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Transcript of Bowen Hands · PDF filethe therapist Niculina Gheorghita. After the first sessions, remarkable...

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    Bowen Hands The Journal of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

    September 2013

    The Original Bowen Technique

  • Students from the Working with Neck Pain Class in Tyrol/Austria with Instructor Robyn Wood

    Meeting of Australian Instructors held at Shoal Bay NSW July 2013

    Ossie and Elaine’s SBP2 Class in Calgary Canada July 2013

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    We have �7 Bowen Associations affiliated with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

    We are featuring news from these associations in this and future issues.


    We admire and appreciate the work of the volunteer committee members of the Bowen Associations worldwide. We acknowledge that theirs is an unenviable task as they strive to serve members. We honour them for their unselfish commitment to serve and not to be served.

    Recently on USA T.V. I heard a business man being interviewed regarding claims that wages were too low and workers planned strike action. The man suggested people wishing to stay employed and gain promotions hold their destiny in their own hands. He said “Instead of clocking in and out showing minimal time they would be advised to go the extra mile, arrive early, present well, be helpful, show an interest in offering extra time, if you do that you will go from the bottom

    to the top in no time at all”. As we feature the work of Bowen associations the same generous support should be offered by members to associations for encouragement and benefit to all concerned. Bowtech/Bowenwork is our unique heritage and to preserve it all must accept these challenges. It can be a thankless task serving on an association committee, criticism comes easily. Please communicate and co-operate positively, to serve and not be served, is our responsibility. Associations meetings have been well attended. Elaine and I enjoyed the Bowen association meeting in Farnborough England on July 7th and look forward to attending the New Zealand NZBTI AGM this September.

    Associations and training groups have been active in new instructor training. We are excited to welcome eight new instructors into our family of instructors.

    Wolfgang Kulterer from Austria,

    Daniel Hildrand Germany/ Spain, Petra Kehrer Germany,

    Helen Perkins Cambridgeshire, Michael Patrick from London, both from the UK

    See pages 14 and 15

    From Australia:

    Belinda Chant Yamba NSW, Annette Baumgart Torquay QLD Sean Dinham Blakeview South Australia,

    Their profiles will be in the December issue of Bowen Hands.

    These newly accredited instructors bring our grand total of active instructors to over 100 worldwide.

    Sincere congratulations to each of the new instructors and appreciation for making yourselves available to serve.



    By love serve one another

    Galations 5:13 (KJV)

    Elaine and Ossie’s SBP 2 Masters Class Farnborough England

    July 2013


    The garden of the Hotel Alte Klostermuhle Arnsburg Germany.

    Formerly a monastery where Ossie and Elaine stayed, which sadly closed in September 2013.

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    DIRECTORS: Oswald H. Rentsch, D.O., A.R.M.T. (Bach), Dip.Hom.Ion Elaine Rentsch, Dip.Hom.Ion.

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    Volume 22 No 3 Issue 86

    The Original Bowen Technique

    PLEASE NOTE: All copy for Bowen Hands must be in Head Office 6 weeks prior to month of publication.

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  • My name is Catalina Acsinte. I am a MD neurosurgeon, with 18 years of experience in traditional medicine and a student of Bowen therapy (Bowtech).

    I would like to share with you the case of a patient of mine, both from my point of view as his doctor, as well as considering my knowledge about Bowen.

    Patient TC, 29 years old, professional driver, is brought by an ambulance on the 20th of September 2010. After the first tests were conducted, he is diagnosed with severe diffuse cerebral contusion, acute subdural hematoma in the right hemisphere, left rib fractures, left upper lobe pulmonary contusion, pneumothorax left, left temporal linear fracture. He undergoes an emergency surgical procedure, which consisted of the evacuation of subdural hematoma by undergoing left-side frontal temporal parietal decompressive craniectomy (the surgical removal of frontal temporal parietal bones on the left side, on an area of about 7 to 10 cm, and discharging the blood that compresses the brain).

    The general state of the patient improved; he was conscious, but unable to move voluntarily, eat on his own or have control of his sphincter. At a later date, he underwent another surgery, for hydrocephalus, which consisted of ventriculoperitoneal shunting. When discharged from our service,

    the patient was conscious, but the collaboration proved to be difficult: he was able to answer only by movements of the eyeballs; sometimes he would slightly move his right arm. He had trouble swallowing (he was fed through