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Innovation in Internationalizing Corporate's Strategy

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  • 1. Innovation in InternationalizingCorporates Strategy Thorough Analysis on the phenomenonby Laura Premoli

2. Globalization corresponds to the satellite vision ofthe globe worked out by the managers of big businesses. []Seen from above, the Earth seems One: nations, states, borders, orders, peoples humors, races andpolitical regimes, shades without disappear.[.] It is the all-one dream of Platonic philosophers,who have never ceased to evoke it, finally made real. The all-one is the territory of capitalism made real.(Philippe Zarifian) Author of Lemergence dun Peuple Mondeedition PUF, mars 1999 3. The Born Globals phenomenon refers to those specifical firms that adopt an international or even global approach right from their birth or very shortly thereafter Its a new concept that is expected to become a common phenomenon in the future as evolution of the well known New Venture Internationalization framework.Internationalization 4. Differencesbetween Traditional Firms and BornGlobals 5. WHY? What are the key factors that can identify the reasons for which some Company can Internationalize their Business? 6. ManagementA high level of entrepreneurial orientation is said to support the firms ability to recognize and create opportunities at an early stageManagers with a previous background of international strongactivity will give to thecompany a more sure address toits business expansion. 7. Products:Strictly important is to invest in products with a short life cycle inorder to gain the necessary profit placed in high technologysectors, which can grant to the products unique and hard toimitate characteristics. High Technology sectors are characterized by the necessity of acontinued innovation which can protect the products from anyimitation and allows the firm to gain higher markup percentagethanks to the incapacity of customers to understand the real costof implementation. 8. Market:Often Born Globals develop in niche markets since the demand for products in the home market is too low to permit the company to expand its business. 9. Strategy:The Sales & Marketing dept. use the rolling budgets for advanced marketing strategies such as: Advanced technology for Sales and Promotion Customer Value, basing the pricing and multiple marketingchannels Formation of marketing partnerships and strategic alliances Creativity in marketing actions 10. TechnologyFundamental for product innovation, for transportation and for communication High tech is technology that is at the cutting edgethe most advanced technology currently available. 11. FinancingThe best solution is focusing on a mix of banks and externals financing by granting a re-invest of the net profits in the production / business activity and in R&D field for a constant innovation of the productive assets. 12. Network:It is necessary for Born Globals to establish a great Network in which the companies co-operate with suppliers directly, with customers, with their external financers and with their agents/distributors: 13. Compared to the past that is to say the background of the previous theories- themarket of high-tech products passed through a rapid growth in development within a global market, that saw small and medium companies from different countries, orienting towards channels of distribution that go beyond their nationalborders.Not all companies are able to proceed with the same enthusiasm through their own development, especially referring to a globalizedprospective. The characteristics that identifies how certain companies are more able than others in order to compete at a global level, refer to that specificalperiod my study took place.The extremely fast changes of market conditions, of operators and ofthe innovating ability dont let the researcher to formulate adissertation valid in the long period. 14. Laura Premoli