Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- Being

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Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- Being Marin CAMFT, January 17, 2014 Linda Graham, MFT [email protected]

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Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- Being. Marin CAMFT, January 17, 2014 Linda Graham, MFT [email protected] Resilience and Well-Being. Dealing with challenges and crises – The core of resilience and well-being - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- Being

Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- Being

Bouncing Back:Rewiring the Brain for Resilience and Well- BeingMarin CAMFT, January 17, 2014Linda Graham, [email protected] and Well-BeingDealing with challenges and crises The core of resilience and well-being Developing flexible strategies The heart of therapeutic processAll the world is full of suffering.

It is also full of overcoming.

- Helen KellerEffective Agents of Brain ChangeConsciousnessSelf-AwarenessMindfulnessSelf-ReflectionCompassionEmpathyAttention CircuitResonance Circuit

Self-Directed NeuroplasticityTherapeutic ModalitiesAEDPInternal Family SystemsEFTGestaltSensorimotorEMDRMBCTDBTPsychoanalyticExistentialControl MasteryClient-centeredJungianIntersubjectiveObject RelationsTranspersonalThe field of neuroscience is so new,we must be comfortable not onlyventuring into the unknownbut into error.

-Richard Mendius, M.D.NeuroplasticityGrowing new neuronsStrengthening synaptic connectionsMyelinating pathways faster connectionsRebuilding brain structureRe-organizing functions of structures

.lifelongEvolutionary legacyGenetic templatesFamily of origin conditioningNorms-expectations of culture-society

Who we are and how we copeis not our faultGiven neuroplasticityAnd choices of self-directed neuroplasticity

Who we are and how we copeis our responsibilityThe brain is shaped by experience. And because we have a choice about what experiences we want to use to shape our brain, we have a responsibility to choose the experiences that will shape the brain toward the wise and the wholesome.- Richard J. Davidson, PhDConditioningExperience causes neurons to fireRepeated experiences, repeated neural firingsNeurons that fire together wire togetherStrengthen synaptic connectionsConnections stabilize into neural pathways

Condtioning is neutral, wires positive and negativeIt is not the strongest of the species that survives,Nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is the most adaptive to change.

- Charles DarwinAttachment StylesSecure safety and trust, stable and flexible, open to learning; flexible focusInsecure avoidant mistrust of emotions and relationships, over-focus on self-world, rigid, neural cementInsecure-anxious mistrust of self, over-focus on relationships, chaotic, neural swampDisorganized checked out, lack of focusSecure attachment kindles maturation of the brain itself.

Re-parenting in therapy recovers maturation of the brain itself.Pre-Frontal CortexExecutive center of higher brainEvolved most recently makes us humanDevelopment kindled in relationshipsMatures the latest 25 years of ageEvolutionary masterpiece

CEO of resilienceFunctions of Pre-Frontal CortexRegulate body and nervous systemQuell fear response of amygdalaManage emotionsAttunement felt sense of feelingsEmpathy making sense of experienceInsight and self-knowingResponse flexibilityMechanisms of Brain Change New conditioning focused attention

Re-conditioning juxtaposed attention

De-conditioning de-focused attentionNew ConditioningChoose new experiencesCreate new learning, new memoryEncode new wiringInstall new patterns of responseRe-ConditioningLight up neural networksJuxtapose old negative with new positiveDe-consolidation re-consolidationNew rewires oldDe-ConditioningDe-focusingLoosens gripCreate mental play spacePlane of open possibilitiesNew insight, new behaviorsModes of ProcessingFocusedSelf-referentialTasks and detailsConstellate a representationNew conditioning andRe-conditioningModels of ProcessingDe-focusedDefault networkFertile neural background noisePlane of open possibilitiesMental play spaceDe-conditioning6 Cs of CopingCalmCompassionClarityConnections to ResourcesCompetenceCourageCalmSerenity is not freedom from the storm

but peace amidst the storm.

-author unknownWindow of ToleranceSNS fight-flight-freeze

Baseline physiological equilibriumCalm and relaxed, engaged and alertWINDOW OF TOLERANCERelational and resilientEquanimity

PNS numb out, collapseHand on the HeartTouch oxytocin safety and trustDeep breathing parasympatheticBreathing ease into heart centerBrakes on survival responsesCoherent heart rateBeing loved and cherishedOxytocin direct and immediate antidote to stress hormon cortisolTouchHand on heart, hand on cheekHead rubs, foot rubsMassage back of neckHugs 20 second, full-bodiedReconditioning throughSoothing, Comforting, CaringHand on the heartProgressive muscle relaxationFriendly body scanMovement oppositeSelf-Compassion BreakHow am I doing?Is there any suffering here?Ouch! This hurts!Oh, sweetheart!Take one moment to be mindful and kindMay I be safe from inner and outer harm.May I be free of suffering, from all causes of suffering, and from causing any suffering.ClarityMindfulness: focused attention onpresent moment experiencewithout judgment or resistance.

Jon Kabat-ZinnMindfulness and PsychotherapyEven-hovering attentionUnconditional positive regardObserving egoWhat are you noticing now?

MindfulnessPause, become presentNotice and nameStep back, dis-entangle, reflectMonitor and modifyShift perspectivesDiscern optionsChoose wiselyBetween a stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. The last of human freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances.- Viktor FranklNotice and NameThoughts as thoughtsPatterns of thoughts as patterns of thoughtsFeeling as feelings; cascades of feelings as cascadesStates of mind as state of mindBelief systems as belief systemsAll patterns of neural firingMindfulnessOpen, spacious awarenessOpen possibilitiesEpiphanies, insights, revelationsTrue nature, essential goodnessInform, transform sense of personal selfConnections to ResourcesPeopleLove guards the heart from the abyss - MozartPlaces.I rest in the grace of the worldWendell BerryPracticesAs an irrigator guides water to his field, as an archer aims an arrow, as a carpenter carves wood, the wise shape their lives. - BuddhaPositive EmotionsHelp us feel and function betterPut the brakes on negativityAntidote survival responsesLeft shift open to experienceBetter coping with stress and traumaPossibilities, creativity, productivityCooperation and collaborationFlexibility and resilienceNegativity BiasRight hemisphereEmotional-social processingNeuronally connected to lower brainWithdrawal, avoid stance toward experienceLeft hemispereLanguage and logicLess connected to lower brainOpen, curious, approach stance toward experienceLeft ShiftCultivate Gratitude2 minute free writeGratitude journalGratitude buddyCarry love and appreciation in your walletPositivity PortfolioAsk 10 friends to send cardsAssemble phrases on piece of paoerTape to bathroom mirror or computer monitorCarry in wallet or purseRead phrases 3 times a day for 30 daysSavor and appreciateTaking in the GoodNotice: in the moment or in memoryEnrich: the intensity, duration, novelty, personal relevance, multi-modalityAbsorb: savor 10-20-30 seconds; felt sense in the bodyRepeat; persevere; little and oftenShame De-Rails ResilienceShame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefor unworhty of acceptance and belonging.

Shame erodes the part of ourselves that believes we are capabel of change. We cannot change a nd grow when we are in shame, and we cant use shame to change ourselves or others.- Brene Brown, PhDRe-conditioningMemory de-consolidation re-consolidationLight up neural networks of problematic memoryCause neural networks to fall apart temporarily and instantly rewire by:Juxtaposing positive memory that directly contradicts or disconfirms;Focused attention on juxtaposition of both memories held in simultaneous dual awarenessCauses the falling apart and the rewiringWished for OutcomeEvoke memory of what did happenImagine new behaviors, new players, new resolutionHold new outcome in awareness, strengthening and refreshingNotice shift in perspective of experience, of selfDo One Scary Thing a DayVenture into new or unknownSomatic marker of uh, ohDopamine disruptedCross threshold into newSatisfaction, masteryDopamine restoredI am no longer afraid of storms

for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Louisa May AlcottBouncing Back:Rewiring the Brain forResilience and Well-BeingMarin CAMFTLinda Graham, [email protected]