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Book Banning . Exhibition 2014 By: Amanda Bloome and Patrick Nguyen. What is Book Banning And Censorship?. Banning Book banning is the complete removal of a book or series in a school, library, or community Censorship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Book banning

Book Banning Exhibition 2014By: Amanda Bloome and Patrick Nguyen

What is Book Banning And Censorship?BanningBook banning is the complete removal of a book or series in a school, library, or communityCensorshipBook censorship is the removal or changing of part of a book. Often removing bad language, images, or sections.


Why are books banned?

Books are banned for many reasons, including:Ideas Religion/ raceBad languageGay/lesbianAgainst government or leadersWitchcraftUnsuitable for age group

Who bans books?Many people ban books including:ParentsSchool boards/ districtsGovernmentsLibrariesReligious groupsPatronsElected OfficialsTeachers

How many books are banned? (and when?)Between 1990 and 2000, over 6,000 books were banned in American public schools.From 2000-2013, the most books were banned in 2004. In 2013, 307 books were officially banned from American public libraries.Book banning increased by 53% in 2013

How are schools effected?Banned books are often removed from school curriculums.Some teachers are fired for assigning or reading banned booksSome text books are banned.Many teachers and staff prepare for challenges or banning.Some school libraries wont accept donations of some books.

People take action by. Founding organizations such as The Kids Right To Read Project, Office for Intellectual Freedom, and The Banned Books Week Committee.. Taking banning to court. Separating banned books from non-banned books to make them more available.. Protesting or petitioning. Spreading awareness Quotes to think on To eliminate anything objectionable will leave public schools in shreds-US supreme court,1948More and more teachers are looking over their shoulders during read aloud time, worrying someone will take offense at some book-Jim Trelease : Author of The Read Aloud HandbookOur first business will be to supervise the making of legends and fables, rejecting all that are unsatisfactory-Plato

Fun Facts6301 parents challenged books from 1990-2010Banning a book does not encourage literacyMost people think book banning is wrongSome people believe the government should ban books instead of peopleBefore someone bans a book they must first challenge it

Book Banning

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