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  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Terms and Conditions


    The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible in the

    reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does not %arrant or

    re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are aurate due to the ra"idl'

    han&in& nature o# the Internet(

    )hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in this

    "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$ omissions$ or

    ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein( An' "ereived sli&hts o#

    s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations are unintentional(

    In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no &uarantees o#

    inome made( eaders are autioned to re"l' on their o%n *ud&ment about their

    individual irumstanes to at aordin&l'(

    This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$ aountin& or

    #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies o# om"etent

    "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane #ields(

    .ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Table O# Contents


    Cha"ter 10

    uildin& lo,s o# uess#ul lo&&in&

    Cha"ter 20

    Can .ou Lose 3one' b' Not 4oin& "onsored evie%s

    Cha"ter /0

    Adsense0 )hat Is It and 5o% 4o .ou 6se It

    Cha"ter 70

    Additional Ti"s 8or 3a,in& 3one' On .our lo&

    Cha"ter 90

    4oes )ritin& About )hat .ou Love 3a,e 3one'

    Cha"ter :0

    Generatin& evenue 8rom lo&&in&0 8at or 8ition;

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cli, 5ere0 htt"0

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cli, 5ere0 htt"0

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Let@s #ae it( 1usiness an be a #i&ht$ "artiularl' %hen 'oure tr'in&

    to establish one online( And li,e all #i&hts$ to sueed 'ou must #ind

    the %innin& tehniBues and a""l' them( )e need ustomers and

    lients to disover us$ love us and ,ee" returnin& #or more( )e as

    %ell ,no% that the best businesses are authorities at brandin&( )ho

    doesn@t ,no% the Ni,e ommerials; )hat individual in the entire

    %orld doesn@t reo&ni+e the &olden arhes; )e sin& alon& to radio

    *in&les to a hi&her de&ree than %e do the to"-7C hitsD 2o let@s have a

    loo, at this sub*et(

    The Aidental 1lo&&in& 3illionaires

    Get ins"ired b' the most "o"ular blo&&ers online

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cha"ter 10

    te"s To uildin& A uess#ul lo&

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    te"s To uildin& A uess#ul lo&

    An ABuaintane reentl' as,ed me i# I %ould hel" her be&in a blo&(

    5er reBuest ins"ired me to loo, at %hat I have aBuired #romo"eratin& m' o%n blo& #or the "ast t%o 'ears( 3' initial "ro"osition

    %as to s"end a%hile learnin& and readin&( The )orld )ide )eb is

    #looded %ith blo&&in& data and advie(

    I am not the man to aid 'ou in returnin& immense numbers

    overni&ht$ but this data is all over( I am also not the soure #or

    tehnial "ointsH I a,no%led&e %hat I ou&ht to ,no% #or m'

    situation$ and I determine more as I reBuire it(

    I assume I am li,e most individuals %ho release material on the

    Internet( I lassi#' m'sel# as a small-but-serious blo&&er( I am also a

    bi&-time onsumer o# material and media( I #ollo% man' blo&s in

    several nihes$ both #or material and to learn %hat %or,s( o based on

    m' e"eriene$ %hat should I tell m' aBuaintane that@ll &et her set

    out %ithout onsumin& her;

    5ere is %here I be&an( 8or me$ blo&&in& is basiall' a relationshi"(

    T%o ruial om"onents o# an' relationshi" are intent and

    assoiation( Choose %hat 'ou %ant to ahieve( .ou are able to #ind

    do+ens o# hi&h-Bualit' diretion about ever' as"et o# arran&in& and

    ontrollin& 'our blo&$ but none o# it is one-si+e-#its-all( Eah hoie-

    desi&n$ "ro&ram$ "ost len&th$ st'leJde"ends on the endin& &oal 'ou

    have( Conlusions that do not seem li,e a bi& deal no% ma' beome

    ruial later(

    8or instane$ sel#-hostin& %ith 'our o%n domain ma' #eel li,e an

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    unneeded e"ense$ but it is ruial i# 'our &oal is to onstrut a

    "ersonal brand or a business around 'our %eb site( emember that it

    is about 'our audiene( 4esi&n should #it the blo&@s "ersonalit'( An

    overl' eas' desi&n mi&ht a""ear "lain and undesirable$ but the

    minimalist theme in realit' sets the tone #or his

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    ,no% there are %a's around that$ but %h' should I have to do etra

    %or, to ontribute to 'our blo&; I #ind that man' #ol,s don@t li,e to

    leave "ubli omments$ but the' love more "ersonal ontat( I# 'ou

    don@t %ant to "rovide an email address$ onsider reatin& a sim"le

    ontat #orm(

    It seems obvious but #e%er barriers$ more onnetion$ and so more

    readers( That is %hat I o##ered as &uidane to &et her "ointed in the

    ri&ht diretion( )hat %ould 'ou add;

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cha"ter 20

    )hat Are .ou Losin& 3one' On

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    )hat is the ulture medium %ith the bi&&est advertisin&s"endin& on the &lobe; Television( Television ads are so

    e##etive #or advertisers and so lurative #or TK om"anies$

    beause vie%ers %ill inevitabl' "a' attention to the

    advertisements( )ould %e be able to sa' the same thin&s about

    ontent based %ebsites$ li,e blo&s;

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    )hat Are .ou Losin& 3one' On

    )hat is the ulture medium %ith the bi&&est advertisin& s"endin& on

    the &lobe; Television( Television ads are so e##etive #or advertisers

    and so lurative #or TK om"anies$ beause vie%ers %ill inevitabl' "a'

    attention to the advertisements( )ould %e be able to sa' the same

    thin&s about ontent based %ebsites$ li,e blo&s; Not eatl'( I# 'ou

    onsider Goo&le Adense or banner ads$ the most used moneti+ation

    methods$ 'ou %ill onlude that the' "ratiall' di##erent #rom the

    editorial ontent(

    8or instane$ i# 'ou have a blo& and dis"la' ads on 'our sidebar onl''our readers %ill be able to alto&ether brush o## the advertisements i#

    so the' desire( A #e% even use ad-blo,ers$ so the' %ill not see 'our

    Adense units or banners re&ardless %here 'ou "lae them(

    )hat %ould the eBuivalent o# a television ad be #or a blo&; Li,el' an

    advertorial$ %hih is an artile %ritten b' the advertiser about his

    "rodut$ and "ut u" in the blo& li,e an additional "ost( Anothero"tion is the s"onsored revie%s$ %hih are "osts "ublished b' the

    blo&&er ritiBuin& a "artiular "rodut or servie( 3ost blo&&ers

    hoose this eam"le beause the' &et to %rite the the artile ontent

    themselves$ and readers %ill not be bothered %ith another %ritin&


    5ere@s a #at that rein#ores the similarit' o# s"onsored revie%s %ith

    TK advertisements0 I# 'ou as, an' advertiser %hether he %ould li,e to

    "a' #or a banner ad or #or a s"onsored revie%$ he %ill ertainl' sa' the

    s"onsored revie%( )h'; eause he %ill aBuire a muh better return

    on investment$ as the s"onsored revie% %ill &ive his "rodut a better

    and &reater ,ind o# e"osure %ith the readers o# that blo&(

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cha"ter /0

    Adsense; )hat Is That;

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Adsense is amon& the "rimar' "ro#it &enerators #or blo&s and

    sites( 6suall' 'ou are able to drastiall' im"rove 'our li,-

    throu&h rate and total net b' "lain& the advertisements

    %isel'$ b' im"rovin& the material tar&etin& or b' o"timi+in&

    the ad units diretl'( 1elo% I %ill over the last "oint$ ho% to

    o"timi+e the Adsense units %ith F sim"le ti"s0

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    :( I# 'our site has mainl' re"eat visitors Mli,e 8orums 'ou are able to

    rotate the ba,&round olor o# the units to ut ba, advertisement


    ( Consider removin& the Advertise on this siteQR messa&e #rom

    'our units( That an be done on the ontrol "anel under the 3'

    AountQ setion$ disablin& the Onsite Advertiser i&n-6"QR


    F( Test$ test and test( Ever' %ebsite is uniBue so ma,e sure 'ou test

    %ith di##erent olors and #ormats and tra, the results to #ine tune'our Adsense(

  • 8/10/2019 Blogging Millionaires


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    Cha"ter 70

    Additional Ti"s 8or 3a,in&