Border Patrol - Border Patrol Volume 5, Issue 5 MAY 24, 2017 Lee-ourland amp 1848 Newsletter...

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Transcript of Border Patrol - Border Patrol Volume 5, Issue 5 MAY 24, 2017 Lee-ourland amp 1848 Newsletter...

  • Border Patrol Volume 5, Issue 5

    MAY 24, 2017

    Lee-Bourland Camp 1848


    Commander’s Note:

    Well, May has just about come and gone. It

    started off with a bang.

    Bonham Texas Heritage Days. The weather was

    great. The people were friendly. And the Bar-B-

    Que was excellent. The V.A. hospital there

    always encourages the patients that can, to get

    out and go down town to see the activities. It’s

    always a good feeling to talk with veterans. And

    of course our booth is there promoting the Sons

    of Confederate Veterans. Always a conversation

    starter. Sure we had a couple of crowd pleasing

    shoot outs. It always helps to have the smell of

    gun powder in the air, to start talking about

    period weapons.

    That same weekend, Jefferson Texas Civil War

    Days takes place. We had people there also.

    Jefferson is one of the “big” re-enactments in

    northeast Texas. I recommend it to any one that

    can put the date, time & effort to get there. You

    will not be disappointed.

    Civil War Days at Frontier Village Denison, Texas

    is a two day event. The schools in the area send

    bus loads of kids on Friday. That’s when you

    learn what being a “living history” is all about.

    From 9 AM to 3:15 PM it’s groups of 8 to 15 kids

    gathering around and expecting you to inform

    them with something exciting. The “ War

    Between the States “ contributes to that very

    well. A few stories, some hands on with

    uniforms, pistols & muskets and you got a “Living

    History Presentation”. And it really helps if you

    have a mountain howitzer firing off five times

    during all this.

    It was a shame, but the weather rained the

    Saturday presentations right into the lake.

    Saturday was a complete bust. Parents just don’t

    venture out for a Saturday event in the rain &


    Summer is a few days away. So, Let’s go SCV.

    Have a safe Memorial Day !

  • Coming Events:

    Jun 2-4 SCV TX Division Reunion Ft. Worth, TX

    Governor Samuel W. T. Lanham Camp #586 Weatherford, Texas

    Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

    2017 Annual Reunion Radisson Hotel, 2540 Meacham Blvd.

    Fort Worth, TX 76106

    June 2, 2017 - June 4, 2017

    Jun 24 Confederate Memorial Day / Susan Hathaway guest speaker /

    Host: Oklahoma SCV Col. Jackson F. Mc Curtain Camp # 513

    Where: Calvary Free Will Baptist Church 3730 N. Porter Norman, OK

    What: Spaghetti & Meatballs meal, then the program

    When: Meal starts at 6 PM

    How Much: $ 15 per person

    Jul 18- 23 SCV National Reunion Memphis, TN

    Join us in Memphis, TN–July 18-23, 2017 for the SCV Reunion

    Gathering at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in downtown.

    Hotel: Sheraton Downtown Memphis

    250 N. Main St.

    Memphis, TN 38103

  • The Battle of Altamaha Bridge (The only Confederate victory against Sherman’s March to the Sea) The Battle of Altamaha Bridge, also known as the Battle for the Doctortown Railroad Trestle, was an American Civil War engagement fought December 19, 1864, in Wayne County, Georgia, during Sherman's March to the Sea. The Confederate victory temporarily prevented Federal forces from destroying a vital railroad bridge during Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's siege of Savannah, keeping open Confederate supply lines to the city.

    On December 1, 1864, the Georgia Militia Fourth Brigade under Brig. Gen. H.K. McKay arrived in Wayne County to prepare a defense of the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad bridge over the Altamaha River. The Confederates built earthworks on the north bank of Morgan's Lake, which was bisected by the railroad and located just north of the river. On the southern side of the river, two 32-pounder rifled guns were mounted at Doctortown (also spelled Doctor Town), to sweep the bridge if attacked. A light gun mounted on an engine supported two companies of Confederate militia at Morgan's Lake.

    On December 16, General Sherman, stalled outside Savannah, sent Union troops to destroy the railroad from the Ogeechee River all the way to the bridge. A brigade of Maj. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick's cavalry under Col. Smith D. Atkins attacked the bridge and destroyed trestlework past Morgan's Lake, but was unable to capture the bridge or seize the Confederate battery at Doctortown on December 19. The Federals withdrew to the Ogeechee River.

    A historical marker (U.S. 301 on the north

    side of the river) stands near the location

    of the Confederate victory. Today,

    Doctortown is adjacent to the site of the

    world's largest pulp mill plant, owned by

    the Rayonier Company. Rayonier controls

    access to the Doctortown Park battle site

    west of the railroad trestle, and

    permission is required to visit the site.,_Georgia,_Georgia

  • I could not find a drawing or picture of the 1864 bridge. Current bridge was built in 1914.

    Looks like the Georgia SCV are not going to forget that battle victory.

    Pictures and story courtesy of Wikipedia and the internet.

  • Members and Their Confederate Ancestor

    Ansley, Reynolds: Pvt David Andrew Johnson Co K 39 th

    Inf AL

    Armstrong, Chad & Charles: Col Jms G Bourland TX Border Rgt 8 th Cv Red River of TX

    Cassidy, Bill: (Fthr side) Pvt Hugh Cassidy Co F 26 th Inf SC

    (Mthr side) Jerimiah Hurst 8 th Cv GA

    Davis, Brian: Pvt Josiah Davis Brannen’s Co 12 th Wrght’s Cv State GDS GA

    Dillard, Robert: Pvt Wm Reece Bourland Co H 9 th Cv TX

    Dunbar, Thomas: Pvt Thomas Goodrich Dunbar Co B 14 th Inf TN

    Epperson, Lloyd: Pvt Leander Molinton Epperson Co D 2 nd

    Mntd Rifles AK

    Fenner, Farrell: Pvt Houston Warren Roberts Co F 16 th Inf AL

    Fenner, Jameson: Pvt Houston Warren Roberts Co F 16th Inf AL

    Greenwood, Tracy: Pvt John Greenwood Co F Gano’s Brigade 30 th Cv Waco, TX

    Gurney, John

    Hamilton, Gary: Pvt Jms Thomas Victory Co D 1 st WP Lane’s Partisan’s Rangers TX

    Herman, James: Sgt Wm M Hermann Co G 6 th Inf AL

    Johnson, Bill: 1 st Sgt George Thomas Johnson Co E 33

    rd Cv TX

    Johnson, Bob: 1 st Sgt George Thomas Johnson Co E 33

    rd Cv TX

    Johnson, Wayne: 1 st Sgt George Thomas Johnson Co E 33

    rd Cv TX

    Mann, Jerry: Pvt Alfred Mann Co A Fitzhugh Rgt 16 th Cv TX

    McCain, Kyle: Pvt Wm Anderson McCain Co C 13 th Inf NC

    Montgomery, Ronnie: 2 nd

    Lt. John Calvin Montgomery, SR. 1 st Mntd Rifles TX

    Peek, James: Pvt Jms W Peak Co F 8 th

    Dibrell’s Cv TN

    Reed, David: Pvt Rueben Blankenship Co