BPTC: Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle Module Title

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Transcript of BPTC: Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle Module Title

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  • BPTC: Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle Module Title
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  • Slide 1 Template guidelines 1 Use Gill Sans MT font throughout Standard text size is 32 Standard line spacing is Single (7.68 before, 0 after) This blue ink colour is RGB 51/51/153 BPTC Red is RGB 190/0/0 The slide title text size is 36 Bullet points look like this
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  • Slide 2 Template guidelines 2 You dont need to start every sentence with a bullet point I generally avoid full-stops at the end of each sentence to retain a cleaner look to the text Use bold and colour sparingly in the text No need to animate every object on your slide
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  • Template guidelines 3 Feel free to move the text around on the page in order to fit in with images, tables, diagrams or other objects As long we stick to the basic rules (font, colour, size) and include plenty of space, the slides will look neat
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  • Slide 4 Diagrams and drawings Boxes should have 2.25pt line, with slight shadow Use block arrows or line arrows Opinion Writing
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  • Slide 5 Diagrams example Completed LPC (120 Credits) Attempt to complete 60 more credits Obtain LLM Completed BPTC (120 Credits) If successful
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  • Slide 6 Section Titles Break up large sets of slides with section title slides, which use a smaller version of the main image Indicate progress through the topics ideally using a diagram (but a list will do) Heres an example
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  • Slide 7 BPTC Programme Content Introduction to Knowledge Subjects Introduction to Skills Legal Research Professional Ethics Remedies Induction Course
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  • Slide 8 Tables example 1 Small tables should use 1.5pt blue lines Shade the title column/row for impact YearProfitTax 200714.5m2.9m 200816.2m3.2m Items to remember Exam registration form ID (eg driving licence) Pens Calculator Ruler Callouts like this are a useful way to comment on a figure in a table
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  • Slide 9 Tables example 2 Part-time BPTC teaching weekends 09/10 Weekend 13rd - 6th September 2009 Weekend 2Leeds: 9th - 10th October 2009 London: 3rd - 4th October 2009 Weekend 37th - 8th November 2009 Weekend 45th - 6th December 2009 Weekend 59th - 10th January 2010 Weekend 66th - 7th February 2010 Weekend 76th - 7th March 2010 Weekend 810th -11th April 2010 Weekend 915th - 16th May 2010 Weekend 105th - 6th June 2010 For larger tables use 1pt lines & lighter column/row shading
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  • Slide 10 Clipart Only use clipart that would not look out of place in a professional BPP brochure AcceptableNot acceptable
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  • Slide 11 Clipart Use clipart with highlight boxes for emphasis Key formula R f = R n (1+g) n Key formula R f = R n (1+g) n Important dates 7 Sep 09 Term 1 begins 4 Dec 09 Term 1 ends Important dates 7 Sep 09 Term 1 begins 4 Dec 09 Term 1 ends
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  • BPTC: Presentation Title Presentation Subtitle Thanks for your time! Feel free to manipulate clipart images to enhance your message Module Title