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Bluestone was created in 2003 and is a member of SITE (Society of Incentive and Travel executive) and member of the Board of Directors of SITE Chapter Italy; it is also a member of MPI ( Meeting Planner International). Its events and activities have always received much interest, it has been reviewed by the Chicago Sun Times, has been featured in interviews and publications in various journals and public documents in England as well as in trade magazines in Italy, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, EUROPE. Bluestone is also a Tour Operator (licence number: 406/S11 - TUR - REA 296693). Like for events, we provide a personalized approach and extensive experience to ensure that your holiday is unforgettable, an unique journey into a land of art and culture, sun and sea, nature and gastronomy.

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  • Mission Bluestones mission is to create the event into the event, the excitement of a magical island with the emotion of an event with a strong creative impact. Thanks to a diverse land and culture for thousands of years giving creativity and uniqueness, we give attention to the organization of incentive travel, corporate meetings, conferences and thematic special events, team building and motivation, unique holidays or tailor-made tours in Sicily. Bluestone Tourism Services, a Destination Management Company for Sicily, is an unlimited, category A, tour operator; our company specializes in Meetings-Incentives- Conventions-Events (MICE).
  • Principles Transparency is one of the hinge points of our professional code. Like transparency, professionalism and seriousness is key to the resolution of an event; our support is aimed at the attainment of the objectives of our customers. As a quality DMC we make the maximum effort to advise the customer to the best choices and to work with them to the resolution of the event. The choice of our collaborators and suppliers is highly selective. Nowadays we can say we have extensive technical and personnel support, reliability and experience. Bluestone is member of SITE (Society of Incentive and Travel Executives) and MPI (Meeting Planner International) and consequently adopts and shares their principle and ethical codes.
  • Events An incentive can be a defined marketing operation, means to transmit to a strategic message to employees or customers; the objective is to motivate the partners or to strengthen the tie with the customers. For this reason, it is introduced as a unique and special tour, while it must contain the scope of the company and the romance and seduction of a vacation. Consequently, its success is due not only to technical choices but qualitative factors of precisely the emotional type. The main motivation is that of a common experience, like the trip, positive influential activities aiming for collaboration, loyalty and group spirit. Motivation and harmony leads automatically to company growth. The Bluestone is a leader in organizing incentives of rather unconventional and innovative themes; each event has a thread that, with the inclusion of creative ideas, motivational team-building, interactive activities, entertainment, guiding the event as proposed and achieving strong emotional involvement. We work with companies and direct national and international incentive agencies at all stages of creating an event, communication and planning, development and organization, be it: Incentives; Meetings and Conventions; Product Launches; Motivational travel.
  • Team Building Team building is a tool for companies to improve the sense of belonging and mutual trust, especially during change, transformation and reorganization. It can encourage and develop specific rules for participation in team work, promoting fast processes integration and cooperation. Bluestone over the years has had the opportunity to refine team building techniques and motivation for different groups, both in numbers as well as nationality and languages spoken. To date, we guarantee a unique approach and a unique experience to: Motivate participants to a more solid team; Integrate new members in the company; Encourage initiatives and creative ideas; Improve corporate atmosphere; Make the most of your incentives.
  • Entertainment As with team building, entertainment also contributes to the enrichment and completes the event. Again Bluestone studies and proposes shows and activities tailored to the needs of the client. Our experience, multilingual staff, reliable partners and industry professionals allows us to organize unique opportunities for: Gala or welcome; Presentations; Awards.
  • Tour operating Bluestone is a tour operator. Like for events, we provide a personalized approach and extensive experience to ensure that your holiday is unforgettable, a unique journey into a land of art and culture, sun and sea, nature and gastronomy. Services available for individuals and groups: Tour and mini tours of Sicily; Daily tours, trips and excursions for cruise passengers; Gastronomy and wine tasting and oil; Sicilian cooking courses and classes for groups; Transfer services; Excursions to Etna and other destinations in 4 x 4; Helicopter Tours; Mini-day cruises to the Aeolian Islands; Sea tours of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands on a luxurious private yacht, sailboat or catamaran; Day charter a private yacht for a tour of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands; Accommodation in hotels and resorts.
  • Curriculum Bluestone was created in 2003 and is a member of SITE and MPI. Its events and activities have always received much interest, it has been reviewed by the Chicago Sun Times, has been featured in interviews and publications in various journals and public documents in England as well as in trade magazines in Italy (MICE, Incentivare, IT and Meeting & Conventions). During Site international conference in Las Vegas on October 2011, has been awarded with the prestigious Crystal Award for the Best Motivational Exceptional Program 2011 Europe. Finally, has also participated in a documentary on the islands history and travel, aired on Sky Art Channel. Among the customers for whom we created and organized events and activities in several languages, are: Goodyear -Dunlop, Deutsche Bank, Nokia, Volkswagen, BMW, Wyeth Pharma, Philips Lighting, HTC, Royal Canadian Mint, Intel Since 2008 we have collaborated with different institutions in tourism management training classes and seminars for Master's Degree in Tourist Management.
  • In evidence: Customers and events of last five years Dunlop Luxembourg, product launch and test drive - 600 pax Philips Lightning Europe, Quality Improvement Competition Region Europe, motivational event - 500 pax Deutsche Bank, motivational - per 150 pax Strabag, motivational event and incentive - 400 pax Novartis, motivational event - 110 pax Michelin, games and entertainment - 130 pax Opel, recreational activities - 80 pax Nokia Italia, motivational Team Building activities - 50 pax Coca Cola Italia, team building - 50 pax Credit Agricole Assurances France, motivation and loyalty event - 150 pax
  • Volkswagen Deutschland, Incentive and loyalty event - 25 Top Sellers Germany Wyeth Pharma UK, annual convention and loyalty and motivation event - 60 pax HTC, product launch with motivation and loyalty activities - 70 pax Intel UK, annual convention and upscale activities - 70 pax Lilly UK, loyalty and motivation event with upscale activities - 60 pax STiS Russia, International Forum motivational event - 180 pax Goodyear-Dunlop Benelux, product launch, test drive, with motivation and loyalty activities - 200 pax Dassault Systmes France, motivational activity - 30 pax Fondation IPSEN, recreational activities during scientific convention - 60 pax BIC France, motivational event - 100 pax BMW Italia, motivation and loyalty event - 55 pax Royal Canadian Mint, annual Convention and loyalty event - 50 pax Goodyear-Dunlop Benelux, product launch and test drives - 200 pax
  • Some of the latest reviews Dear friends of Bluestone, With this letter I would like you to have the feedback that we received on our Philips EMEA Lighting Semi Final Quality Improvement Competition. These 5 events took place in Taormina from April 11 May 4 and I can tell you that all 5 groups of each 80 persons, including our Philips Lighting Senior Management Members, were very much impressed. They were particularly impressed with the hospitality, professionalism and service level of your team that supported us in the best possible way during our stay in Taormina for almost 4 weeks. Your showed a personal approach and interest in not only our Corporate Quality program. You also took the time for each of our delegates, which definitely was really a way to show you also cared for our company goal: Quality with a capital Q! Circumstances were not easy, mainly because of the Iceland volcano ash cloud that paralyzed the entire airspace in Europe for a few days during our stay in Taormina. Our managers, all with busy meeting calendars were grateful to your personal interference in getting them back home by bus from Sicily to France, Poland and the Netherlands. It took them quite some hours. Lets just say they experienced a real special way of bonding and team building while driving back home (was I glad I didnt have to be on the bus, but could enjoy sunny Taormina!! ) Antonio and Ricardo, please extend my compliments to your staff and I sincerely hope to work with you again in the future. Warmest and personal regards, Evy Peters Philips Lighting Global QIC Event Organizer _____________________________ Sehr geehrte Team der Bluestone, Gerne besttigen wir, dass Bluestone S.r.L. in Acireale fr rhz reisen, Reisehochschule Zrich. eine Sizilien-Studienreise organisiert und durchgefhrt hat. Das von BlueStone ausgearbeitete Programm war ausgezeichnet zusammengestellt. Alles hat bestens geklappt, die Hotels sind gut angekommen, die Reisebetreuung und Leitung war erstklassig. Unsere Gste waren begeistert zurckgekehrt und haben viel ber Land, Leute, Kunst, Geschichte und Natur erfahren. Wir werden gerne wieder mit Bluestone zusammenarbeiten. Freundliche Grsse - Lukas Zellweger