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  • Simple ways to save your books

    T his new improved version of thebookbinding press, combines evenmore functions in onemultifunctional machine by virtue of itsingenious design.

    Its singular innovative design, allows thepress element to rotate, effortlessly, from thehorizontal to the vertical position or even afull 180o degree rotation thus offering analternative work surface.

    It is constructed totally by hand from beechwood and stainless steel elements, as well asother chrome parts which can be easilyremoved to enhance its functionality whilereducing its space requirements.

    It also offers a curved knife for cutting largesize materials which is designed in suchmanner as to offer complete safety in allphases of the cutting process.

  • Lying press

    The press in the lying position the most basicphase of bookbinding process- provides a pair ofwedge- shaped hardwood backing boards withbronze- faced beveled edges. It is easy to use andreadily prepares the book for sewing, gluing androunding.

    Length of backing boards: 50cm.


  • Sewing frame

    The sewing frame is assembled on the base of theunit located at such a position as to allow you towork unhindered. Whats more it can easily foldeddown and, even, removed entirely from the baseunit and used separately.

    Base of the frame 56 x 40cm.Distance between screws 47 cm.


  • 3Plough

    The plough offers the perfect tool to trim the edgesof your book after sewing and gluing. Thisversatile and compact piece of equipment is easy touse and will cut book edges accurately and cleanly.It has a long steel blade that will cut up sheet sizes up to 50 cm long.

    The book Cutting Guide, provided together, is also auseful equipment holding the book during thetrimming process. It can be adjusted according to theheight of the book.

  • The press incorporates a paper cutter assembled onthe base which is designed in such manner as tooffer complete safety in all phases of the cuttingprocess. It features high quality self-sharpeningcurved steel blades.

    The knife of the cutter can be locked providingsafety when not in use, while its handle can bedetached providing space.

    The cutter also provides a drop leaf trim shelf and ahand operated clamp that holds items securely. Aruler is marked in centimeters, to assure accuracy.Cuts clearly and accurately paper, board, film,textiles, leather, pvc etc.

    Length: 50 cm.

    4 Paper & Board Cutter

  • Finishing press

    In the lying position a pair of fine edged boards areprovided in order to clamp books securely in placeallowing them to be lettered or decorated.

    Working area: length 50cm.


  • Standing press

    The standing press is used for the final pressing ofthe book during the drying process. Its uniqueinnovative design, allows the press element to rotateeffortlessly, to the vertical position. A pair ofwooden press-plates applies uniform pressure acrossthe book.

    Plate dimensions: 50 x 35cm Usable area opening: 21 cm.


  • 7 Working TableThe rotation ability, allows the press elements tofold, thus offering an alternative working surface.Two wooden plates placed on top, create theworking table.

    Working area: 47 x 70 cm

  • Rotating operation

  • Nipping Press

    Book pages punching guide Sewing FrameLying Press

    Manual Paper Creasing Machine(46 x 35 cm & 32 x 24 cm)

    Cutting book guide

    Library chair

    ... more bookbinding equipments... more bookbinding equipments



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