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  • HISTORY1922 - Founded as swallow sidecar company by two motorcycle enthusiasts, williom lyons & william walmsley.

    1935 - SS Jaguar name first appearedon a 2.5litre saloon, sports models of which were the SS 90 and SS 100.

  • HISTORY1945 - The name was changed to Jaguar after WWII to avoid the unfavourable connotations of the SS initials.

    1950 - Jaguar made its name by Producing a series of sports cars, such as the XK 120 of 1949 & the E Type (XKE in the US) of 1961

  • HISTORY1951 - Jaguar leased Browns Lane from the The Daimler Motor Company Limited, which would quickly become its principal plant.

    It was purchased from the holding company BSA. From the late 1960s, its marque was u as a brand name for Jaguars most most luxurious car.


  • HISTORY1963 - The independent rear suspension from the Mark X was incorporated.

    1966 - The 420 of 1966, also sold as the Daimler Sovereign, put a new front to the S-type although both cars continued in parallel until the S-Type was dropped in 1968

  • HISTORY1966 - Jaguar merged with the British Motor Corporation (BMC), the Austin-Morris combine, to form British Motor Holdings (BMH).

    1970 - The Jaguar and Daimler marques formed part of BL's specialist car division or Jaguar Rover Triumph Ltd

  • HISTORY1989 - The Ford Motor Company made offers to the US and UK Jaguar shareholders to buy their shares in November.

    1989 - Ford purchased Jaguar.

    1990 - Jaguar's listing on the London Stock Exchange was removed ON 28TH february.

  • HISTORY1999 - it became part of Ford's new Premier Automotive Group along with Aston Martin, Volvo Cars.

    Under Ford's ownership Jaguar expanded its range of products with the launch of the S-Type & stopped production in 2008

    2001 - The launch of Jaguar X-Type as a compact executive car.

  • HISTORY2003 - the all-new third generation XJ (known as X350) was completely re-engineered & arrived in showrooms

    2008 - Ford sold jaguar & the XF was awarded the, 'Car of the Year' and 'Executive Car of the Year' awards in january.

  • HISTORY2009 Announced the Jaguar XF as winner in 9th annual interior of the year award in the Best Premium Car Interior category.

    Top Gear has named the Jaguar XJ as its Luxury Car of the Year 2010, placing the British firms flagship model above rivals from BMW and Audi.

  • HISTORY2010 - Jaguar is launched an armoured version of its stunning new XJ luxury sports saloon at the 2010 Moscow International Motor Show.

    Top Gear has named the Jaguar XJ as its Luxury Car of the Year 2010, placing the British firms flagship model above rivals from BMW and Audi.

  • JAGUAR TODAY2011 C-X75 is named most significant concept vehicle.C-XJ is named international luxury car of the year.The Jaguar XF was crowned 'Best Executive Car' for the fourth year running .Jaguar celebrates 50th anniversary of the iconic E-Type with entries in 2011 Mille Miglia Jaguar enters its second of a four year sponsorship of the England Cricket Team.


    Shape of the Jaguar Logo:The Jaguar logo comprises of a jumping jaguar above the companys name, depicting speed, power and brilliance of the cars produced by the company.

  • DESIGN OF JAGUAR LOGO Color and Font of the Jaguar Logo:

    One of the one of the most stylish, graceful and fast cars around the world.

    The black font and color perfectly complements the popular image of the company and also goes well with the jumping jaguar. The font used in the Jaguar logo is Algera, which is simple and stylish.

    The Jaguar logo is very attractive and is an accurate representation