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  • 1. 1 BRAND CANNIBALIZATIONIf you dont cannibalize yourself, someoneelse will.- Steve Jobs

2. 2 COLDDRINKBRAND 3. 3MOBILEBRAND 4. 4SHAVING BRANDThe latest razor introduced byGillette is the Fusion, whichutilizes a five-bladecartridge razor withan additional singleblade for trimming.An entire line of shaving products was introduced as part of the Fusion brand system. 5. 5WASHINGPOWDER 6. 6KITCHENCLEANERDomex is "one-stop solution" to a households cleaning requirements instead of using a different cleaner for kitchen surface, floor and bathroom. India. 7. 7COSMETIC BRAND Designed to give usflawless complexion,smooth skin every morning and everyevening that will giveyou fair and glow. 8. 8DEO SPRAY 9. 9SHAMPOO BRAND 10. 10TEA BRAND 11. 11TOOTHPASTEBRAND 12. 12THANK YOUPRIYANKA PANDIT.38 ROLL NO.