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  1. 1. What isit? Mo ther's 3rd Arm Often, its the subtle things that make the mo st pro fo und impact! The eternalstruggle between mo m and the thro wn bo ttle has raged ever since the first infant fo und his milk in a co ntainer. The unsuspecting mo ther places a fullbo ttle (o r Sippy Cup!) into the hands o f a seemingly happy child. When mo m turns her back to go sho wer, wash dishes, o r just take a break suddenly...Ababy bo ttle can dro p and spill it's milk. Yo u can have a Mo thers 3rd arm to help prevent spills. The wo rld seems to sto p turning while the po o r mother scrambles to sco o p up baby, bottle, and co nso le her crying child. One handed, she washes the nipple and juggles baby while sco o ping fo rmula o r po urs breast milk into a new bo ttle. It is designed to stimulate yo ur childs imaginatio n while freeing up yo ur hands to attend to the innumerable tasks yo ung mo thers face every day. Yo u willbe amazed ho w Mo ther's 3rd Arm stimulates yo ur childs develo pment, helping them to drink, feed themselves, and strengthen their hand-eye co o rdinatio n. Mothers 3rdArm
  2. 2. Baby AccessoriesBaby Accessories
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  4. 4. Helping Hand to Working MothersHelping Hand to Working Mothers Thwack! Milk Bottle meets the floor! Screech! Baby alerts mom to the situation, Loudly! Are you a mother who is muddled up in scooping up crying baby and feeder and one handed trying to console the crying baby, washing nipple and juggles with baby while pouring breast milk into a new bottle? Are you a working mother? Are you a mother of twins? Do you need help to feed your kids? Do you wish you have a third arm to finish your work? If yes then of course you can have an extra arm. Every mother is strained with lots of work to do in home and office. But when it comes to kids, its very tragic for parents to see their kids crying. To help those parents Aakilarose 2013, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA has brought an awesome product known as Mother's 3rd Arm.
  5. 5. Get Hygienic baby Accessories for your Babies Mothers love to dress up their babies nicely and also like to choose the best baby accessories which are comfortable for their babies while they wear. Mothers take care while choosing the clothes and other accessories such as toys, baby bottle holder and many others. Some baby accessories are made of synthetic materials which are toxic, so mothers have to keep in mind all such things while choosing products so that these will not be harmful for baby. The chemical products used for making the accessories are harmful to the health of baby. The mothers should buy the organic products which always make the baby comfortable and no health issues are involved in these.
  6. 6. Contact Us Manufactured and distributed by AakilaRose Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA, Mother's 3rd Arm is a patented product that functions as an assistive device for children by holding baby bottles, sippy cups and toys securely in place with easy maneuverability. The holder is designed to accommodate various sized bottles, cups and other containers. Mother's 3rd Arm attaches to strollers, car seats, highchairs, wheelchairs, tables, beds, and other surfaces. It can be used as a holder for bottles, Sippy cups, cups, toys, crayons, tools, cell phones and anything else that one wishes to hold while driving, at home, restaurants or elsewhere. Complete product details are available at: Contact: David Merritt Mother's 3rd Arm Phone No. -888 877 1311 Contact E-mail: [email protected] Address: 3073 Lawrence Expressway Santa Clara CA United States Postal Address: AakilaRose Inc.830 Stewart Dr.Sunnyvale, CA 94085 official social accounts TWITTER: FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:
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