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Slides of my introductory tutorial on blogging

Transcript of Blogging On Owd

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What’s a blog?

What’s a blog?

Weblog - log or diary on the web

BUT today more than this

Realclear - political blog

Postsecret - original

xkcd - comic strip

Psychokitty - cats or...

Blog, blogging and blogosphere

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The Platform

Blogging websites

Themed blogging websites

Your employer/organization

Do it yourself (DIY)

Very important choice!

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Blogging Websites



Wordpress – web based

Themed: Blogactiv

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Content Management Software (CMS): Wordpress

Hosting server


Some technical knowledge

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Content Management Software


Relatively easy installation

Many plugins

Big community/support – very popular

More sophisticated technology add-ons e.g. Wiki, Flickr, YouTube, Dopplr, live blogging (CoverItLive (demo))

Blog of Change & Alejandro@Oxford

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People: One or many (Global Voices)



Content: theme

Participation: Comments

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Privacy & SecurityPrivacy

How much of your private life do you want to disclose?

About you & posts

Technorati - blogging directory

The privacy of others


Administration rights

Comments Spam

Akisnet & others anti-spam plugins

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Why blogging?

Personal /Professional

Intellectual / Emotional

Reach an audience

Create a community

Sell a product (e.g. toothbrush, a political candidate, an idea...)

Sell yourself

Just fun???

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