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Agile Development using IBM Bluemix DevOps ServicesHands-on workshop DevConnect Toronto, June 15th, 2016Herman Singh BadwalTwitter: @hermansinghbFull Stack Developer & Developer OutreachIBM Bluemix DevOps Services



Putting Bluemix & DevOps in PerspectiveBluemix registration & overviewBluemix Hands-on exercises & labs1


Two guys in a Starbucks now have access to the same computing power as a Fortune 500 company.

Jim DetersFounder, Galvanize

Cloud computing has shifted where innovation is being done

At one time, only large enterprises could afford enterprise software. Cloud has changed all of that. Now you dont have to buy software and compute power. You can rent it. This has changed the economics of computing and empowered a whole generation of new entrants.

What is Bluemix?IBMs cloud platform. Includes services at the Infrastructure level, the Platform level to the Software as a Service level all provisioned under one consistent experience.VirtualizationServersStorageNetworkingRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServersStorageNetworkingRuntimeMiddlewareOSVirtualizationServersStorageNetworkingMobileIntegrated DevOpsAnalyticsAPI EconomyNew Biz ModelsCognitiveInternet of ThingsFlexible DeploymentNot JustInfrastructure as a ServiceNot JustPlatformas a ServiceApplication Development, Orchestration, IntegrationSecurity, Management, GovernanceManagement & SecurityInnovationAgility


That is what Bluemix delivers: a platform for RAPID INNOVATION but also MANAGEMENT and SECURITY. It is a cloud based solution. It provides all you would want from and IaaS (like Amazon Web Services), as well as a PaaS (like Microsoft Azure).

But Bluemix goes well beyond that. It is a platform for innovation.3

Flexible Compute Options to Run Apps / ServicesInstant RuntimesContainersVirtual MachinesPlatform Deployment Options that Meet Your Workload Requirements Bluemix PublicBluemix DedicatedBluemix Local


Your Own Hosted Apps / Services

Integration & API Mgmt

Powered by IBM SoftLayer

In Your Data Center



Catalog of Services that Extend Apps Functionality










How is Bluemix different?Access to Watson Choice of deployment options (with consistency)Most compute optionsHuge catalog of servicesGreat DevOps ServicesIntegration.Ease of Deployment

So lets start with a reminder of what Bluemix is. Bluemix is the Digital Innovation Platform that allows you to quickly develop applications using Open Technologies like Cloud Foundry, Docker Containers, Virtual Images for OpenStack. These compute types allow you to build applications in virtually any programming language you like. Java, NodeJS, Go, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more. These applications can reuse the growing number of IBM, Thirdparty and community services in the Bluemix Catalog The include web, mobile, cognitive and many other services I will demonstrate today. You can use your own DevOps tools or those services provide by Bluemix. Bluemix is available three way. Public, Dedicated and Local in your own premise datacenter. .4

What is DevOps to you?Means different things to different people. You ask 5 people and youll get 5 different answers.A definition I really like:DevOps: A culture where people, regardless of title or background, work together to imagine, develop, deploy and operate a system.Rugged Enterprise DevSecNetQAGovOpsNot a role



6DevOps approach: Apply Lean principles accelerate feedback and improve time to value



132Get ideas into production fastGet people to use itGet feedback Continuously Improve:Application DeliveredEnvironment Deployed Application and Environment Delivery Process


Putting Bluemix in PerspectiveBluemix registration & overviewBluemix Hands-on exercises & labs7


Registering/Verifying registration with BluemixGo to https://hub.jazz.netClick Sign up at the top left (if you already have an IBM id, test it out by clicking Log in).After Signing up, check the email you registered with and verify itTry to Log in to once your email is verifiedPick an alias to use on Bluemix DevOps Services (this alias will be part of the URL of any projects you create there and also be the basis of your profile there).Done! You are now set to start the lab exercises.

(These instructions are also available @ )8


Bluemix catalog Live demo

Live demo at

Log in, go to the dashboard and show the different ways of deploying: CF, Containers and VMs. Go through an app creation. Key Services:Watson Personality Insights, Watson Dialogue (Q&A). Text to speech, tone analyzerIOT Management tools for IOT devices Mobile push notifications, mobile quality assurance Data and Analytics (Data Sources) Twitter, Weather Company, Namara (open data) Bluemix Labs whats coming Integration Services how to integrate on premise with public cloud



Putting Bluemix in PerspectiveBluemix registration & overviewBluemix Hands-on exercises & labs10


What will we be using?11

Pushes/deploysCommit triggers build

Hosted on & provisions resources onProvisions instances of

Uses buildpackhosts

Edit/push codefork

Before we get started with the exercises heres a few of the tools, services and infrastructure you will be using while going through the labs. At the top we have dev-time tools, on the left of Bluemix we have services you use during runtime, on the right we have our deployment mechanism and the buildpack used and on the bottom we have the infrastructure that all of this is running on.Questions: Who uses source control? Which?Who has used Bluemix DevOps Services before?Who has used Bluemix before?Has anyone here used Softlayer (VMs)?11

Hands-on Lab ExercisesNote: you can find all the links below and more at

Choose your own adventure (instructions are in the Readmes of the projects below):

Deploy a Starfighter game to Bluemix:

Deploy a Personality Insights App to Bluemix (requires Twitter account):

Lots of workshop links: Bluemix DevOps Services docs & tutorials:


Good job!13


14Resources:IBM DevOps Page: DevOps For Dummies Book: Release and Deploy For Dummies Book: IBM DevOps YouTube Playlist:


15DevOps for the Enterprise

A DevOps case study: Defining the problem

Transitioning to DevOps

Aligning with the Business

Live Demo/Teaser Bluemix DevOps Services v2 tab at top.16


17Thank You


Extra - See how an app is put together Text to speech app using Watson APIsWalk through the stages of this app***SMEs may also choose to explore the Internet of Things boilerplate prior to starting this lab (they can use the existing flow in Node-RED with a virtual IOT device to show how the boilerplate works)typos on page 4 for watson tts lab:

1. Drag a tan HTTP Request In node onto the workspace. Set the method to GET and the URL to /audio. - the Tan HTTP Request In node is the HTTP node under "Input" nodes in Node-RED2. Drag a format node onto the workspace. Double-click the function node to edit it and add the following code. - Should be "Drag a template node onto the workspace. Double-click the template node to edit it and add the following code."3. Drag an HTTP Request Out node onto the workspace. - the Tan HTTP Request In node is the HTTP node under "Input" nodes in Node-REDSMEs can provide an iteration for this lab in which they may choose to add other Watson services or functionality to the app i.e.- Add Watson Translation services to convert the input string from English to French prior before converting into speech - Use the Twitter output node (it's the last node under Social nodes) to tweet out whatever message is being converted by the app - Use the Twilio node (requires account sign up on Twilio) to send out text messages of the message being converted by the app