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Clifton Prep School Boarders Handbook

Transcript of Boarders Handbook 2011


    HANDBOOK 2011

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    Page INTRODUCTION 3 VISION and MISSION 3 BOARDING HOUSES 3 GENERAL: Boarding Staff 4 Pastoral Care 4 Communication 5 Daily Routine 7 Chapel 8 Weekends / Exeats 8 Medical / Sanatorium 12 Catering 14 Homework / Prep 16 TV & Videos 16 Tuck 16 Pocket Money 17 Passports / Valuables 17 Birthdays 17 CLOTHING: Laundry procedures 18 Hairstyles and jewellery 19 Lost Property 20 School Shop 20 BOARDING RULES 21 Should you have any suggestions or queries regarding Boarding, please contact the Head of Boarding at Clifton.

  • 3INTRODUCTION Welcome to Clifton and to the boarding establishment. We trust that your time with us will be happy and memorable. This hand-book contains much information about boarding and is provided so as to make your childs stay here easier. The experience of boarding will help your child to become inde-pendent and more confident as they will be responsible for their clothing, possessions and dormitory. Boarders develop long and happy relationships with their peers as they spend many busy hours playing and exploring the wonderful Clifton environment. CLIFTONS VISION To be the ideal place to grow children. VALUES Clifton Preparatory School is an inter-denominational Christian school. We hold the values of love, honesty, integrity and tolerance at our core. In all areas of pursuit, fair play, good manners and wholehearted effort are encouraged. Good citizenship is developed in our children to assist them in becoming contributing members of whatever community they live in. BOARDING HOUSES Sutcliffe House for girls was opened in 1997. It is named after Mr Anthony Sutcliffe, a former Clifton headmaster, and accommo-dates up to 42 girls. Usher House for boys was named and dedicated to the memory and generosity of Lady Nora Usher and houses up to 68 boys.

  • 4BOARDING STAFF Headmaster Head of Boarding Usher House Sutcliffe House Housemaster House Mother House Mother Intern Students Intern Students Pastoral Care: All the residential staff are involved in the general care of the children and play an active role in the lives of the boarders. Two boarding staff members (M.O.D.) are on duty each day of the week and over week-ends. The staff on duty deal with queries and visitors and supervise the general activities of the boarders on the Estate. House staff on duty are available after lights out for any emergencies. Dormitory mentors: All the Grade 7 boarders act as dormitory mentors and assist with basic routines, allowing them to develop and experience some form of lead-ership role. Dormitories: Boarders are usually grouped in dormitories according to their Grade. The Junior Primary boarders within each House stay in a dorm together for easier care by the House Mothers.

  • 5COMMUNICATION Boarding Staff: The boarding staff can be contacted on the school telephone number 033 - 2666801/6802 between 16h00 - 08h00. In emergencies / after hours Head of Boarding 033 - 2668226 a/h Sutcliffe House Mother 033 - 2668210 a/h Usher House Mother 033 - 2668208 a/h The Head of Boarding can also be contacted via e-mail at Children: There are telephones/call boxes in both Usher and Sutcliffe House, available for use by the children. These are operated by phone cards, which are to be purchased privately and handed in to the House Moth-ers at the start of each term. They must be clearly marked with the children's name. Phone numbers: (Dialling code: 033-) Usher House Incoming lines only: 2666383 / 2666783 Call boxes: 2666932 / 2666015 Sutcliffe House Incoming line only: 2666511 Call boxes: 2666496 / 2666227 Phoning Times: The most convenient times to contact boarders are: After rising bell until inspection 15h00 - 17h00 (Although they could be at sport) 19h30 - 20h30 We do not allow calls to be made or received after lights out. It is sometimes difficult to get through on the telephones. It may help to have a pre-arranged regular day and time on which to phone, especially over weekends.

  • 6Telephone etiquette We do endeavour to instil telephone etiquette in the children when answering phones. Please compliment a child if they answer politely and confidently. PLEASE restrict calls to a maximum of 10 minutes as others will also be needing to communicate. E-Mail All boarders are given an e-mail address and taught how to use these. There is opportunity for them to check these daily. Post: Pupils may receive post through the school postal address: Clifton Prep School P/Bag X01 Nottingham Road, 3280 Pupils may send post from the School Secretary. Facsimiles: Faxes may be sent to children on 033 - 2666860 New boarders: Although we encourage regular communication between parents and their children, we ask parents of new children to have no personal contact with their child for the first two weeks of boarding. This is difficult, but it assists the child in the settling-in process. The House Mothers and / or Head of Boarding will keep in touch with parents during this period, until the child proves to have settled. If you are anxious, phone the House Mothers / Head of Boarding. Cellular Phones: Cell phones may not be kept in dorms / classrooms. Weekly boarders are not permitted to bring cell phones. Those boarders who travel long distances to return home may leave their phone with the Housemaster / House Mothers for safekeeping.

  • 7GENERAL DAILY ROUTINE 06:15am Rising Bell 06:30am House Inspection 06:45am Breakfast/ Collect laundry 07:10am Surgery Time 07:30am Choir / Registration / Lessons 10:00am Tea on weekends only 10:30am Tea/ Collect laundry 11:00am Lessons commence 12:30pm - 1:00pm Lunch (Gr 1 - 4) 1:30pm - 02:00pm Lunch (Gr 5 - 7) 2:00pm Change for sport 2:30pm - 4:00pm Sport / Hobbies 4:00pm Tea / Free time / Hobbies / Project work Optional sport practice 3:30pm Tea on weekends only 4:10pm Tuck on Tuesdays and Thursdays only 5:00pm Junior Prep Gr 1 -3 5:45pm Dinner 6:30pm Senior Prep signing of home books 7:30pm Showers, dorm inspections, Junior boarders lights out 7:30pm Phone calls/free time 8:30pm Senior boarders lights out

  • 8WEEKEND ROUTINES Friday Every 2nd Friday there is Youth Grades 4 - 7(optional) Saturday: 06h30 Rising Bell (Times vary due to sport fixtures) 07h15 Breakfast 12h30 Lunch 18h00 Supper 18h30 Organised evening activity 20h30 Lights Out Sunday: 07h00 Rising Bell 08h00 Breakfast 12h30 Lunch 17h15 Showers 19h00 Supper Boarders returning on a Sunday evening must be signed in by 19h00. 20h00 Lights Out Sunday School and Youth on Fridays is offered for all those boarders that spend the weekend in. WEEKEND EXEATS Parents must complete the weekend arrangements form (annually) and submit this to the Head of Boarding indicating whether your child will be a weekly or termly boarder. Weekly Boarders: The School will assume that your child will be out for the weekend. Please notify the School if your child will travel with someone other than yourselves.

  • 9Termly Boarders: The School will assume that your child will be staying in for the week-end. Please notify the School Secretary by 14h00 on the Wednesday preceding the weekend should your child be going out with you or with relatives or friends over the weekend. Going out with a friend: Boarders must have parental consent to go out with a friend, which must be confirmed with the School Secretary. If no confirmation has been made, the child will not be permitted to leave the School. Unexpected Leave requests: Should a parent arrive unexpectedly during the week / weekend to take their child out, the Teacher on Duty must be informed and the child must be signed out. Times: Friday : Boarders may leave once Assembly is are finished (providing they have no pre-arranged school commitment) and before 18h00. Saturday : Boarders may leave from after breakfast. Return times: Boarders may return by 18h00 on a Sunday evening, or 07h15 on a Monday morning. If a child returns on Monday morning, they must have time to change, send dirty clothing and Greys to the laundry etc, before school starts. Late arrival causes a chaotic start to the week! Dress: Boarders in the Senior Primary must leave and return in their greys If a child has played sport on a Saturday morning, they may leave in their sport kit, taking their greys with them. Junior Primary boarders must leave in their workday uniform and track-suit.

  • 10

    Start of terms: At the start of each term, ALL boarders are required to return by 19h00 the evening before School starts. (See the term calendar). Half Terms: Boarders MUST be collected or the relevant transport arranged with the School to go home on the Thursday by 12.30pm of Half Term. (See the term calendar for dates and times) After half term, boarders must not be returned before 15h00 on the Monday, or they may arrive on the Tuesday morning by 7.00am Signing Out: ALL boarders MUST be signed out by an adult collecting the child, on departure, and then signed in on return. The signing out register is in the foyer of each House for weekends and a signing out book is available for week day exits. Your child may ONLY be collected from the Houses / Bell area. Do not ask your child to wait at the main school gate or on the road near the chapel. Transport: Travel arrangements must only be made with the School Secretary, the Head of Boarding or Housemothers and any necessary travel docu-ments must be left with these staff members.