Bodily Injury: $2,000,000 each person

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  • 1. Missouri State UniversityOffice of Procurement Services901 South National AvenueSpringfield, MO 65897Telephone: 417.836.5260 Facsimile: 417.836.6583 SEALED REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NUMBER 4888-22Date: November 25, 2009 On-Line Applicant Tracking System,Learning Management System & Performance Evaluation SystemContract Period: April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011This document constitutes a request for sealed proposals from qualified offerors to provide on-line software in accordance with the requirements, terms and conditions of this Request for Proposal. Date and Time Returnable: 3:00 p.m. on December 22, 2009 Buyer: Joe HermanTelephone: 417.836.4414The offeror hereby agrees to furnish items and/or services pursuant to all requirements and specifications contained in this document, upon either the receipt of any authorized purchase order from Missouri State University, or when this document is countersigned by Missouri State University as a binding contract. The offeror further agrees that the language of this document shall govern in the event of a conflict with the offerors proposal.Company Name Date Mailing AddressTelephone City StateZip Code Facsimile Email Printed Name Authorized SignatureTitleFor University Use Only: Contract Number: Accepted by the Missouri State University as Follows: BuyerDirectorDate10.07 Page 1 of 93

2. MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR ONLINE APPLICANTTRACKING, LEARNING MANAGEMENT, AND PERFORMANCEEVALUATION SYSTEMSSPECIAL NOTE: This Request for Proposal (RFP) does not obligate Missouri State University, its Board of Governors or the Office of the President to award a contract or complete the proposed project and each reserves the right to cancel this RFP if it is considered to be in its best interest.Bidders are required to complete the exhibit forms and affidavits located in this RFP. The Explanation column has a set number of characters; if additional space is needed please make the following comment in the Explanation column if you attach additional information for an item: please refer to (name of document) which is attached. Supplemental forms may be attached in addition to completing the supplied exhibits/affidavits as supporting documents. Proposals that are submitted on other forms may be rejected.Proposals must be clear and concise. Proposals that are difficult to follow or that do not conform to the RFP format or binding specifications may be rejected. Responding vendors must include the required information called for in this RFP. Missouri State University reserves the right to reject a proposal if required information is not provided or is not organized as directed. Missouri State University also reserves the right to change the evaluation criteria or any other provision in this RFP by posting notice of the change(s) on the Missouri State University Procurement web site, Office of Procurement Services will post all addendums and/or amendments for this RFP and such posting on the captioned web site above constitutes written notification to each vendor. Vendors should check the site daily and are expected to review information on the site carefully before submitting a final proposal.Table of Contents Page Section I. General Information BackgroundNature of RFPGeneral Selection CriteriaSelection ProcessProposed Timeline for Selection and ImplementationQuestions from Potential Offerors 2 3. Contract Term Contract Termination Definitions Applicable Law Contract Assignment Entire Agreement Deviations and Exceptions Duration of Offer Authorized Signature Information Contact Proposal Rejection and Waiver of Informalities Contract Price Contract Documents Amendments to Contract Contractor Liability Contractor Status Bankruptcy or Insolvency Waiver Communications and Notices Inventions, Patents and Copyrights Employment of Unauthorized Aliens ProhibitedSection II. Parties to the RFP Missouri State University Attn: Procurement Services 901 South National Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65897Section III. Vendor Requirements To provide and implement an applicant tracking, learning management, performance evaluation, or any combination of the three systems for use by the Missouri State University system which includes the desired major components (see various exhibits for details) including but not limited to: Online Applicant Tracking System (Exhibit C)o Position Creation and Authorizationo Recruitment of Applicantso Review of Applicationso Processing of Applicationso Reporting Capabilities Online Learning Management System (Exhibit D)o Administration Toolso Event Managemento Individual Development Plano Web-based Course Development and Assessmento Compliance Course Accountabilityo Ecommerce Capabilitieso Reporting Capabilities Online Performance Evaluation System (Exhibit E)o Form Template 3 4. o Goal Library o Performance Evaluation Process o Administration Process o Report CapabilitiesSection IV. Response Evaluation and Submission Forms Exhibit A Key Specifications Exhibit B Vendor Viability and Client References Exhibit C Evaluation Criteria Desired Specifications of Online Applicant Tracking System Exhibit D Evaluation Criteria Desired Specifications of Online Learning Management System Exhibit E Evaluation Criteria Desired Specifications of Online Performance Evaluation System Exhibit F Training and Support Specifications Exhibit G Respondent Pricing Templates Exhibit H Accessibility- Section 508: VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) Exhibit I Employment of Unauthorized Aliens Prohibited Affidavit of Work Authorization Section V. Additional RFP Response and General Contract Requirements Insurance requirements Errors & Omissions State Audit Conflict of Interest Organizational Conflicts of Interest Indemnification Acceptance of Software Products Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)Section VI. RFP Responses Submission Submission of Proposal o RFP Pages o Copies of Proposal o Open Records Law 4 5. Section I. General InformationBackground Missouri State University is a public, comprehensive university system with a mission in public affairs, whose purpose is to develop educated persons while achieving five goals: democratizing society, incubating new ideas, imagining Missouris future, making Missouris future, and modeling ethical and effective behavior. The Universitys identity is distinguished by its statewide mission in public affairs, requiring a campus-wide commitment to foster competence and responsibility in the common vocation of citizenship. The academic experience is grounded in a general education curriculum which draws heavily from the liberal arts and sciences. This foundation provides the basis for mastery of disciplinary and professional studies. It also provides essential forums in which students develop the capacity to make well-informed, independent critical judgments about the cultures, values, and institutions in society. The Missouri State University campuses are structured to address the special needs of the urban and rural populations they serve. Missouri State University-Springfield is a selective admissions, graduate level teaching and research institution. Missouri State University-West Plains is an open admissions campus serving seven counties in south central Missouri. Missouri State University-Mountain Grove serves Missouris fruit industry through operation of the State Fruit Experiment Station. For more information about Missouri State University, please view its website at of RFP Missouri State University is soliciting proposals to implement an applicant tracking, learning management, performance evaluation, or any combination of the three systems for faculty, staff, and student workforce. In addition, the current set of Human Resources systems do not allow for University units to share information. It is the intent of Missouri State University to select a vendor to provide optional services to all campuses and allows sharing of data and aggregate reporting capabilities.Accordingly, the Evaluation and Selection Committee shall select the vendor(s) whose proposal(s) and oral presentation(s) if requested, demonstrate in their sole opinion, the clear capability to best fulfill the purposes of this RFP. The Office of Procurement Services reserves the right to accept or reject proposals, in whole or in part, and to negotiate separately as necessary in order to serve the best interests of Missouri State University. This RFP shall not obligate Missouri State University to award a contract or complete the proposed project and it reserves the right to cancel this RFP if it is considered to be in its best interest.General Selection Criteria The vendor(s) selected for an award will be the vendor(s) whose proposal is deemed to be the most advantageous to Missouri State University. Missouri State University is not bound to accept the lowest priced proposal if that proposal is not complimented with the best quality system(s) and associated services as determined by The Office of Procurement Services in its sole discretion.Selection Process The Office of Procurement Services reserves the right to name a date at which all responding vendors will be invited to present demonstrations or participate in an interview. Missouri State University does not agree to reach a decision by any certain date although it is hoped the evaluation and selection will be completed by the date identified in the Proposed Selection and Implementation Timeline section.A proposal may be rejected if it is determined that a vendors ability to work with the existing infrastructure will be too limited or difficult to manage. 5 6. Proposed Timeline for Selection and Implementation November 25, 2009 RFP issued to prospective vendors and posted on The Office ofProcurement Services website. December 4, 200