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Boardwalk photo booth rentals provides portable photo booths for various events in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania/Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Metro New York City, and Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Some of the great events that boardwalk photo booth rentals can be used for include weddings, company events, private parties, sweet 16's, bar/bat mitzvah's, school functions, fundraisers, family reunions, holiday parties, New Year's Eve, and more. Check out for more information.

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  • 1. Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals Portable Photo Booth Rentals

2. Why Should I Rent a Boardwalk Photo Booth? Boardwalk Photo Booth Rentals are fun way to create and cherish memories from exciting events. They are affordable, easy to set up, and customizable. 3. How Does It Work? Step 1: Enter the photo booth. Step 2: Strike a pose! Step 3: When youre ready, step on the foot pedal. Step 4: You will then have 4 pictures taken. Step 5: Pictures are printed. Step 6: Our on-site specialist will cut your duplicate strip and add them to a scrapbook. Step 7: Sign your name next to your photos in the scrapbook. 4. What Kinds of Events Can I Rent a Boardwalk Photo Booth For? Weddings Company Events Private Parties Sweet 16s Bar/Bat Mitzvahs School Functions Fundraisers Holiday Parties New Years Eve And more! 5. What Does a Typical Package Include? Rental for up to 5 hours On-site specialist to help you set up and remove the photo booth at completion. Unlimited amounts of 4-pose color and black and white photo strips 2 Sets of each photo taken...1 for you and 1 for your guests. Personalize photos Customized scrapbook album 6. Scrapbook Details All packages include a complimentary scrapbook Copies of each photo taken will be placed in the scrapbook. Guests can sign it next to their photos Scrapbooks can be customized based on your events theme All-natural handmade scrapbooks made from banana leaves in Bali are now available Additionally, you will also receive a CD featuring all of your event photos 7. Will Props Be Included? We will provide props with each package at no extra cost We have hand-made props on sticks including mustaches, lips, unique word bubbles, etc. Other props include hats, glasses, chalk boards, picture frames, Leis, etc. Tell us what kind of props youre looking for --- classy or crazy and well provide it for you Theme props may also be available at an additional cost 8. How Much Does it Cost? 2 hour rental: $700 3 hour rental: $875 4 hour rental: $975 5 hour rental: $1100 Add ons: L shaped acrylic frames: $1 each T shaped acrylic frames: $1.25 each Custom cardboard frames: $1.25 each Handmade custom scrapbook: $50-$125 Half off the 2nd photo booth when you book 2 Upgrade packages to allow EVERYONE to receive a copy of their photo for an extra $100 7% Sales tax on all packages Event discounts may be available No hidden fees 9. Contact Phone: 609-742-4110 E-mail: [email protected] m Website Facebook