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some brand identity I have recently completed

Transcript of brand Identity

  • Opens the door to a better education

    These were done for 2 office locations:Logo, 4/c letterhead, 1/c envelope, 4/c business card, 1/c keychain, 1/c luggage tag, 4/c gift card, 4/c student tours brochure COVER

    Not shown: 4/c 4 page NYC theater brochure cover and inside, 4/c 12 page student tours brochure inside, 1/c pens and 4/c folder

  • Logo. 4/c Letterhead, 4/c business cards, 4/c envelopes and 4/c folder

    Not shown 1/c 10 x 13 envelopes, 4/c tri-fold brochure