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  • 20 Years Of Innovation

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    Since 1992 Bostons mantra has been to excel in all our activities. With a dedication to helping our partners succeed, we strive to always provide our clients with first-to-market technology and award-winning, tailored solutions that are customised to fit their exact specifications.

    Now with 20 years of experience, Boston is confident that we can help you excel too.

    Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of Boston Limited


    TaBle of coNTeNTs2 - Why Boston?

    3 - Boston Labs

    4 - Leasing

    5 - Boston Venom

    6 - Boston Quattro

    7 - Boston Viridis

    13 - Boston Cloud

    14 - Boston Igloo Storage

    15 - Boston Value Series

    16 - Boston Superflex Blade

    17 - Boston Fenway

    18 - Liquid Cooling

    To excel In all our activities

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    Why Boston?

    a Team DeDIcaTeD To You

    Boston is dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer. Thanks to our in-house expertise from our technically trained sales team to our world-class engineers, our team is here to help.

    BosToN laBs

    Boston offers a world-class labs facility, giving our resellers and their customers the ability to test the latest products and technologies first-hand. This includes remote access to our servers; allowing you to perform testing from the comfort of your office.

    20 Years of INNovaTIoN

    Boston has been providing first-to-market technology to a diverse client base since 1992. In 1994, Boston became the first company to bring Silicon Valley-based Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDQ: SMCI) to Europe, reselling their high-performance, energy efficient motherboards, chassis and server systems. Since then Boston has become one of Supermicros most respected technology partners and a world renowned systems integrator, designing our own award-winning range of server, storage and workstation solutions.

    BosToN WorlDWIDe

    Since its founding in London, UK, Boston has expanded operations globally. Following on from the successful launch of Boston IT Solutions India in 2009, Boston launched Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH in Germany a year later, with offices also opening on the West and East coast, USA in 2012.

    TaIlor-maDe soluTIoNs

    Bostons high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions can be tailored for each specific client. We help you create your ideal solution customising the specification, design and even full custom branding helping you solve your toughest business challenges simply and effectively.



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    New and improved technologies are emerging all the time, and this can be a daunting situation for customers planning their future projects. Making the right decision about new hardware is a difficult proposition, made even harder when clients are unable to test and understand the hardware first before making their purchase.

    We recognise this challenge, so to help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, we have opened up our research & development facilities and actively encourage customers to try the latest platforms using their own tools and if necessary together with their existing hardware.

    Understandably, some customers may not be able to visit our labs in person. Therefore arrangements can be made for test systems to be set up in our labs with remote access via RDP, SSH or other means; enabling you to trial our solutions from wherever you are in the world.

    Boston labsPA



    Leverage our expertiseExpert help every step of the way

    Be the firstTo access the latest and future technologies

    At your convenienceAnytime remote dial-in access

    Site visits availableBoston Labs welcomes you to the facility

    HelpINg Your BusINess groW WITH BosToN laBs

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    Whatever your budget we can help. You can lease a 10,000 product for as little as 322.77 per month

    1year 2years 3years

    Boston Limited is pleased to be able to offer its customers a range of flexible leasing solutions. Leasing is an option that continues to grow in popularity for businesses worldwide as it allows customers to take advantage of new technologies within a budget that suits them.

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    The Boston Venom family offers a complete range of liquid-cooled, GPU-accelerated

    workstations designed specifically to cater for the ever increasing demands within the Media & Entertainment arena.

    Utilising NVIDIAs Tesla Graphics Processing Unit companion processors alongside the latest multi-core x86 processor technologies from Intel and AMD, the Venom series offers incredible levels of density, CPU power and GPU performance.

    An innovative new addition to the Venom range is our NVIDIA Maximus-inspired workstations. NVIDIA Maximus Technology combines the visualization capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs with the HPC processing power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs all within a compact midi-tower chassis.

    The Venom 2300-series enables product design, animation and other digital content creation professionals to accelerate applications such as Autodesk Maya, AutoCAD, Catia and Solidworks.

    suggesTeD for



    High Performance Computing

    Media & Entertainment

    KeY feaTures

    High density, GPU-accelerated workstations

    Designed for high-performance graphics, parallel processing and high-speed rendering

    Visualise and simulate at the same time on a single system using NVIDIA Maximus technology

    NVIDIA Tesla or AMD Firestream ready

    Liquid cooling options for low noise operation

    Boston venom


    gpu-enhanced Workstations




    Boston venom 2000-7T the Venom 2000-7T should be on the top of your list

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    Imagine the computational power of up to 8 HPC systems within one enclosure: utilising

    the same space as a standard server, but delivering the power of many.

    Bostons Quattro servers demonstrate this concept perfectly. By providing a unique combination of 2, 4 or 8 hot-plug system nodes in a single enclosure, the Quattro range provides industry leading processing density, performance and low power consumption.

    The Quattro range has proven to be a massively popular product and, due to the overall savings made in the total cost of ownership, it is therefore no wonder its being utilised within many market sectors; such as HPC, Media & Entertainment, Visual FX, Oil & Gas and Financial simulations.

    An example of such a customer is CERN who have deployed just under 5,000 processor cores using Intel Xeon-based Quattro servers.

    suggesTeD for

    Data Centre



    High Performance Computing

    Media & Entertainment

    KeY feaTures

    Multi-node server solutions offering industry leading processing density

    Up to 2 dual processor nodes in a 1U configuration, 4 nodes in 2U and 8 nodes in 4U

    Support for Intel Xeon processor E5 family and AMDs 16-core Opteron 6000-series processors

    VMWare certified solutions

    High performance 10GbE and QDR infiniband interconnect options

    Boston Quattro



    performance &



    Boston Quattro 1264-T01 A highly cost effective alternative to blade servers

  • The future of low power

    computing is Here...

  • THe WorlDs fIrsT HYperscale servers

    Hyperscale Computing represents an inflexion point in the industry that will disrupt the very concept of a server in future systems. Modern servers have come a long way, but they are nonetheless fundamentally based around designs originally created decades ago.

    Racks of individually connected, high-power, low density servers and blades are installed in modern data centres thousands at a time. Each of these server systems requires its own networking infrastructure, high power distribution, HVAC, and maintenance engineers to take care of it when things go wrong. These inefficiencies could cost data centres billions.

    The Boston Viridis uses Server-on-Chip (SoC) technology to integrate the CPU (powered by ARM), networking and IO onto the server chip. SoC technology, which began life as an embedded systems technology but is primed to storm the data centre in the next few years allows for mass levels of integration at high density requiring little active cooling. With this technology today we can now configure over a thousand servers in a standard 42U rack. The ultra-Dense

    providing one Node per 0.0416u

    arm-Based cluster

    The Boston viridisProvides the following


  • 90% space & powerreduction 5W per Node

    Scalable NAS ApplianceScale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

    Hadoop ApplianceThe open source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications

    A complete turnkey solution for Apache Hadoop offering a highly scalable, tunable and easy to deploy platform bundled with Apache Hadoop

    Enables applications to scale computational independent low power servers with petabytes of data

    Provides scale-out NAS for easy management of unstructured data

    Offers an easily deployed, simple to configure scale-out storage solution built with Gluster technology

  • 48 Node ultra-lowpower armcluster 192 cores per 2usystem

    Linux Server Farm ApplianceA preconfigured deployment environment to rapidly install and configure the Viridis server.

    Cloud ApplianceO