memorable to customers. A distinctive,

recognizable personality that is inseparable

from the brand itself, informing not only advertising

and communications but behavior as well

What is a BRAND?What is a BRAND?


Achieving the goal of an enduring brand requiresa conscious, coordinated, consistent approach tocommunications and behavior. That approach isbased on the understanding that every choice andevery decisionnot advertising or collateral alonecommunicates something to someone about thePRATIBHA brand.

When the brands messages are developed ad hoc,focused solely on the needs of the moment, theyhave no lasting impact and represent a shortsighteduse of scarce marketing dollars.But when messages are delivered within a consistentframework and reinforce the brands promiseand personality, their impact can be leveraged toboost awareness and heighten brand recognitionand preference. Promotional dollars work twice ashard, serving short-term sales goals as well aslonger-term objectives for the brand .


Every company has the goal of beingprofitable, but to make a difference, itmust have a higher purpose. Our visionreflects that purpose. It sets the standardthat we as a company and asindividuals, aspire to live up to everyday.

PRATIBHA brand platform: Brand promisePRATIBHA brand platform: Brand promise


PRATIBHA : Brand promisePRATIBHA : Brand promise

Heres how our primary

markets define the

PRATIBHA brand advantage

Target audience of the brand Pratibha are all its stake

holders. These include its customers, suppliers, and

employees of the parent company and its Sub brands.

They are individuals who have a distinct taste and are

Elegant about displaying their individuality.

They relish and live the brand Pratibha. They are

Fashionable and accept it as a way of life, but are not

victimized by it. Their values are deep rooted and long

lasting. They believe in ecologically sustainable living and

their solutions embody their belief.

PRATIBHA Brand Tagline

The tag line is meant to invigorate employees of Pratibha and so that core values can be internalized by them. It is meant to capture essence of the brand Pratibha.

Following is the tagline for Pratibha:

Creating Synergy in textiles...

This stands for the deep rooted social and environmental responsibility which is inherent to manufacturing processes at Pratibha.

Principles of the application of tagline are discussed under Symbol and tagline relationship.




The PRATIBHA logo consists of two

elements the symbol and the

word mark.

PRATIBHA : Brand promisePRATIBHA : Brand promise

This symbol is designed to epitomize evolution of the Pratibha brand.This form retains the pyramidal base which has stood for integrity and core values of Pratibha, which remain unchanged over time.

The rolling ball depicts momentum, its color is derived from the rising sun. The horizontal lines have been modified from the previous symbol, and they stand for speed and swiftness.

The logotype Pratibha consists of thick and thin lines, they are used to depict an important characteristic of brand Pratibha - agility.

The PRATIBHA logo is a unique piece of artwork.The proportion and arrangement of the symbol and word mark have been specifically determined.

The logo should never be typeset, recreated or altered, which could cause inconsistencies that dilute the impact of the brands power.

This form should be viewed as a evolution and not revolution of the first symbol.

This symbol is a registered trade mark, and its use by any outside organization or person is subject to approval by Pratibha Syntex Ltd.

This is the only symbol used to represent Pratibha. It is important that it always be correctly used and the following guidelines be strictly adhered to.

The symbol should never be type set, drawn manually, or using a computer. It should only be reproduced from an approved computer file. Care should be taken to maintain the proportions while resizing the symbol.

The following are the colors of the symbol :LeafSun OrangeWhite(Color codes of the above are specified under brand colors).



To preserve the PRATIBHA logos integrity, always maintain a minimum clear space around the logo.

This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography or background patterns that may divert attention.

To standardize the use of the tag, three sizes are provided for most uses 38 mm : 34 mm high for regular application sizes, .25 mm high and 22.5 mm wide for small application sizes, and 12.5 mm high : 11.5 mm wide as minimum application sizes. These sizes should be considered the minimum size for print/online uses.


The PRATIBHA logo should be reproduced in color

whenever possible. For specific color values to use

when reproducing the logo (spot or PANTONE,

4-color process, RGB), refer to the Color Palette


White is the most effective background

on which to reproduce the color logo because it

provides a clean, crisp contrast for the logos color

and elements.

PRATIBHA : Color logo VariationsPRATIBHA : Color logo Variations

If color reproduction is not availableor is not a viable option, the logo should bereproduced in solid black or as a full-reversein white out of a color background.

When the PRATIBHA logo is placed on aphotographic image, the image behind the logomust be light enough to provide contrast for thepositive logo or dark enough to provide contrastfor the reverse logo.

Regular : The primary colors of the symbol be used. an attempt should be made to use only these colors.

In one color : Gradation is possible, grey values in the proportion of 80% and 40% should be used as shown.

Single color printing : The symbol appears in black as shown.


PRATIBHA : Logo Uses and MisusesPRATIBHA : Logo Uses and Misuses

On light color backgrounds or tints, the symbol can be displayed in its primary colors.There is never a bounding box around the symbol. All the bounding forms shown are not bounding boxes, they represent the background color.

On dark or saturated colors, the symbol cannot be displayed in its primary colors.

Incorrect use of the PRATIBHA logo compromisesits integrity and effectiveness. The examples of logomisuse below are not comprehensive; they areonly a small sample of possible misuses of thePRATIBHA logo.


Is the communication coming from PRATIBHA?

No. Use the standard logo.

Yes. Move on to the next question.

[When third parties need a logo to represent a partnership, sponsorship, etc they should use the standard logo. Please note: Use of the PRATIBHA logo by a third party requires a license agreement.]

Will the logo be acting as an introduction of the brand, rather than a sign off? (Is this the first or

only instance of the logo?)

No. Use the standard logo.

Yes. Move on to the next question.

[The STANDARD logo should act as an introduction of the brand and appear only once per piece.]

Is there Any option for symbol for reverse?

No. Use the standard logo.

[When value of the color is more than 50%, then the symbol will appear on reverse. When the value of the background color is less than 50%, the symbol cannot be displayed in reverse.]

PRATIBHA : Which logo do I use?Trying to determine whether to use the red tag logo or the standard logo?Here are some questions to ask yourself:

PRATIBHA : Which logo do I use?Trying to determine whether to use the red tag logo or the standard logo?Here are some questions to ask yourself:


PRATIBHA: Graphic Elements PRATIBHA: Graphic Elements


When applying the PRATIBHA brands graphic elements, especially color and photography, it is important to distinguish between Business Marketing-oriented and End-User focused applicationswhen possible. Business Marketing-oriented materials are materials that promote PRATIBHA solutions to a typically more enterprise-oriented audience

End-User refers to PRATIBHA products and services marketed to individual consumers. Because communications for PRATIBHA products and services can often differentia