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  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Bouldering with wearables

    Phase 3

    Guillaume Tourneur


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    ObjectivesWith the support of two or three wearable partners, to demonstrate the value of wearables data insights in rock climbing (bouldering) as a means to improve speed, cardio, muscle usage and other factors in climbing.

    This video will also be included in an article as the foundation for bridging the gap between wearable insights and Augmented Reality (AR)

    Some preliminary tests were conducted using the Yuneec Typhoon H 4K drone as well as location scouting to execute and plan this experimental video.


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Vendors/Partners Purpose

    Drone video / GPS

    Heart Rate sensor EMG sensor (Muscle activity)

    3D GPS Elevation Speed

    Partners / SponsorsWe will test on two different courses (wall 90, progressive 5

  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Use Case & FulfillmentFilm three climbing sessions (vertical and ascending slopes). Climber is followed by drone in his effort to reach the top. Wearable #1 captures his GPS position in 3D and Wearable #2 captures heart rate, muscle use and effort and any other relevant data offered by the wearable partners.

    Resulting product is a video split with climber, wearable data visualization display.

    During this phase we will record the app in real-time on iphone/ipad and sync the audio during post-production. Based on the results, we will plan a secondary phase with a raw data integration and custom graphics. The results yielded will be accurate and limit the complexity of raw data extraction and syncing in post-production using data conversion and rendering engines. This solution is the most elegant but too costly at this phase and will yield similar results.

    What is the maximum range between a wearable device (Data capture) and a smart phone (real-time data display)?


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    - 3 Climbing sessions (split screen: video and sponsors data)- 6 to 8 of filming

    Use Case & Fulfillment




    Climber #1

    Climber #2



    Rock Climb

    Session 1

    Session 2

    Session 3

  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    FulfillmentHeart Rate sensor EMG sensor

    3D GPS



    * Camera recording and device recording will be synced by timecode and time stamp


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    End-result (draft/mockup)

    Real-time data by Wearable #1

    Real-time data by Wearable#2

    This on screen mockup is a draft. A final version of the specifications will be available once we finalize the wearable partner and better assess data points of interest for bouldering.


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    End-result (draft/mockup)We will produce a video to be less than 10 minutes long and will be structured as follow:

    - Setting intro (the park, rocks, climbing, tech, the team)- Intro of equipment setup (Sponsors)- Start of drone- Climbing sessions 1,2,3 (split screen: video and sponsors data - see: slide 5 and 6)- Climbing completion- Closing video of the park at sunset- About the team- About sponsors

    Music rights will be acquired for this video.


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Marketing OpportunityThe video will be shared among industry professionals and Climbing groups via all major social media networks such as:LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook...

    Each partners brand will be displayed at all time and promotedIn a contextual genuine and meaningful way.

    Online magazine and blog owners will be contacted directly to share the video on their channels.

    Industry professionals will be directly contacted as well


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Marketing OpportunityContact list:

    My LinkedIn followers (professional tech in the industry) Direct messaging on LinkedIn (Top 50 corporations) Online magazines

    Sports Techie SB Nation

    LinkedIn groups (active member) SFIA - Sports & Fitness Industry Association WT | Wearable Technologies Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Worlds (VWs) Sports Industry Network And 16 more groups of interest

    Facebook Socal Climb group


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Follow-upNext phase for this project will be based on industry feedback.

    This experimental video will also be a trigger point for Guillaume Tourneurs white paper on bridging the gap between wearable insights and augmented reality which will be published at the beginning of 2017.


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Presenter: Guillaume Tourneur Innovative product design and management. Internal/external entrepreneur. Extensive network in the wearable, sports, fitness markets

    Expertise: UX, wearables, IoT, Digital Health/Fitness, content management, VOD, recommendation engines, analytics in B2B and B2C markets (see publications below).

    Triathlete with a dedicated passion for technology applied to physical and mental strength for Fitness, Endurance and Extreme sports, childhood passion bouldering and MMA.


  • Guillaume Tourneur - Nov 2016

    Thank you!13