Brain Actinomycosis

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Un trabajo de varios años ademas de raro.

Transcript of Brain Actinomycosis

Brain Actinomycosis: Report of one caseJorge L. Rivera-Rodriguez, MD, Eugenia Zurita,CNS.Hospital General de Acapulco SSA Mxico

IntroductionActinomycosis is an infection primarily caused by the bacterium Actinomyces israelii. Actinomycosis located in the central nervous system is an extremely uncommon event. It may affect immunocompetent or immunodefficient subjects. It is commonly misdiagnosed in routine imaging studies

Medical HistoryFemale, 32 y.o. Previously healthy. Recent onset of right extremities partial motor epilepsy. A Brain scan showed: left parietal 2 cm solid mass, IV contrast inhancing, important periferic oedema. Negative Chest Xray No neck masses.

Preoperative Scan

Differential DiagnosisPrimary tumor. Brain Abscess. Granuloma.

A parietal craniotomy and total resection of the lesion was performed. Hystopathological report: Brain Actinomycosis

Postoperative Brain Scan

No additional antimycrobial therapy was given. Total neurological recovery. Clean long term scanning. Seizure free without antiepileptic drugs at present.

ConclusionsBrain Actinomycosis is a rare entity and should be considered in any brain mass differential diagnosis. Total surgical removal without long term antimycrobial therapy seems to be effective, but more studies should be performed.

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